What are Meter Serial Numbers?

A Meter Serial Number (MSN) is a combination of numbers and letters, or sometimes just numbers, that is totally unique to a specific gas or electricity meter. Make sure that you don’t confuse this with the MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number), MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number), or supply point numbers. These refer to the supply points of a property and shouldn’t ever change.

Each individual meter has its Meter Serial Number included on a national database, used by energy suppliers to ensure that each address is billed correctly. It is most likely a number that you have never needed to supply and have therefore had no need to even be aware of its existence.

Where do I find my MSN?

The quickest way to find your Meter Serial Number for both your gas and electricity meters is from your bills. It doesn’t matter if you get your bills entirely online or if you receive your bills through the post. Your electricity meter MSN will be shown on your electric bill and your gas meter MSN will be shown on your gas bill. If you do not have access to either of those, you will be able to find the MSN on the meter itself.

For the electricity meter- You are likely to have a barcode somewhere on the front of your electricity meter. Once you have located this you should be able to see the MSN, it is usually printed either above or below this barcode. Older models that do not have this barcode will be able to find the MSN embossed on the meter.

For the gas meter- Again, you should be able to find a barcode printed somewhere on the front of your gas meter. Your gas meter MSN will be found around this barcode, usually above or below. For older models without the barcode, in the case of gas meters you should be looking for red printed text. It is normal for the gas MSN to be slightly longer than your electricity meter MSN.

Why do I need to know how to find my MSN?

Although it is unlikely that you needed to provide these numbers when you last changed supplier, individual serial numbers are important and used by the new energy supplier. In the unlikely event that these numbers are incorrect, your billing will be inaccurate and it is possible you will be charged more than you should have been.

You are strongly recommended to check and make sure that the MSN on your bill corresponds to the number printed on your meter.

When switching suppliers, your new energy supplier may not be able to locate information on your MPRN or MPAN on the national database. In these instances, the MSN for each meter can then be used to make sure that the correct property is identified and switched over to the new energy supplier. This is also relevant if you are upgrading to a new smart meter.

If you are upgrading your meter, or replacing it for any reason, then it is important to note down the new MSN. As this number relates to a specific meter, the number will be different on the new meter that has been installed. This is one of the big differences between the MSN and the MPRN or MPAN, as they relate to the property so will stay the same.

Very occasionally postal addresses are changed. This can be for a number of reasons but is a relatively rare occurrence. However, if this applies to you it would mean that your MSN is now associated with a different address. This could potentially lead to inaccurate billing, so you should contact your energy supplier, if this has happened, as soon as possible to update your details.

What if i still can’t find it?

With a well-maintained national database and the free exchange of information between energy companies, you shouldn’t need to supply your Meter Serial Numbers. That said, it is always worth checking that your data is accurate, especially if you have had a meter replaced or upgraded. Inaccurate information can lead to inaccurate bills or cause you hassle and delay the next time you want to change supplier.

If you still cannot find your MSN, or don’t have access to any of your bills, then you should get in contact with your current supplier. They will be able to offer you further advice on how to locate the numbers and should be able to provide you with the Meter Serial Numbers that they have on file for your property.


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