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GoTo Energy Review Summary


  • Excellent TrustPilot reviews, particularly in terms of switching to GoTo Energy
  • Renewable energy
  • Competitive pricing


  • Not signed up to the Warm Home Discount scheme
  • Don’t accept pre-payment or smart meters
  • Limited range of tariffs and no Economy 7 option

Who are GoTo Energy?

GoTo Energy are based in Kent and boast that they have over 25 years experience in energy supply although they are a relatively new company having only started trading in 2019.
They claim that their energy is environmentally friendly and boast that their app leads the sector, enabling its customers to manage all aspects of their energy supply account.

What tariffs do GoTo Energy offer?

GoTo Energy offers electricity-only tariffs or dual fuel tariffs covering electricity and gas. The company does not list its tariffs on its website and customers need to request a quote to find out which tariffs are available to them.

Both electricity-only supply and electricity and gas supply are available on variable rate tariffs and fixed rate tariffs. The fixed rate tariffs last for 12 months and there is a £35 exit fee. That exit fee is charged per fuel if you use GoTo Energy for your electricity and gas supply. There is no exit fee on the variable rate tariff.

GoTo Energy do not offer a tariff aimed at electric vehicle users, and neither do they offer ‘feed-in’ tariffs.

How do GoTo Energy compare on price?

GoTo Energy’s pricing is competitive. Many of the people who have reviewed the company on TrustPilot have said that they have been impressed with the savings that they have made.

The company seems better for customers who use a lot of energy as although the standing charge is high, the per unit cost is low.

What do other GoTo Energy reviews say?

GoTo Energy scores four out of five stars on TrustPilot. Of the reviewers, 90% rate GoTo Energy great or excellent with only 4% saying that the company is bad or poor.

However, most of the reviewers are saying the switch went smoothly and there are very few comments relating to the ongoing customer service side of things.

Because GoTo Energy only started trading in 2019, Citizen’s Advice and Which? do not have sufficient data to give GoTo Energy a rating at the moment.

How green is GoTo’s energy?

GoTo Energy claims that all of their electricity comes from green, sustainable sources, and that their gas is responsibly sourced to minimise its impact on the environment.

However, they do not actually disclose their fuel mix in terms of the electricity that they supply, or explain what they mean by “responsibly sourced” in terms of the gas that they supply.

What is GoTo Energy’s customer service like?

GoTo Energy’s website does not have a live chat feature, but you can contact the company via phone or email.

Which? and Citizen’s Advice do not have sufficient data to enable them to rate GoTo Energy’s customer service. However, the majority of TrustPilot reviewers say that they have found the customer service to be excellent.

What is GoTo Energy’s website/app like?

The GoTo Energy website has been approved by the Plain English Campaign. However, although the website content is easy to read, there is not a lot of information available. It does not contain a search facility either, and instead people are asked to contact the company for further information.

There is no live chat feature, although customers can carry out basic transactions such as viewing their account and submitting a meter reading online.

GoTo Energy has an app which also allows you to carry out basic transactions and submit meter readings. This app is available for Android and iOS devices.

The app scores five out of five stars at both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store, but there at the time of writing there were just two reviews of the Android version and only nine reviews of the iOS version.

What billing options are available?

GoTo Energy bill monthly via direct debit.

The first payment is taken once the switch has taken place and after that payments are taken monthly on the date of your choice.

To ensure that your monthly bills are accurate, the company suggests that you submit monthly meter readings which you can do either online or the app, or by phone.

GoTo Energy do not accept pre-payment accounts.

Do GoTo Energy offer smart meters?

GoTo Energy do not mention smart meters on their website. There is no suggestion that they intend to roll out smart meters in the near future.

Do GoTo Energy offer a recommend a friend referral scheme?

GoTo Energy do not offer a referral scheme.

In this section we answer a few more specific questions which potential customers may find useful:

Do they work with pre-payment meters?

GoTo Energy do not accept customers who use pre-payment meters.

Do they accept Economy 7?

GoTo Energy do not offer an Economy 7 tariff.

Are they signed up to the Warm Home Discount?

GoTo Energy is not signed up to the Warm Home Discount scheme.

Are they signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee?

GoTo Energy adhere to the Energy Switch Guarantee guidelines but not eligible to be a member of the scheme so have not signed up to it. However, many of their reviewers on TrustPilot praise how easy it was to switch their energy supply to GoTo Energy.

Do they mention about the Priority Services Register?

GoTo Energy operates a Priority Services Register although there is very little mention of it on their website and it is not obvious how to sign up for it.

Do they offer a ‘Dual Fuel’ discount?

GoTo Energy offer an electricity-only tariff or a tariff covering both electricity and gas, but they do not offer a discount if you use them for both fuels.

Will they offer to pay a customer’s exit fees when they join them?

No, GoTo Energy will not pay any exit fees charged by a customer’s previous energy supplier if they switch to GoTo Energy before their contract with that energy supplier has expired. Any such fees remain the responsibility of the customer.

What happens if you move home whilst with them?

If you move home when you are a GoTo Energy customer you will need to cancel your existing GoTo Energy account and start a new account at your new address. However, as long as you retain GoTo Energy as your energy supplier in your new home GoTo Energy will not charge you exit fees for cancelling the account on your old home.

The advice on the GoTo Energy website is confusing, though, and it refers to suppliers other than GoTo Energy and does not actually tell you what to do if you are a GoTo Energy customer.

Do they offer any incentives for joining?

GoTo Energy do not offer any specific incentives to encourage you to switch to them for your energy supply.

How to contact GoTo Energy

Address: 2nd Floor, Innovation House, Innovation Way, Discovery Park, Sandwich, Kent, CT13 9FF

You can contact GoTo Energy customer service by calling: 0800 056 4843

You can email them through:

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday 9am – 5:30pm

Closed on Weekends and Bank holidays.





Switch to GoTo Energy

The easiest way to switch to GoTo Energy is through Energy Helpline’s comparison website here. This will allow you to check if GoTo Energy is one of the cheapest suppliers for you (tariffs vary based on your area) and will allow you to quickly and easily switch to them.

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