How to get a free Octopus Energy cuddly toy?

01/11/2023 Update
Octopus have temporarily paused sending out their free cuddly toys. You can still follow this post and join the waiting list, however, to get one when they start sending them out again.

If you are an Octopus Energy customer already, you may be familiar with their pink eight-legged mascot called Constantine the Octopus.

A fluffy, plush version of Constantine has been popping up all over social media. Octopus customers seem to be very fond of the little toy. So let’s look at why Octopus Energy made a plush toy and where Octopus Energy’s name came from in the first place.

Who are Octopus Energy?

Octopus Energy is a UK gas and electricity supplier whose primary focus is renewable energy. The company is just five years old and leading the charge in fair and transparent energy pricing.

The founders started Octopus Energy to do energy better. Consumers had for too long had a limited choice of tariffs from well-established suppliers. Octopus wanted to change that.

They aim to offer “Great value for the long term” and make everything as simple as possible for their customers.

To boost Octopus Energy’s green credentials, they are the UK’s largest investor in solar farms. They have also made heavy investments in wind farms and anaerobic digestors. Not all the energy they supply comes from their own sources, but 100% of the electricity they supply is from a renewable source. In addition, they offer carbon offsetting for their gas tariffs.

As an energy supplier, they believe in fair and transparent pricing. None of their tariffs have exit fees. Their pricing is transparent, and there is no minimum contract length.

Where did Octopus Energy get its name?

Well, like Octopus Energy, the eight-tentacled sea creatures are extraordinarily flexible. They can manipulate their bodies and fit through an array of cracks and small gaps, some so small you wouldn’t believe it possible.

As a result, octopuses are a great evolutionary success story, having adapted themselves over the years to meet the demands of their environment. This remarkable adaptability is one of the reasons Octopus Investments, the parent company of Octopus Energy, chose the name.

According to Octopus Energy, having an ancient marine creature as their namesake reminds them why they do what they do. At the core of their mission is a determination to push green change and preserve the planet and its inhabitants no matter how many legs they have.

Why do they give away cuddly toys?

Back in the early days of Octopus Energy, a small toy company in Wales used to hand sew the first version of plush octopuses. You could see these cuddly creatures all around the Octopus Energy offices.

After a while, customers started noticing them and Octopus decided to make some larger versions of Constantine the Octopus too to keep the little ones company.

As a result, customer interest peaked. So, the company decided that they would send an Octopus to their customers who requested one. They have been so popular you can now find them in homes across the country.

With the high demand for the plushies, it wasn’t sustainable to continue to supply the tiny hand-sewn version. So today, they are ethically and carefully produced by a team in China.

Customers can request either a small or giant Constantine for free.

Octopus energy cuddly toy
A giant Constantine the Octopus

Why is the Octopus called Constantine?

The name came from one of the Octopus members of staff. There isn’t any particular meaning behind it and seems he just liked the name!

How many have been given away?

As a result of their popularity, cuddly giant octopuses have been sent to over 3,500 homes. In addition, over 8,000 teeny ones have also reached their forever home. That’s a total of 11,734 out there in homes across the UK!

How do I get one for free?

To claim your free Constantine the Octopus plushie, you need to be an existing Octopus Energy customer. If you aren’t already a customer, you can read our review here.

If you know you want to join Octopus Energy already, then you should read our guide about how to get £50 credit when you sign up.

For existing customers, you can click here to log into your account to request your very own Octopus. Octopus Energy will then send it out as soon as they can. Both the Octopus and the postage are free.

Does Octopus give anything else away for free?

If a cuddly toy octopus isn’t for you, you can request that Octopus Energy plant a tree instead.

This supports Octopus Energy’s mission to plant 10,000 trees around the UK.

This is just one of Octopus Energy’s projects that aims to make communities healthier and happier.


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