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EDF Energy

EDF Energy were formed in 2002 and are owned by Électricité de France, a French company. They have over five million customers in the UK.

  • Quick to answer the phone and live chat requests
  • Free smart home devices and boiler insurance on some tariffs
  • Swift complaint resolution
  • Energy is not environmentally friendly
  • More expensive than other energy suppliers
  • Higher than average complaint numbers

Who are EDF Energy?

EDF Energy were formed in 2002 and are owned by Électricité de France, a French company. EDF Energy are based in London and employ over 13,000 people.  They have over five million customers in the UK.

Although only a small amount of the electricity that EDF Energy supplies comes from renewable sources, it claims to be a low-carbon energy supplier as much of the electricity it supplies comes from nuclear power. EDF Energy are currently constructing a new nuclear power station at Hinckley Point C in Somerset.

EDF Energy don’t just supply energy. They also supply smart home products, electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging solutions as well as providing boiler insurance.

What tariffs do EDF Energy offer?

EDF Energy offer a wide ranges of tariffs.

The cheapest tariff is the two year, fixed rate, Easy Online tariff. This tariff is for dual fuel customers only, and all interaction needs to be done online; Easy Online tariff customers do not get access to EDF Energy’s call centre. This tariff comes with paperless billing and payment must be made by direct debit.

There is also a two year, fixed rate, Total Service tariff. This is more expensive than the Easy Online tariff, but customers get access to EDF Energy’s call centre and there is a wider range of payment options.

The Flexible Control tariff is EDF Energy’s variable rate tariff. The cost for this tariff will always be 2.5% lower than the Ofgen price cap.

EDF Energy also offer a number of tariffs that are bundled with smart home devices or boiler insurance, and they offer a tariff aimed at electric vehicle owners. In addition to supplying energy for electric vehicle owners, they can lease electric vehicles to customers and provide home charging solutions.

EDF Energy charges exit fees on some of its tariffs, but some of its tariffs do not have exit fees.

There is also a tariff for pre-payment customers, and an expensive standard variable tariff for customers who are not on any of the other EDF Energy tariffs.

EDF Energy offer ‘feed-in’ tariffs.

How do EDF Energy compare on price?

EDF Energy isn’t the cheapest energy supplier in the UK and in the Which? energy survey they only scored 2 out of five stars for value for money. EDF Energy’s standard variable tariff is the most expensive tariff on the market and it costs the maximum permitted under the Ofgen price cap.

They may be cost-effective for customers who want one of their bundles, though, as those bundles come with smart home products and/or boiler insurance.

EDF prices per kWh (unit rate) plus standing charge

To give you an idea of the price you could be paying per kWh and for a standing charge, EDF’s cheapest fixed and cheapest variable tariffs for both gas and electricity are below (these are for the East Midlands):


Tariff NameTariff TypePrice per kWhStanding Charge
EDF Essentials 1Yr Apr25Fixed5.682p31.1p
Standard VariableVariable5.89p31.1p
Last updated: 05/04/2024


Tariff NameTariff TypePrice per kWhStanding Charge
EDF Essentials 1Yr Apr25Fixed22.97p56p
Standard VariableVariable23.77p55.99p
Last updated: 05/04/2024

What do other EDF Energy reviews say?

Citizen’s Advice gives EDF Energy an overall score of 3.7 out of five stars, putting them in tenth place out of 41 energy suppliers. They scored particularly highly for billing accuracy and the switching process.

They also score well at TrustPilot where they have a score of 4.3 out of five stars. 77% of the reviewers have rated them as either great or excellent. EDF Energy’s customer service is frequently mentioned by the reviewers as being outstanding.

It’s a different story in the Which? energy survey, though, where EDF Energy are in joint 27th place out of 35 energy suppliers with an overall rating of just 60%.

How green is EDF Energy’s energy?

EDF Energy’s energy is not particularly green. Only 11.7% of their electricity comes from renewable sources.

They majority of the electricity (72.1%) comes from nuclear power, with 10.8% coming from gas and 5.2% coming from coal.

However, EDF Energy does own 35 wind farms in the UK, and as they use a lot of nuclear power, their carbon emission are just 87g/kWh which is considerably lower than the UK average of 225g/kWh. In fact, they offer a “blue tariff” where all of the electricity is generated by nuclear power.

They are currently building a new nuclear power station at Hinckley Point C in Somerset.

What is EDF Energy’s customer service like?

EDF Energy can be contacted by phone or live chat, although they do not list an email address at their website.

According to Which? they answer the phone in three minutes and two seconds on average which is faster than average. Live chat requests are answered in just one minute ten seconds on average.

They receive a relatively high number of complaints compared to the other energy suppliers but they generally resolve these quickly. Around half of the complaints are resolved either on the same day or by the end of the next working day.

What is EDF Energy’s website/app like?

EDF Energy’s website is visually appealing and full of information. That information is easy to find. There is a live chat feature.

The online portal at the EDF Energy website is called MyAccount. Customers can use this to review and pay their bills, manage their personal details and submit meter readings. They can also use MyAccount to tell EDF Energy if they are moving home.

There is also an EDF Energy app which lets you manage your account. This app is available for Android devices and Apple’s iOS devices. The app scores 4.3 out of five stars at Google’s Play Store and 4.6 out of five stars at Apple’s App Store. Pre-payment customers who have smart meters can top up their account using the app.

What billing options are available?

Some of EDF Energy’s tariffs are only available to customers who pay by monthly direct debit. On the other tariffs, customers who pay by monthly direct debit pay a lower price.

Customers can choose to pay the same amount each month which EDF Energy says makes it easier for their customers to budget, or to submit meter readings regularly so they only pay for the energy that they have actually used.

Customers can also pay online, over the phone, at a bank or building society, at the Post Office or by post.

Pre-payment accounts are also available. Pre-payment customers with smart meters can top up their accounts online or via the EDF Energy app.

Do EDF Energy offer smart meters?

EDF Energy are aiming to move all of their customers over to smart meters by 2024. Some of their tariffs require customers to have a smart meter fitted.

Smart meters are also available to pre-payment customers.

Below are a few quick questions you may need answers to along with our EDF Energy review:

Do they work with pre-payment meters?

EDF Energy accept pre-payment meters. Pre-payment customers don’t get monthly or quarterly bills, but they do get an annual statement which shows how much energy they have used.

Do they accept Economy 7?

EDF Energy accept Economy 7 provided the customer has a meter that supports Economy 7 billing.

Are they signed up to the Warm Home Discount?

EDF Energy are signed up to the Warm Home Discount. Eligible customers can apply at the EDF Energy website.

Are they signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee?

EDF Energy are signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee. According to Citizen’s Advice, 99.7% of switches are completed within 21 days.

How to contact EDF Energy

You can contact EDF Energy in a number of ways. Below as part of our EDF Energy review we’ve detailed all their means of contact:

Customer Email: No email address available

Telephone: 0333 200 5100

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm. Saturday, 8am to 2pm. Closed on Sundays

Office Address: FREEPOST, EDF Energy Energy, Plymouth

How do I switch to EDF Energy?

The easiest way to switch to EDF Energy is through a comparison website. This will allow you to check if EDF Energy is one of the cheapest suppliers for you (tariffs vary based on your area) and will allow you to quickly and easily switch to them.


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  1. Service is bad. Engineer never turns up been waiting 17 hours and nothing !! Called 3 time’s

  2. I am an EDF customer, and have been for a few years now, and have been very happy with the company, my bills have been exceptionally low, my tariff is up on the 30th November, but trying to get a fixed deal for a year isn’t good , they have a fixed deal for 3 years, which is very expensive , my monthly payments going from £74 to £150 a month if this. Is capped it should be 12% it is now around 30% is this fair, I don’t think so, and they haven’t been very helpful, as a loyal customer , it is take it or leave it, hopefully I can get a better deal else where

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