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Is Ampower going bust?

On 2nd November, Ofgem announced that Ampower had gone bust. The supplier had around 600 domestic customers.

Ampower Review Summary


  • Quick to answer the telephone and emails
  • Partnership with Moixa gives customers access to Moixa’s Smart Battery and Gridshare software
  • Partnership with EV Chargers UK means customers can have electric vehicle charging points installed


  • Limited information available via the Ampower website and limited app functionality
  • Only ranked 32nd out of 35 energy suppliers in the Which? energy supplier survey
  • Nearly issued with an Ofgem Final Notice in January 2020 for failing to comply with their licence requirements

Who are Ampower?

Ampower were established in 2017, so they are a relatively new entrant to the UK energy supply market. Initially they only supplied commercial premises but they now supply energy to domestic customers as well. They claim to tailor each customer’s energy plan to that customer’s energy consumption.

They have partnerships with Moixa and EV Chargers UK. This means that Ampower customers who are generating their energy get access to Smart Batteries and Gridshare software to manage the energy that they are generating and Ampower customers who own electric vehicles can have charging points installed at their homes.

What tariffs do Ampower offer?

Ampower tailors the tariff for each customer to their energy consumption and whether that customer wants to use renewable energy. The tariffs that they offer are fixed rate tariffs.

Ampower claim that they do not charge exit fees, but that is because they do not allow their customers to switch energy provider before the end of the contract period.

There is no specific tariff for electric vehicle owners, but Ampower have a partnership with EV Chargers UK and via this partnership they can supply electric vehicle charging points to their customers.

Ampower does not offer a ‘feed-in’ tariff. However, they have a partnership with Moixa which means that their customers get access to the Moixa Smart Battery and Gridshare software. This enables customers with solar panels to cut their fuel bills by storing any excess solar energy to be used when their consumption is higher.

How do Ampower compare price?

Ampower do not publish their tariffs on their website although they claim that their customers can save up to £250 per year on their energy bills. In a Which? survey they scored an average three out of five stars for value for money.

What do other Ampower reviews say?

As Ampower are a small and relatively new energy supplier they are not included in the Citizen’s Advice Energy survey currently.

In the Which? energy supplier survey they are ranked 32nd out of 35 energy suppliers. Their complaints handling is praised, but they did not score well for other aspects of their customer service, their billing or their digital tools.

On TrustPilot, Ampower score 4 out of five stars. 83% of the reviewers rate Ampower as either great or excellent, although there are currently only 22 reviews and the remaining 14% of the reviewers rate Ampower as bad.

How green is Ampower’s energy?

Ampower publish their fuel mix on their website.

Currently, only 29.5% of Ampower’s electricity comes from renewable sources. The majority (41.4%) comes from natural gas, with 13.5% coming from coal, 11.3% coming from nuclear and 4.4% from other sources. Ampower says that it is aiming to increase the proportion of renewable energy that it supplies.

Customers with solar panels can take advantage of Ampower’s partnership with Moixa which gives them access to the Moixa Smart Battery and Gridshare software so they can store any excess solar energy to be used when their consumption is higher.

What is Ampower’s customer service like?

Ampower’s phone lines are only between 9am and 5pm and aren’t open on weekends but when their phone lines are open, they answer the phone much more quickly than most other energy suppliers.

According to Which? their average phone response time is 64 seconds which puts them in the top five energy companies in terms of their responsiveness. At just over a day, the time it takes Ampower to answer emails is also better than average. They also answered live chat queries in less than 5 minutes.

As a relatively new energy supplier, there is no data available in terms of the number of complaints that Ampower receives. However, they are praised for the way that they deal with complaints, gaining four out of five stars for this in the Which? energy supplier survey.

What is Ampower’s website/app like?

Ampower’s website contains very little information and won’t even provide prospective customers with a quote for their energy supply. The only ways a prospective customer can get a quote is by phoning the company or completing a contact form for them to contact you.

There is a live chat feature and an online portal. The online portal lets you manage your personal details and submit meter readings, as well as letting you make view your account history and make payments.

In addition to the website there is an app for both Android and iOS devices but it is fairly limited in terms of what it lets you do. You can amend your details and submit meter readings as well as viewing your previous bills and consumption data, but you cannot use the app to make payments or contact Ampower.

What billing options are available?

Ampower takes payment by monthly debit. If you supply meter readings each month of have a smart meter that automatically submits meter readings, the amount taken covers your actual usage. Otherwise an estimated amount is taken.

If estimated amounts are taken the amount is reviewed periodically to ensure that it is accurate. If estimated bills result in your account being in credit you can request a refund.

Alternatively, you can pay online via the Ampower portal. There are no discounts for paying by direct debit or paperless billing.

Customers can also pay for their energy via a pre-payment account. Credit for pre-payment accounts can be purchased at PayPoint outlets.

Do Ampower offer smart meters?

Ampower can install a smart meter if a customer wants one. They will do this free of charge and the installation usually takes a couple of hours.

However, it should be noted that on 10th January 2020 Ofgem announced that they were preparing to issue a Final Order because Ampower had not become a DCC User in accordance with their licence requirements. This could have caused issues for Ampower’s smart meter customers.

The Smart Energy Code Administrator and Secretariat confirmed that Ampower had completed the Smart Energy Code provisions on 16th January 2020 and as such, on 3rd March 2020 Ofgem announced that it would not be issuing the Final Order.

Do Ampower offer a recommend a friend referral scheme?

Ampower operate a friend referral scheme. This pays £10 per referral, as a voucher for either Marks & Spencer or Amazon. There is no limit to the number of referrals that can be made.

Below are a few quick questions you may need answers to along with our Ampower review:

Do they work with pre-payment meters?

Yes, Ampower accept pre-payment meters.

Do they accept Economy 7?

Ampower does not offer an Economy 7 tariff.

Are they signed up to the Warm Home Discount?

Ampower are not signed up to the Warm Home Discount scheme.

Are they signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee?

Ampower are not signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee.

Do they mention about the Priority Services Register?

Ampower do not mention a Priority Services Register.

Do they offer a ‘Dual Fuel’ discount?

Ampower do not offer a ‘Dual Fuel’ discount.

Will they offer to pay a customer’s exit fees when they join them?

Ampower will not pay an exit fees charged by a customer’s previous supplier when they switch energy provider to Ampower. Any such charges remain the responsibility of the customer.

What happens if you move home whilst with them?

If you move home while you are an Ampower customer you will need to contact them, giving them as much notice of your forthcoming move as possible. They will then guide you through the process.

Do they offer any incentives for joining? 

Ampower gives new customers a £10 voucher for either Marks & Spencer or Amazon. They also get access to Moixa’s Smart Battery and Gridshare software, and electric vehicle chargers from EV Chargers UK.

How to contact Ampower

You can contact Ampower in a number of ways. Below as part of our Ampower review we’ve detailed all their means of contact:

Customer Email:

Telephone: 03301 331 050

Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm. Closed on weekends

Office Address: 25 Shirwell Crescent, Furzton Lake Milton Keynes MK4 1GA




How do I switch to Ampower?

The easiest way to switch to Ampower is through Energy Helpline’s comparison website here. This will allow you to check if Ampower is one of the cheapest suppliers for you (tariffs vary based on your area) and will allow you to quickly and easily switch to them.



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