What is ECOES (and ECOES 2)?

We all know that switching energy suppliers every 12-18 months is essential to benefit from the best rates. When consumers switch suppliers regularly, it keeps the energy market competitive and can save you literally hundreds of pounds every year.

However, did you know there is an organisation behind every energy switch that seamlessly transfers all your data from one supplier to another in 17-21 days?

This service is known as the electricity central online enquiry service or ECOES for short.

What does ECOES do?

ECOES play a vital role in making sure every energy switch goes smoothly. For example, when we as consumers decide to take the plunge and switch suppliers, a vast amount of data needs to be transferred between our current and new suppliers in order to make the switch. In short, ECOES is responsible for facilitating this transfer of data.

ECOES is a centralised system that every energy supplier and distribution network operator can access. Simply put, it is the system responsible for transferring data between energy providers to enable hassle-free and straightforward switching for all consumers.

Without the electricity central online enquiry service, the whole process of switching suppliers would take much longer and would be a more manual process. In addition, if the suppliers had to handle every switch without this central network, there is an increased likelihood of things taking longer or data not transferring successfully.

What is ECOES2?

ECOES2 is the newest update of the ECOES system and is more efficient than the previous service. In addition, it has a more straightforward and simplistic interface. Therefore, the newer ECOES2 system allows the market to keep up with the demands of the ever-changing energy industry. Essentially the update enables energy companies to achieve the high turnover of effortless energy switches across the market.

Who runs ECOES?

Energy suppliers and distributors fund ECOES to enable today’s current smooth switching system. In addition, there is an agreement that is set up between all suppliers and distributors called the Master Registration Agreement. As a result, the agreement ensures the process of switching suppliers is fast and efficient, and everyone is working towards the same goal.

Gemserv administers ECOES, which acts as the Master Registration Agreement Service Company or MRASCo. The C and C Group is the company responsible for the design and build of ECOES and ECOES2.

However, as complex as all these sound, these companies essentially work together to maintain the energy switching system. This service assists the entire energy industry. In addition, it helps keep the market competitive by enabling straightforward switching for customers across the country.

Who can access ECOES?

All energy suppliers and energy distribution networks have access to the ECOES system to facilitate an energy switch. In addition, third parties can access the system. These might include data collectors and meter operators. Also, consumers based overseas are also able to access the ECOES system if needed.

What is MPAS?

MPAS or the Meter Point Administration Service maintains the meter points that ECOES needs to access across the UK to obtain the required data for switching energy suppliers. Each distribution network across the country has its own MPAS service. This service can help you to identify your home MPAN number (Meter Point Administration Number). You may need this when moving home or switching energy suppliers. The MPAN identifies your homes unique supply line from the network.

The whole ECOES system has been put in place up to make sure every energy switch goes smoothly. ECOES promotes a seamless transfer of data to the new supplier for every switch. For consumers, this ensures that energy switching remains relatively hassle-free and keeps the market competitive.

The information contained in this article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as advice on any matter. You should not rely on the information published in this article.


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