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UK Energy Supplier Reviews

Read our Energy Supplier reviews and see the pros and cons of each before you switch.

More and more of the 27 million homes in the UK are taking control of their energy bills and switching each year. 

There are over 20 energy suppliers in the UK that you can turn to for your gas and/or electricity. 

Comparison sites have made comparing energy prices easy, but how much do you actually know about the suppliers you could switch to?

The UK energy market is becoming increasingly diverse with new energy companies popping up and disappearing all the time. This helps keep the market competitive, and it is great that consumers have so many choices, but the number of options can be overwhelming!

We’ve put together to help you when choosing a new energy supplier. Yes, comparison sites can give you a good indication of who will be the cheapest supplier but what is that energy suppliers’ customer service like? How green is their energy? Are they right for you?

We collate all this information into a comprehensive review, so you have access to everything you need to quickly assess if an energy supplier fits with what you are looking for.

We’re not an alternative to comparison sites but instead aim to be used alongside them, so you can compare not only on price.


Our current top 3 UK energy suppliers

Top Choice 1 Octopus energy review logo

Octopus Energy Review

Founded in 2011 Octopus Energy, like many other similar energy suppliers that were founded around the time as a strong focus on providing a more green and eco-friendly energy solution. Octopus Energy provides energy services for both homes and businesses and offers both gas and electricity.
2 Outfox the market review logo

Outfox the Market Review

Outfox The Market is a very different kind of energy supplier and its colourful and comic themed website really shows you everything you need to know about this energy supplier. If you’re applying to be a customer with Outfox The Market you’ll be dealing with a more unusual and more open energy supplier.
3 Ovo energy review logo

OVO Energy Review

OVO Energy was founded in 2009 with a focus on providing greener and cheaper energy services. OVO Energy also puts a strong emphasis on simplicity as well, so if anyone finds navigating energy suppliers and tariffs difficult OVO Energy could be the supplier for you.

Questions before you switch?

We don't just write reviews!

We also answer all your questions when it comes to switching suppliers, as well as providing guides on how to get the most from both your energy supplier and your energy.


Many people don’t realise how much they could save and how easy it is to switch. 

No, when you switch energy supplier you will not be without gas or electricity for any time at all. The switch all takes place behind the scenes and the first thing you’ll probably know about being with a new supplier is when they send you an email to tell you so!

Most switches will take place within 3 weeks. If a supplier is part of the Energy Switch Guarantee, then amongst other benefits, this guarantees a reliable and hassle-free switch in 21 days. You can read more about the Energy Switch Guarantee here.

This depends on your tariff with your existing supplier and is definitely worth checking before you decide to switch. If you are on a fixed tariff and within the original term, it’s likely you will have to pay an ‘exit fee’.

According to Ofgem, the average household can save £300 per year by switching gas and electricity supplier. The price isn’t the only consideration when switching supplier however, which is where our reviews come in handy!

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