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Last updated: 29th April 2021

Labrador review summary


  • Makes switching to new energy providers regularly incredibly easy
  • Is free to the customer


  • Doesn’t cover the whole market of energy suppliers
  • You are likely to get a cheaper deal through a comparison site or switching direct

What is Labrador?

Labrador is a free energy switching service that works with smart meters. Much like the other energy auto-switching services available in the UK, Labrador will search for a cheaper energy tariff and take care of everything involved in the switch for you. However, Labrador does have a unique feature in that it uses your smart meter to determine your current usage and supplier.

How does Labrador work?

Labrador uses your smart meter data to pull your energy data and suggest the deals that will achieve the greatest savings. Simply visit their website and pop in your postcode, and Labrador will do its magic. It will pull the information of your current energy supply, and then search for a deal that will save you money on your current tariff. The top deals will be displayed first, but you can scroll through all the available tariffs as well, so you get a good choice of suppliers. Once signed up, Labrador will continue to search the market and notify you of any cheaper tariffs that become available. To switch you again, they look to save you a minimum of £80, including any exit fees. The whole sign-up process is very straightforward and takes only two minutes.

How will I know when I have switched supplier?

You should receive communication from your new supplier within two weeks of starting the switch. Also, Labrador will keep you updated throughout the process by email, so you’ll always know what is going on with your switch and when it is complete.

Will I always get moved to a cheaper supplier?

Yes. Labrador will only suggest a switch to cheaper tariffs than your current one. Also, you will need to confirm that you want to go ahead with each switch, so you will get the chance to review the potential savings and decide if that tariff is for you. The platform aims to save you a minimum of £80 before suggesting a switch.

Is Labrador free?

Yes, the service is completely free for residential customers to use.

How does Labrador make money?

Labrador state, although there are no upfront costs for using their service, they and all other third party intermediaries (TPI’s) do charge for their service. In most cases, this is via a micro fee that will be added to the kilowatt-hour charge of your energy supply. This operates as a tiny uplift that over the year is likely to amount to about 3% of the money saved. They state most TPI’s charge between £0.002 and £0.03 per KWH. They also state the difference between them and similar switching services is they are honest and open about their charges, unlike others who will say it’s free. Labrador also charges the lowest uplift rate, which is £0.002p, when you switch through their platform.

How much money will Labrador save me?

Labrador’s customers save an average of £300 a year when they switch to the cheapest available tariff and switch at least once a year. There are plenty of options on the website to tailor your savings after you have signed up as well.

Which suppliers do Labrador use?

The company works with GoCompare, so they have access to the wide range of suppliers that they do. On their website, they state to work with the following for your first switch: Avro Energy, British Gas, Bulb, Daligas, EON, EDF, GOTO energy, Green Energy, Igloo Energy, iSupplyEnergy, Npower, Octopus and many more.

What is Labrador’s customer service like?

In general, they have good reviews. Most customers state the customer service representatives they dealt with are very helpful. Other reviewers say they made considerable savings. The feedback on the customer service in general appears to be positive.

What do other reviews say about Labrador?

On TrustPilot, Labrador scores fairly well at 3.9 out of 5. Bear in mind this is based on only 39 reviews. 67% rate the company as excellent. Happy customers commented on the savings and how quick it is to sign up for. Customers seem to like that there’s no need to dig out a bill to find your energy usage. 23% of reviews gave Labrador the lowest rating, and reviewers mentioned poor customer service and more expensive tariffs. Some customers informed Labrador they wanted to be switched to a specific tariff, and their request was never actioned. It appears the company went through a relaunch in 2020 to improve upon the platform to address the problems highlighted.

In Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert Forum, opinions are mixed. Some users state the service is good and simple to use, where others would much rather do the legwork themselves to compare energy prices.

How is Labrador’s website/app?

The website is intuitive and easy to use. Signing up really does only take two minutes. You also get to view a wide range of tariffs to make an informed choice, rather than just one or two, as some competitors offer. To get a price, you simply have to put in your postcode and house number. From this, their clever system can work out who your current supplier is, what tariff you are on, and how much energy you use. It’s certainly one of the most efficient switching services out there. They will also send you an alert every time they are able to save you a further £80 or more after your initial switch. Labrador does not currently have an App.

How does Labrador’s portal work?

You can log in to the members’ area after signing up, and update your personal details and energy preferences, or view the current deals available to you.

How to cancel/leave Labrador?

If you want to cancel mid switch, you have a 14-day cooling-off period to email or call Labrador to cancel. Because they don’t auto switch you without confirming you are happy first. There’s no need to cancel the service, as nothing will happen without your authorisation. If you do want to completely delete your account, it’s best to email them, and customer services can assist.

Can I trust Labrador? Is it safe to use?

Yes, we believe Labrador is safe to use. They have served 1000s of customers, many of whom are happy with the service and savings achieved. They also have some excellent reviews, and even the less favourable ones do not express concerns about safety. Your personal details are kept safe, and any direct debit details stored are passed on to your new energy supplier to set up a new account.

How does Labrador compare to comparison sites?

Unlike comparison websites, Labrador will continue to search for the best available deal for you and notify you when a better one becomes available. When you use a comparison site, the onus is on you as the customer to check back and compare energy prices throughout the year to ensure your offer is still competitive.

Are Labrador any good?

Yes, they do appear to have a very good, user-friendly platform and one of the most straightforward sign up processes. They do save customers money and continue to let them know if a cheaper deal becomes available. They certainly take the hassle out of searching for a better energy deal.

Are there any alternatives to Labrador?

There are a variety of auto-switching services available. Websites such as BillBuddy, Look After My Bills, Flipper and MSE Autoswitch all serve a similar function and are equally easy to use. What sets Labrador apart is it can search for your current energy supplier data and usage, and you get a wide range of options to choose from – usually around 30 results to compare. Other auto-switching sites often only give you one or two options. The other point worth noting is that because Labrador is a free service, they do not cover the whole market. If you want a whole market auto-switching service, you’ll usually need to pay a fee to a company such as Flipper or Switchd. Labrador does however work with around 50 suppliers, which is most of the market.

Is Labrador the best energy auto switching service?

It is a unique platform that can search for your existing energy data without you having to input any information. It’s very easy to use, and it does appear to save most customers’ money on their energy bills. It certainly appears to be a favourable option. However, it’s also worth comparing one or two alternatives to sense check the offer from Labrador or any other provider.

Labrador contact number and details

You can contact Labrador via phone, email or if you are a member, the live chat function on their website.


Telephone: 0800 060 8790


How many customers does Labrador have?

They don’t state how many customers they have exactly, but on their website, it does say they have helped 1000s of customers.

Does Labrador only do electric and gas?

Yes. Labrador only deals with switching customers’ electricity and gas supply.

Are there any incentives for joining Labrador?

No, there do not appear to be any current incentives for joining Labrador currently available.

Do they offer a recommend a friend scheme?

No Labrador do not offer a refer a friend scheme.

How to sign up for Labrador?

Sign up through their homepage is simple and takes approximately 2 minutes. You only need your address to start, and Labrador will calculate the rest. Once you are happy with your selected deal, you simply need to input a few more personal details to complete the sign up process.

How long does it take to switch?

Typically, 21 – 30 days from initiating the switch. However, this will always depend on the supplier you are moving to. In most cases, you should hear from your new supplier within two weeks.

Do I need to cancel with my old supplier?

No, once you have signed up to Labrador, they will take care of the rest. Once your new supplier has been informed, they will notify your original supplier to end the contract. You do not need to do anything else unless you are contacted to provide further information.

Can I sign up if I am in credit with my current supplier?

Yes. There’s no reason you shouldn’t sign up if you are in credit. Once your switch is complete and your final bill is issued, you’ll receive a refund of anything due to you.

Do they work with pre-payment meters?

Yes, Labrador can compare and switch prepayment tariffs. However, the options are likely to be limited.

Do they accept Economy 7?

Yes, if you use Economy 7, you can use Labrador to search and switch energy tariffs.

Do they work with the Warm Home Discount?

There’s no option to filter by suppliers who offer the warm home discount. If you qualify for this, it might be a good idea to do some research on which suppliers offer this, so if you are offered a deal, you can get this added to your tariff as well. If in doubt, email Labrador to ask

Can you use Labrador as a tenant?

Yes. If you are a tenant who is responsible for paying the energy bills, there is no reason you shouldn’t use Labrador to switch energy suppliers. If your landlord or letting agent has stipulated a preferred supplier, there may be some flexibility to change while you are a tenant, even if it means you need to switch back if you move out in the future.

What happens if you move home with Labrador?

You’ll need to email to let them know you have moved and updated your details in the members’ area of the website. Once you have moved, they can start searching for a new deal for you again.

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Labrador Review

Labrador is a free energy switching service that works with smart meters. Much like the other energy auto-switching services available in the UK, Labrador will search for a cheaper energy tariff and take care of everything involved in the switch for you.

  • Makes switching to new energy providers regularly incredibly easy
  • Is free to the customer
  • Doesn't cover the whole market of energy suppliers
  • You are likely to get a cheaper deal through a comparison site or switching direct
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  1. Labrador’s list of suppliers is out of date as it shows energy companies which have ceased trading. This is not the sign of a company on top of it’s game.
    It mentions paying the customer a bonus every time said customer uses less energy than the provider estimates. You do not mention that in your comprehensive overview.

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