Who is cheaper than British Gas? (2024)

Last updated: 5th January 2024

In the UK today, energy prices are soaring, placing a significant financial strain on households nationwide. With costs reaching unprecedented highs, finding an affordable energy supplier has never been more important.

British Gas, one of the UK’s leading energy providers, has long been the go-to choice for many. However, as budgets tighten, it is worth considering who is cheaper than British Gas and if there is a better supplier for you.

By switching suppliers, you could potentially save a substantial amount of money each year. In this post, we’ll look at what British Gas are currently charging and look at a few of the alternative suppliers to see who is cheaper. We will also look at which suppliers are better than British Gas, incase price is not your only consideration.

As a benchmark, these are the current prices for customers on new British Gas tariffs. As the Energy Price cap restricts how much suppliers can charge, if you are an existing customer of British Gas’ Standard Variable Tariff, you are likely paying similar to the variable tariff below.

These prices are for a property in the East Midlands, using the average amount of gas and electricity for a 3-bedroom house, paying by direct debit and using a smart meter.

To keep things simple, we have just picked the cheapest variable and cheapest fixed tariff available:

Tariff NameTariff DescriptionMonthly Cost
The Fixed One v33A fixed tariff for 1 year. Exit fee of £75 per fuel.£158.68
Standard Variable Tariff v16A variable tariff. No exit fees.£165.02

First, we’ll look at whether Octopus Energy are cheaper than British Gas. Octopus are a much smaller supplier than British Gas but have consistently been one of the cheaper suppliers in the past.

Here are the results from our quote search using the same details as for British Gas:

Tariff NameTariff DescriptionMonthly Cost
Octopus Tracker TariffA smart tariff where prices change daily£120.25*
Flexible OctopusA variable tariff. No exit fees.£163.75

Octopus do not currently have a fixed tariff available to new customers. They do however offer a ‘smart’ tariff called tracker where prices change daily. You can find out more info in our Octopus Tracker Tariff Review.

*For this comparison, we have manually calculated the cost using the average price for the last 30 days.

As you can see, Octopus Energy would likely be a slightly cheaper option for you than British Gas if you are looking for a variable tariff. If you are happy to switch to the Tracker tariff, then you could save a considerable amount per month.

Next, we will take a look and see if OVO are cheaper than British Gas:

Tariff NameTariff DescriptionMonthly Cost
1 Year FixedA fixed tariff for 1 year. Exit fee of £75 per fuel.£158
Simpler EnergyA variable tariff. No exit fees.£166

As you can see from the above, OVO’s fixed tariff is a tiny bit cheaper with their variable tariff slightly more expensive. The difference is so close, it is difficult to say here that OVO are cheaper than British Gas, therefore if you are an existing British Gas customer, there is likely little point switching based on price alone.

Another contender is E.ON Next, let’s look and see if they are cheaper than British Gas:

Tariff NameTariff DescriptionMonthly Cost
Next Fixed 12m v6A fixed tariff for 1 year. Exit fee of £75 per fuel.£157.51
Next FlexA variable tariff. No exit fees.£165.01

E.ON Next are cheaper than British Gas when it comes to their 12-month fixed rate tariff but their variable tariffs are effectively the same price. Again, whether the price difference is enough for you to switch suppliers is a decision you will need to make.

Finally, we’ll see if ScottishPower are cheaper than British Gas.

Tariff NameTariff DescriptionMonthly Cost
Help Beat Cancer Flexi Price Energy Feb 2025Fixed until 2025. £120 per fuel exit fee.£161.42
Standard VariableA variable tariff. No exit fees.£165.02

ScottishPower are not cheaper than British Gas according to our comparison. Their fixed rate tariff is more expensive and their standard variable tariff costs about the same.

If you are only focused on price, then switching to Scottish Power from British Gas is likely not going to be a good idea.

From the main suppliers we have looked at here, the following suppliers could get you a cheaper deal than British Gas:

Clicking on the links above will take you straight to the suppliers get a quote page, so you can get a personalised quote.

As quotes will vary based on factors such as your usage and location, it is important to get a quote from each supplier yourself before deciding which one is cheaper for you.

It is also worth considering any early exit fees you may have to pay by leaving your existing deal. If you are on a variable tariff you will likely not have an Exit Fee to pay, but if you are on a Fixed tariff then you may.

When it comes to switching suppliers, price is not the only factor to take into consideration. Based on Trustpilot scores and scores from CitizensAdvice, we have put the table below showing which suppliers could be considered to be better than British Gas:

Supplier NameTrsutpilot ScoreCitizensAdvice
British Gas4.01.8
Octopus Energy4.82.7
E.ON Next4.22.5

From this, you can see that Octopus Energy and ScottishPower are the top two picks that are better than British Gas. The other suppliers mentioned are also better for customer reviews and customer service.

It is important to remember that there other factors you can compare too, like the usability of each supplier’s apps, how green their energy is, customer service response times and their complaints record. We have various guides on our site that look at this in more detail for each supplier.

You can find some key ones below:


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