Octopus vs Avro (2021 Comparison)

This comparison was written before the news that Avro Energy had gone bust. As you can now no longer switch to Avro, so this comparison is no longer relevant.

Octopus and Avro Energy are both relatively new energy suppliers that have made a name for themselves due to their competitively priced energy tariffs. Both have been trading since 2015.

Let’s have a look at how they compare to each other to find out which of these two suppliers offers the best overall package for customers.

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Who are Avro?

Avro first started supplying customers across the UK in 2015. Managing director Jake Brown states the company have “a different approach to simplistic supply”. As a result, Avro has built up an impressive base of almost 100,000 customers. They are often one of the most competitively priced suppliers on energy comparison sites which has helped them to achieve this influx of new customers signing up to their tariffs. In 2019, they won the uSwitch best value for money award.

Who are Octopus Energy?

Just like Avro, Octopus has been trading for six years. They are part of the wider Octopus Group that was established in 2000. They deal in the energy market and the investment management sector.

Since starting out, Octopus Energy has grown to a customer base of over 2 million customers. Octopus focus on supplying greener energy. This includes generating their own green energy using a combination of anaerobic digestion, wind, solar and sea power. As a result, 100% of the energy they supply to the grid is from green sources.

In addition, Octopus are well known for providing good customer service. They have won numerous awards for their competitive tariffs and excellent customer service record. These include the Uswitch supplier of the year and the Which? Energy supplier of the year.

Octopus vs Avro: What’s the difference in price?

We did a like for like price comparison quote with both suppliers. Our usage/search was based on the following criteria:

  • Dual Fuel supply
  • Standard Meter
  • Medium usage (3 bedroom house with four occupants)
  • 2,900 kWh of electricity and 12,000 kWh for gas
  • Postcode in the South East of England

Let us look at how they compared:

Avro Energy

On running the exact same details for Avro, we were given just one tariff option Simple and Prime 12M.

These are the current unit rates and standing charges for a new customer (21/09/21):

Standing Charge: 24.108p/day
Unit Rate: 20.680p/kWh

Standing Charge: 26.123p/day
Unit Rate: 4.147p/kWh

To the selected postcode, this works out at £107 per month or £1,280.76 per year.


We used the same parameters to obtain an Octopus energy quote. The lowest price tariff was “Flexible Octopus”.

These are the current unit rates and standing charges for a new customer (21/09/21)

Standing Charge: 24.11p/day
Unit Rate: 20.11p/kWh

Standing Charge: 23.85p/day
Unit Rate: 3.95p/kWh

This comes out at £102.66 monthly, which amounts to £1,231.91 a year.

At the other end of the scale, their highest priced tariff is “Supergreen Octopus” costing £118.40 per month, which works out at £1,420.76 for a year.

Conclusion: Octopus Energy is the most competitively priced option when comparing the Flexible Octopus tariff against Avro’s simple and prime tariff. At £4.34 cheaper per month. Over a year, that’s a saving of £48.

For the price comparison, Octopus Energy is the winner.

Octopus vs Avro: What’s the difference in tariff options?

On Avro’s website, we were given just one tariff option:

Simple and Prime12M

Simple and Prime 12M is a fixed rate tariff for 12 months. There are no early exit fees however, so a customer is free to move to another supplier within 12 months with no penalty.

Avro only supplies dual fuel energy customers and have no green tariff options.


Octopus Energy offers three standard tariffs and three more niche and innovative options that could suit some customers better than others.

Super Green Octopus

Octopus Energy’s greenest tariff is Supergreen Octopus. This is a two-year fixed tariff. However, there are no exit fees should you wish to leave early.

When you choose this tariff, 100% of your electricity supply will come from renewable sources. In addition, the gas Octopus supply is carbon offset through a partnership with Renewable World.

Octopus 24 months Fixed

Octopus 24 is their most popular tariff. There are no exit fees for customers wanting to leave before the end of the 24 months. This tariff is ideal if you want to secure your prices for the next two years but not have the worry of exit fees if you change your mind before the end of the fixed term. This tariff is similar to the above as includes renewable electricity but the gas is not carbon offset.

Flexible Octopus

This is Octopus’s answer to the standard variable tariff offered by many large suppliers. With this, tariff rates can rise and fall with wholesale energy prices. In addition, customers on this tariff will always receive thirty days notice of any price increase. This allows customers to consider their options and move to another tariff that suits their budget and circumstances better instead.

As mentioned above, Octopus also offer three innovative tariffs for customers looking for something a little more unique:

Agile Octopus

Agile Octopus tracks energy prices half-hourly and offers something called price plunge. As a customer, this means you could get paid if more renewable energy is produced than consumed across the UK. This is Octopus’s way of passing on the money they receive from taking their energy off the national grid as a reward for their customers.

Octopus Go

Octopus Go is a tariff built with electric vehicle users in mind. By offering lower energy prices at night between midnight and 4 am, customers can charge their electric vehicles during the off-peak times of the day to save money. Octopus state that this tariff is up to 50% cheaper in comparison to an Economy 7 tariff.

Octopus Tracker

By tracking daily wholesale prices across the energy market, the Octopus Tracker tariff gives you a detailed analysis of where your money is going. This innovative tariff is the first in the UK to do this. So, as a customer, you will get daily updates and a forecast for the next twelve months, including predicted price trends.

Conclusion: Avro offers only one tariff, which is excellent for customers looking for no-frills simplicity. However, they have no green options or variable tariffs, so the offering is undeniably limited. By contrast, Octopus offer six tariffs with unique features and a focus on green energy.

Octopus win on tariff choices due to the variety of products available compared to Avro’s one tariff.

Octopus vs Avro: Who offers the greenest energy?

Renewable energy is an important consideration nowadays. As the price of green energy becomes more affordable, many suppliers are now offering renewable energy tariffs.

Let’s look at how both Avro and Octopus measure up in this regard:


If you are environmentally conscious and looking to support renewable energy generation, then Avro is perhaps not the supplier for you. They do not offer a green tariff, and only 8.3% of their entire fuel mix comes from renewable sources.


Octopus energy, by contrast, has a significant focus on renewable energy. 100% of the electricity they generate is from renewable sources. They also only supply renewable electricity with all six of Octopus’s tariffs offering renewable electricity as standard. In addition, when you opt for their super green tariff, your gas use is fully carbon offset.

An impressive 40% of the solar power generated across the UK comes from Octopus investments. As a company, Octopus plays a huge role in implementing and developing new renewable energy solutions to replace fossil fuels.

Conclusion: When it comes to being green, Avro doesn’t stand a chance here.

Octopus is, without a doubt, the greenest energy supplier.

Octopus vs Avro: Who has better customer reviews?

We used Trustpilot to see how Avro Energy and Octopus’s customers rate their customer service. Both companies have 10,000s of genuine customer reviews.

Here is what we found:

  • Avro scored 4.4 out of 5 based on over 66,000 reviews
  • Octopus scored 4.8 out of 5 based on over 65,000 reviews

Both suppliers ask their customers to review their service, both good and bad. Octopus respond to their negative reviews, whereas Avro has not responded to any in the last 12 months. The fact that Octopus addresses their negative reviews puts them ahead here as they are responding directly to customers who have issues with the service received.

On reading a selection of the reviews, Avro customers frequently complain about the lack of customer service availability and the fact that the live chat feature on the website rarely works. However, many customers also seem to be happy with the simplicity of their switch to Avro and say it was quick and efficient.

In comparison, Octopus customers seem very happy with the service they receive, stating that Octopus agents are helpful and efficient at solving problems.

Conclusion: Both suppliers have received many positive Trustpilot reviews. However, Octopus is clearly leading the way when it comes to customer reviews with a higher rating, and also, they are better at responding to customers who leave negative reviews.

When it comes to customer reviews, Octopus is the winner.

Octopus vs Avro: Who has the better website and app?

Both Avro and Octopus have easy to use and functional websites. Once signed up with them, you can manage most of your account features online as well as viewing statements. Both websites also have FAQ areas and details of how to contact them. In addition, on both websites, we were able to find everything we needed easily.

At the time of writing Avro does not currently offer an app for customers to view and manage their account.

On the other hand, Octopus do have an App that allows customers to manage their account and upload meter readings. Unfortunately, in the App store, it scores just 1.6 out of 5 due to being sluggish and suffering regular crashes.

Conclusion: Both energy suppliers offer good online account management through a browser. However, Octopus comes out slightly ahead again in this category because they do offer an app – even though it does sounds like it needs some improvements!

When it comes to the better website/app, Octopus is the winner.

Octopus vs Avro: Who has the better customer service?

CitizensAdvice offers the best-unbiased customer service comparison. So we checked both suppliers on their website to see how they perform in key areas:

This table gives a summary of how both suppliers compare:

Average call centre wait time02:5701:59
Emails responded to with 2 days61.2%96.4%
% customers with an accurate bill99%98.5%
Switches completed < 15 days98.3%99.8%
Opening hours9 am – 5 pm (4 pm on Fridays)9 am – 5.30 pm
Contact via PhoneYesYes
Contact via EmailYesYes
Contact via WebchatNoNo
Source: Citizens advice

As you can see, both suppliers are relatively evenly matched, with the exception of email response time and call wait time. Avro responded to an impressive 96.4% of emails within two days. By comparison, Octopus respond to 61.2% of emails within the same timeframe. Wait times to get through to Avro are almost one minute shorter than Octopus as well. Octopus came out slightly ahead when it comes to issuing accurate bills but only by 0.5%. In addition, energy switches with Avro are actioned quicker than those with Octopus.

Conclusion: Avro is the stand out winner of this section. They have the edge over Octopus in most of the critical customer service areas.

When it comes to customer service, Avro is the winner.

Octopus vs Avro: Who has less complaints?

We looked at the complaint data each energy provider openly provides. To make sure we cover the same period for both, we will look at Q2 for 2020.

We have summarised the data in the below table:

Octopus EnergyAvro
Complaints per 10,000 customers12.730
Resolved next working day66%NA
Resolved in 8 weeks93%NA
Sources: Octopus Energy Q2 2020. Citizens advice
Conclusion: Unfortunately, we could not find any up to date information on Avro complaints. The latest data published on their website was from 2019. Because of this, we are only able to advise on complaints received per 10,000 customers.

Based on this statistic and lack of any other data Octopus won here with fewer complaints.

Octopus vs Avro: What are the main differences between the two?

These two suppliers are well known in the UK energy market for somewhat different reasons. Avro is a great budget option for those who don’t want to compromise on service. Octopus is well known for its green credentials and competitive tariffs and is an excellent choice for supporting renewable energy generation.

  • In the price category, Octopus came out on top with its lowest-priced tariff.
  • They also came out ahead with tariff choices, compared to Avro’s offering of just one tariff.
  • Octopus is one of the greenest energy suppliers, and Avro was no competition for them here.
  • They also came out slightly ahead on customer reviews, although Avro still scored highly here.
  • Octopus came out just ahead on our website and app comparison. Although their app isn’t the best, they have one, while Avro does not yet have a customer app.
  • Avro came out on top in the customer service category. With shorter wait times and fast response times.
  • Unfortunately, we did not have enough data to compare their complaints data fully, but with less complaints per 10,000 customers, Octopus Energy wins here.

Is Octopus energy better than Avro?

Octopus took the lead in almost every area. They are competitive, green, have great reviews and offer a good level of customer service. While Avro had some great customer service statistics, there is a clear winner.

And the winner is… Octopus Energy!

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Rob runs Energy-Review.co.uk. The project initially began when he switched energy suppliers for the first time and found there wasn't a website that provided simple, data backed reviews on all the suppliers available. Since then, Rob has spent considerable time looking at all publicly available data about each supplier and writing reviews using this information. Reviews are updated as regularly as possible and any data is backed up by a source where necessary. If you find any issues, please use our contact form to let us know.

  1. interesting review.

    One for a company that heavily advertises on TV – wonder how much that costs and the other that continually under charged customers and as a result regretfully ceased trading this week.

    The guide should be taken down, I feel

  2. I have had an Octopus account for nearly a year and have NEVER had a smart meter so please get your facts right.

  3. I do not want or need a smart meter so no Octopus for me. I am with AVRO and have been for two years now, no complaints to date and cheapest when you include the rip off standing charge all suppliers charge and at different rates, and in an emergency it is NW Electricity who comes out to everyone in the NW so why different charges, that would be an interesting comparison.

  4. How much are Octopus paying you for this ‘review’? Obviously not impartial! Was transferred to Octopus when supplier taken over. Waited out tariff, then left. Poor & juvenile website & email communications. If you are a child, like the annoying little octopus cartoon/gif & enjoy playing computer games, then this is for you. Blog is patronising & insulting. Ignorant young people trying to promote ‘night time’ usage as something new, ‘economical’ & ‘sustainable’, while blowing about their latte’s & middle class lifestyle (pre-pandemic).

    • Avro versus Octopus.
      Note. Octopus require a Smart meter for their tariffs, Avro do not.
      I do not want a smart meter hence Avro wins for me.

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