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Last updated: 22nd July 2021

Look After my Bills review summary


  • Makes switching to new energy providers regularly incredibly easy
  • Is free to the customer


  • Doesn’t cover the whole market of energy suppliers
  • You are likely to get a cheaper deal through a comparison site or by switching direct

What is Look After My Bills?

Look After My Bills is an energy auto-switching service that was created by entrepreneurs Henry de Zoete and Will Hodson in 2017.

Their vision was to remove all the hassle related to switching energy suppliers for domestic users. It does this by handling the switch and any subsequent switches on their behalf.

The idea they brought to market was the energy auto-switching service Look After My Bills.

Look After My Bills website is very user-friendly, the consumer simply signs up to Look After My Bills and provides their existing energy supplier information.

Then the website automatically switches them to the cheapest available tariff when their current deal ends.

It does this continuously so you never have to waste time trawling price comparison websites to look for the best deal.

You can be confident your current energy deal will switch to a better value deal when your contract ends all without having to lift a finger.

Were they on Dragon’s Den?

Look After My Bills featured on Dragon’s Den in August 2018 when the founders’ Henry and Will pitched their business to five dragons.

They originally entered the den looking for £90,000 for 1% of their business. After a lengthy and intense grilling, all five dragons wanted in!

In the end, the pair walked away with the backing of Tej Lalvani and Jenny Campbell. They gained an investment of £120,000 for only 3% equity in the company.

This deal is famous for being the greatest deal ever achieved in the history of Dragon’s Den. Dragon Deborah Meadon said during the pitch: “I love this business for many reasons – anything that disrupts the energy industry has got to be good news.”

A year later the GoCo group, the people behind Go Compare brought Look After My Bills. The deal was worth up to £12.5 million.

Go Compare said the acquisition complemented their service Weflip which they launched a year earlier. GoCompare actually integrated Weflip into Look After My Bills and they now operate under just the one name.

This deal meant the dragons more than doubled their investment in less than 12 months. The Look After My Bills founders said they hoped the acquisition would make their service more mainstream.

How does Look After My Bills work?

Look after my bills review tariff options

It’s a fairly straightforward process.

  • The first step is to sign up to Look After My Bills and input your current gas and electricity supplier details.
  • Look After My Bills then scans the current market to see if they can save you money by switching.
  • After your first switch is complete, look after my bills will automatically search again when your deal is due to end and switch you to another terrific deal.
  • This happens continuously, unless of course you choose to cancel the service.

How will I know when I have switched suppliers?

Look After My Bills will email you to inform you that they are searching for a new energy deal for you.

They will contact you again once they have found one and have started the switching process. Look After My Bills will provide you with all the details of the switch, the unit price and any standing charge.

You always remain in control and fully informed throughout the switching process.

Will I always get moved to a cheaper supplier?

Look After My Bills aims to get its customers a fair energy deal that saves you money.

They openly admit it won’t always be the absolute cheapest on the market. But they do aim to switch you to the best deal for you.

They strive to switch customers to energy providers who value their customers and provide excellent customer service.

Not across the whole market

Because their service is free they can only switch customers to a provider that will pay them a commission.

This means Look After Your Bills will not scan the whole market. Because of this only those gas and electricity suppliers they have entered into an agreement with to receive a commission for the switch will be offered to customers.

Look After My Bills also state they won’t switch you to just anyone who will pay them a commission. They only switch their customers to suppliers with good customer service scores or those that are committed to improving their customer service.

They won’t want to switch you to an inferior energy supplier because it reflects badly on them as the facilitator. This is good news for customers who want energy suppliers who offer good customer service.

If you aren’t happy with the supplier you have been switched to, you will have a 14 day cooling off period to cancel.

Is Look After My Bills free?

Yes. It’s a completely free service to its customers. There are no hidden sign up fees or charges imposed for switching using Look After My Bills.

Domestic customers can benefit from this money-saving service for free. Look After My Bills earn their money from commission for switching customers to suppliers.

How Does Look After My Bills make money?

They make their money by taking a small commission when you switch over to the new supplier.

All energy companies pay the same amount of commission to Look After my Bills. This means you will never see them being biased towards one energy supplier over another.

This keeps things fair for the suppliers and for you as a customer who will truly get the best deal from them without any other factors impacting the selection.

How much money will Look After My Bills save me?

Look After My Bills state they could save you up to £262 a year on your energy bills.

This is of course variable depending on your current supplier, energy usage, what type of tariff you are on and where you are in the country.

When the time comes to switch again they will only switch you when you can save £50 or more by moving suppliers. Some people will make much larger or much smaller savings depending on energy usage.

If you are the type of person who hasn’t switched suppliers in a while, they probably will save you money!

Which suppliers do look after my bill’s use?

Look After My Bills do not give away which suppliers they work with on their website, so we can’t show you them all in this Look After My Bills review. They say this is because of the nature of the fast-paced energy market.

They do mention they will only work with suppliers who offer competitive rates and excellent customer service however. This means you know that the supplier you get moved to is one that offers excellent service and offers the cheapest deal available.

We know that Octopus Energy, British Gas, SSE, EDF, Good Energy, OVO, The Peoples Energy and Bulb have all featured on Look After My Bills.

It’s worth remembering that they will only work with energy companies that agree to pay the commission fee. That means there are quite a few that you will never encounter on Look After My Bills. This doesn’t take away from the fact that they do offer an excellent selection.

What is Look After My Bills customer service like?

According to their Trustpilot reviews – Excellent. There are over 28,000 reviews, most of which sing the praises of Look After My Bills.

84% of the Look After My Bills review ratings are excellent. Customers say it’s easy to use, stress free, and they also made considerable savings.

When looking at the customer service they also score highly. Trustpilot reviews say Look After My Bills reply to emails in good time and keep customers fully updated through the switching process.

The 9% of customers who gave the lowest rating complained they had trouble switching and the deals were not competitive. In some cases, they ended up paying more than they did before the switch.

So it seems overall they offer a very good standard of service, but on the flip side as with most companies, some problems arise that cannot be easily resolved.

What do other reviews say about Look After My Bills?

Aside from the Trustpilot reviews mentioned above, a quick search of Look After My Bills on Martin Lewis’ Moneysavingexpert website shows mixed Look After My Bills reviews.

Some who haven’t tried it are reluctant to hand over their details and trust the company to really find them the best deal. Some members state it’s just as easy to do it yourself using a comparison website. Many stated people should do the legwork themselves to find the best energy deals.

Others argue that it is a valuable service and an excellent platform for those who would struggle to remember to check energy comparison websites for a multitude of reasons. It concludes that customers will save if they use the service rather than doing nothing.

Other websites with a Look After My Bills review conclude that it is a worthwhile service because it takes the legwork out of searching for a cheaper energy deal.

What is the Look After My Bills website like?

Look after my bills website

The Look After My Bills website is straightforward to use. It’s very easy to find any information you might want to know about the company and also information on how the process works.

If you want a quick price check for switching, it takes only a couple of minutes by entering some basic details from the home page.

They also have an in-depth and transparent FAQ and about us section. Look After My Bills are very open about what they do and how they do it and nothing is hard to find.

Can I trust Look After my Bills? Is it safe to use?

Yes, it’s as safe as any other energy comparison or auto-switching website. They are a large well-established company.

Your details are kept safe and never shared without you giving permission. Look After My Bills is a well-known and trusted brand.

Just by looking at their Trustpilot reviews you can see they are a genuine business which is doing good things for their customers.

How to cancel/leave Look After My Bills?

According to their website you simply need to email them (email address: support@lookaftermybills.com) with the subject line CANCELLATION and provide them with the following personal information:

  • Full Name
  • The first line of your address and postcode
  • Your date of birth
  • And your reason for wanting to cancel the service

Because they have an email response time of 7-10 days if you are mid switch and want to cancel it might be better to pick up the phone. This is so you do not get too far into the switching process before the cancellation takes effect.

When you cancel your Look After My Bills account you will stay with your current energy supplier until you decide to switch yourself.

How does the Look After My Bills login work?

Once you have signed up as a customer you will be able to log in and view information about your switch status, how long you are in contract, your next switch date.

Also, if any of your personal details change like your direct debit account, they can also be updated here. Things like a change of address or changes to your energy consumption can be updated so when you next switch these details can be taken into account.

How does Look After My Bills compare to comparison sites?

In this Look After My Bills review, we wanted to look at how it compares to the alternatives.

The factor that differentiates Look After My Bills is that it is an auto-switching service and not a comparison site.

Comparison sites give you a list of all the available tariffs to you and Look After My Bills scans the market and recommends only one energy supplier that its algorithms have determined is the best value for you.

You also don’t have to keep checking comparison websites for the best deal. By using auto-switching to change gas and electricity suppliers every 12 months or whenever your contract ends you’ll always save money.

Look After My Bills will do it all for you and keep you in the loop. Comparison websites on the other hand provide you with a list of all the available deals to your postcode and give you several options to filter by, but you need to do the switching yourself.

Are Look After My Bills any good?

The feedback and reviews they have received speaks for itself. They provide a service that saves people money without any stress or legwork on their part.

You enter your details once and then every year you will be switched to a better deal. They will always let you know before they switch you and when the switch is going through. This means you are kept in the loop throughout the switching process.

So yes signing up to Look After My Bills is definitely a good choice for anyone who either hasn’t moved suppliers in a while or who forgets to check the market.

In between switches you won’t really hear from them because they have served their purpose. Most people don’t mind this as they are simply the facilitator when the time comes to switch suppliers.

Are there any alternatives to Look After My Bills?

There are other websites that offer an auto-switching service such as Flipper and Switchd.

These are slightly different as they offer a subscription service where the customer pays a fee for the sign up and the supplier also pays a commission fee when you are switched to them. By charging you a subscription fee they are able to offer consumers all the deals on the market.

Remember Look After My Bills will only show the results of suppliers who will pay them a commission for the switch. You may find that you are able to get a better deal by using a paid for auto-switching service.

Are Look After My Bills the best energy switching service?

They are certainly up there with the best of them but in this Look After My Bills review it’s difficult to give a definitive answer.

The answer as it often is will depend on what you consider the best for you?

If you want a completely free, hassle free service where you do not have to think about checking energy prices, then could be ideal for you.

If you are the type of person who prefers to know all the options available, it might not be quite what you are looking for. A comparison website or paid subscription might be more in line with your requirements.

When looking to switch energy suppliers we would certainly recommend giving Look After My Bills a try.

Look After My Bills contact number and details

If you want to get in touch with Look After My Bills you can contact them by phone or email (Mon-Fri between 9am-5pm):

Phone:0333 000 8000

Look After My Bills advert

Frequently Asked Questions about LAMB:

How many customers does Look After My Bills have?

Look After My Bills has over 300,000 customers and counting.

Does Look After My Bills only do electric and gas?

Yes. They can only switch your electricity and/or gas supply. They do not offer any other utility switching services at this time.

Are there any incentives for signing up to Look After My Bills?

There isn’t a long-running signup incentive. However, they occasionally offer a discount voucher for websites like Amazon. As a new customer, you will have to search for these to establish what the current offer is.

Do they offer a recommend a friend scheme?

Yes, they do. When you have signed up you can provide your friends with a refer a friend link. If they then use it to sign up to Look After My Bills you will earn £20 and so will they.

You can use the link to refer as many friends as you like to get the maximum benefit of this offer.

How to sign up for Look After my Bills?

Directly via their website. From the homepage simply enter your email address and postcode and answer a few quick questions about your current energy supply and usage.

If you are happy with the switching offer their algorithm comes up with you can simply carry on to sign up and provide your bank details for the direct debit. Look After My Bills will handle the rest of your switch.

How long does it take to switch?

It’s a straightforward process that in most cases takes 2 to 3 weeks. It does depend on the supplier as some will take longer than others to complete the switch.

Do I need to cancel with my old supplier?

No, as part of the switching process your new supplier will contact your old supplier to advise them you want to end your tariff and transfer your account. Your new supplier will ask you for a meter reading to start your contract with them. They will even pass this on to your old supplier, so they can generate your final bill.

Once your final bill is issued you simply need to pay it and then you’re done!

Can I sign up if I am in credit with my current supplier?

Yes. There’s no reason not to switch if you are in credit. After your final bill is calculated, if you are still in credit you’ll get a refund sent by cheque or put straight into your bank account.

It’s always a good feeling to get a refund from an energy company!

Do they work with prepayment meters?

Yes Look After My Bills can also switch prepayment meter tariffs just as they do standard tariffs. As long as the new tariff saves you at least £15 on your existing one, they will auto switch you.

Do they accept Economy 7?

Yes. During the sign up process the customer simply needs to answer yes to the question “Do you have an Economy 7 meter?” Then the switch deal selected will be one compatible with Economy 7.

Do they work with the Warm Home Discount?

Yes they do. You need to select the option for Warm Home Discount during the sign up process.

To qualify for the scheme your new energy supplier needs to be part of the scheme.

The account needs to be in the name of the person who is getting the guaranteed credit element of pension credit in the household this is because they are the individual that qualifies for the warm home discount.

Can you use Look After My Bills as a tenant?

In most cases, the answer is yes.

If you are responsible for paying the utility bills you usually have the freedom to use whoever you want to supply your energy.

It’s worth checking your tenancy agreement just in case your landlord has stipulated anything different. If it’s not clear, ask your landlord or letting agent to clarify.

Most landlords will not unreasonably refuse you the right to change energy suppliers. The only exception to this is if they are paying the energy bill themselves.

What happens if I move home?

If you move home you’ll need to inform your existing supplier that you are moving/have moved as they will need to close your account. During this process, you’ll ideally provide them with a meter reading and also your moving date.

When you move into your new home you’ll need to establish who the energy supplier is and let them know you have taken over the bills and from what date by giving them a meter reading.

Once you are all sorted, log in to the Look After My Bills website and update your details so that Look After My Bills can start looking for a better deal for your energy at your new address. Once you have changed your address and energy consumption details

How much is Look After My Bills worth?

Look After My Bills was sold and brought by the GoCo group who are behind Gocompare in 2019. That deal was worth 12.5 million.

In November 2020, the entire GoCo group was valued at £594 million as part of a deal to be brought out by Future Publishing. The deal was completed in February 2021.

For a company that has been around for only 4 years they have certainly built a fantastic reputation and made their mark on the energy industry by introducing the first auto-switching service.

8.5 Total Score
Look After My Bills

Look After My Bills is an energy auto-switching service that was created by entrepreneurs Henry de Zoete and Will Hodson in 2017. Their vision was to remove all the hassle related to switching energy suppliers for domestic users. It does this by handling the switch and any subsequent switches on their behalf.

  • Makes switching to new energy providers regularly incredibly easy
  • Is free to the customer
  • Doesn't cover the whole market of energy suppliers
  • You are likely to get a cheaper deal through a comparison site or switching direct
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