What is the Energy Switch Guarantee?

The Energy Switch Guarantee was launched by Energy UK in June 2016. The guarantee itself is a very straightforward list of 10 commitments, which energy providers signed up to the guarantee have agreed to commit to. The idea is to make switching supplier as simple, reliable and hassle free as possible.

This is a key element of the Energy Switch Guarantee though, it doesn’t apply to all energy companies in the industry because their inclusion is only voluntary. However, just because a company isn’t part of the switch guarantee doesn’t mean you will have a tough time switching. It does mean though that they don’t need to abide by the commitments below. There are currently 24 providers signed up, listed here, which includes 4 of the “Big 6”.

What are the 10 commitments of the Energy Switch Guarantee?

  1. Your supply will not be interrupted during the switch – This is a common worry among consumers looking to switch, but because all energy providers are using the same wires, pipes etc, there is no need to physically change anything over and therefore no need to interrupt your supply.
  2. Your switch will be free – it is possible that your current provider will charge you exit fees, but the switch itself will be handled by your new supplier and they will do this completely free of charge
  3. Once your new energy provider has received your application, the switch will not take any longer than 21 days. – In this time you will still be receiving your energy through your existing provider. It is also of course possible the switch will take less than the 21 days!
  4. Unless you agree otherwise, no one will need to visit your home to complete the switch – Similarly with commitment 1, because there is nothing that needs changing over, there is also no need for anyone to come to your house as part of the switch. The only common exception to this if you are receiving a new meter that needs to be installed.
  5. Everything will be done by your new energy supplier – once you have completed your application, everything else will be completed on your behalf by your new provider. Meaning there is need to contact your existing supplier with an awkward goodbye to tell them you’re leaving!
  6. You have 14 days to change your mind – Once your application with your new supplier has been successful, they will send you all the details of your agreement to check. You will have 14 days to change your mind, if you do decide you no longer want to switch in this time then you will stay with your current provider.
  7. You won’t be charged twice – Your existing and new energy provider will communicate about your switchover date and make sure that your billing periods don’t overlap. You therefore won’t be charged twice for the same energy.
  8. Your new supplier is responsible for issues – Any issues that arise when making the switch will be the responsibility for your new provider to fix and they must notify you of them as soon as possible
  9. No long delays with final bill – Your existing provider will send you a final bill no later than 6 weeks after you’ve switch. You don’t have to provide a final meter reading for this to happen but it will make your final bill more accurate.
  10. You will be refunded 14 days after final bill – If your existing energy provider owes you any money, then they must refund this to you no later than 14 days after the final bill.

Energy Supplier Switch timeline

Once you decide to switch, there is a pretty simple timeline on what to expect if your new supplier is part of the Energy Switch Guarantee:

Day 1 – Your existing provider is notified by your new provider that you are going to switch. They will then send you the details of your new energy supply agreement.

Day 2- 20 – You will have 14 days to review your new energy supply agreement and change your mind about the switch. If you do change your mind and cancel, things will stay exactly as they were and you will stay with your existing provider.

During this time your existing and new energy supplier will work together to agree your switch date and the billing periods so that you are not billed twice for the same energy.

Day 21 – Congratulations, your switch is now complete and you are now receiving energy through your new supplier. Your account with your old supplier will be closed and within 6 weeks they will send you your final bill. They then have 14 days after this to refund you any money that they owe you.

Who is signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee?

You can find out more information about the Energy Switch Guarantee on their website here: https://www.energyswitchguarantee.com


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