Why switch energy suppliers?

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Why switch energy suppliers is something I’ve heard a lot. In the past switching energy suppliers has been a laborious task. And let’s face it, it’s not a particularly glamorous way to spend part of your weekend or one of your evenings after work searching for the best deal. If you did switch, there’s the hassle of going through the switching procedure, final bills etc and then finding out the other ‘Big 6’ provider you’ve switched to as just announced a price rise, is now more expensive than your old provider and charges you a decent exit fee to leave!

I’m not saying all these issues have been resolved, you still have to wait to switch (roughly around 21 days) and deal with the final bill from your current provider etc. But much like with the banks and switching current accounts, the process has become much easier. And with the introduction of so many new ‘challenger’ energy suppliers, the savings you can make are now much more rewarding. The question should no longer be ‘why switch energy suppliers’ but more more like ‘who should i switch to?’

The introduction of these new energy suppliers has created some dramatic differences in the prices you can pay for effectively exactly the same energy. In fact with some of the newer suppliers you can pay less and get much cleaner energy, which really is a win-win situation. You can see our favourite energy suppliers here: Energy suppliers reviews

Why switch energy suppliers? Loyalty is no longer rewarded!

As with most industries nowadays, loyalty is no longer rewarded and is in fact a disadvantage. You will often find if you stick with one supplier, you will often end up on a much higher tariff then you could find with a new supplier. You will also miss out on the great incentives to switch. For example, Bulb energy offer £50 credit when signing up through a referral link and £50 credit for every friend you refer.

One reason for not switching is that you are happy with your current provider, who is likely one of the Big 6, and can you trust one of these smaller companies to provide your energy? The answer to that is likely a BIG YES! You will need to do a small amount of research, as there are a few new energy startups that are quickly gaining bad reputations but the majority are very good and in fact offer better services and customer service than most of the Big 6.

Energy Switch Guarantee

You can find out more in our guide to the Energy Switch Guarantee here.

What changes when I switch energy suppliers?

Some people aren’t sure what happens when they switch energy suppliers and if you’ve never switch before this is a valid worry. Does the new supplier need to install new equipment at your house? How long does it take? Is my energy ‘different’?

When you switch, there is surprisingly little that changes. In terms of equipment, the only change you may see is that you will need a new smart meter. Although with the new smart metres being introduced this year, even that will become a thing of the past as these will be able to work with new providers. The energy you receive comes from the National grid and so you will not see any change. You are no more likely to be on the receiving end of a blackout and the only possible change is the environmentally friendliness of your energy. For example you may switch from a provider that provides 50% renewable electricity to one that provides 100% renewable electricity.

How do I switch energy suppliers?

If you’ve had enough of the ‘why switch energy suppliers’ and now want to find out how. We’ve put a guide together here on how to switch energy suppliers