British Gas Loses Over 100,000 Accounts

British gas is reporting that they have lost 110,000 accounts in the first 3 months of 2018. Despite this being a sizeable chunk of customers, they claim it is a smaller loss than this time last year and therefore the loss of customers has slowed. They also showed that they, inevitably, benefited from the ‘Beast from the East’ and but saw an increase in their costs due to boiler fixes, fixing 145,000 in one week which was its busiest week ever!

Centrica boss, owners of British gas, Iain Conn, said: “Our customers continue to see new products and propositions and stable service levels, other than in UK Home Services, which was impacted by extreme weather.”

British gas has recently announced a price hike of 5.5 per cent, for those with a standard variable tariff from 29th May 2018.

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