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As of 25th November 2021, Orbit Energy has gone bust. The company had 65,000 customers, who have now been transferred to ScottishPower.

Orbit Energy Review Summary



  • No call centre. Customer support is via email only
  • No app for account management

Who are Orbit Energy?

Orbit Energy is a joint venture of Australian based Energy Global Investments and US-based Genie Energy. The company started supplying electricity and gas to UK households in 2018.

A five-year deal has been signed with Shell Energy which means that Orbit Energy should be able to maintain stable prices for its customers. The company promotes itself as a low-cost energy supplier but it is not the cheapest energy supplier available.

Although Orbit Energy is an online-only energy supplier it does not offer an app for account management. Customers can manage their accounts via Orbit Energy’s website and all customer support is conducted via email.

Despite not being the cheapest energy supplier and only offering customer support via email rather than via the phone, Orbit Energy is well thought of by its customers, with the vast majority of online reviewers being positive about the company.

Tariffs: What do Orbit Energy offer?

Orbit Energy offers both fixed rate and variable rate tariffs.

It claims that it will automatically offer its customers the best tariff it has to offer on the day that a customer switches or the day that a customer renews their energy supply contract with the company.

The company does not offer Feed-In tariffs.

Price: How do Orbit Energy compare?

Orbit Energy talks about how its energy tariffs are below the government-imposed price cap, but in practice, that means very little because its prices aren’t allowed to be above that price cap.

There is no information in terms of how much Orbit Energy charges, but it does say that it offers the cheapest of its tariffs to customers who are switching or renewing their energy supply contracts. However, cheaper energy suppliers are available.

Customer service: What is Orbit Energy’s customer service like?

Customers cannot contact Orbit Energy via telephone other than if there is an emergency such as a gas leak. There is no live chat option at their website, either.

Contact is via email only, although the company does have a social media presence. The company claims that it responds quickly to emails, with a four-hour response aim.

Orbit Energy reviews: What do they say? Are Orbit any good?

As a relatively new energy supplier there are very few online reviews.

There are over 6,000 reviews of Orbit Energy on TrustPilot where the company scores only 3.5 stars out of 5. Only 70% of the reviewers rated the company either great or excellent with 24% of the reviewers rating the company as poor or bad.

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What is Orbit Energy’s website/app like?

Orbit Energy’s website is visually appealing but lacking in information. The information provided feels generic rather than specific to the company. There is a section talking about what a fixed rate tariff is, for instance, but no detail in terms of what Orbit Energy’s fixed rate tariff actually is.

Unlike most energy suppliers, there is no Orbit Energy app. This is surprising because it is not possible to contact Orbit Energy by phone so the only way that customers can contact Orbit Energy is by doing so online.

Fuel mix: How green is Orbit Energy’s energy?

Orbit Energy is very open about its fuel mix and there is a breakdown of its fuel mix on its website. Since October 2019, all Orbit electricity has been 100% renewable. Their gas is not 100% renewable, but this is similar to most of suppliers that offer renewable electricity. Their latest overall fuel mix is below:

Orbit Energy complaints

The majority of complaints about Orbit Energy are about the fact that it is not possible to contact the company by phone. Despite the fact that the company claims that it aims to respond to emails within four hours, several people have found that it can take a number of days before the reply to an email arrives.

A number of people are also critical of the company’s “pushy” sales techniques, and say that within a month or two of having signed up to Orbit Energy their monthly direct debit was increased without them being told.

Orbit Energy login

Orbit Energy ensures that their online account access is secure by sending a link to its customers’ email addresses each time a customer needs to log in.

Customers can change their personal details, view and pay their bills and submit meter readings online. This needs to be done via a web browser as Orbit Energy does not have an app that its customers can use.

Below are a few quick questions you may need answers to along with our Orbit Energy review:

Do Orbit Energy work with pre-payment meters?

Customers with pre-payment meters can switch to Orbit Energy.

Do Orbit Energy accept Economy 7?

Yes, Orbit Energy offers an Economy 7 tariff.

Are Orbit Energy signed up to the Warm Home Discount?

No, but Orbit Energy claims that it has set its prices as low as possible so the energy that it supplies is affordable for everyone.

Are they signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee?

Orbit Energy has not signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee.

What billing options are available?

Customers can pay by regular credit or debit card payments, or by direct debit. Orbit Energy says many of its customers pay by credit card because that means they get loyalty points from their credit card provider.

Do they offer a ‘Dual Fuel’ discount?

No. Orbit Energy claims that it wants simplicity and fairness and feels that forcing people to buy both energy types from the same supplier is wrong.

Do Orbit Energy offer a smart meter? Do they accept smart meters?

Yes, Orbit Energy accepts customers who have Smart meters but those customers might find that their Smart meters lose some of their functionality and operate as conventional, non-Smart meters. Orbit Energy cannot accept customers who are using Smart pre-payment meters.

The company is planning to move all of its customers onto Smart meters soon, and is also working to support Smart pre-payment meters.

Do Orbit Energy charge exit fees?

Orbit Energy charges exit fees on some of its energy tariffs but doesn’t make it clear which tariffs have exit fees and doesn’t say what those exit fees are on its website.

Will they offer to pay a customer’s exit fees when they join them?

Orbit Energy does not pay exit fees if a customer’s previous energy supplier has charged exit fees because the customer has left a fixed rate tariff early. Any fees would remain the responsibility of the customer.

One complaint on TrustPilot relates to a customer who was wrongly told that their exit fees from their previous energy supplier would be paid by Orbit Energy. That customer found out later that this was not the case.

Do they offer any incentives to customers to refer friends/family?

Orbit Energy operates a referral scheme. However, the referral codes only work with their more expensive tariffs so in practice, it is not really all that useful. There are complaints on TrustPilot from customers who have switched on the basis that they would get a referral bonus only to find that the bonus wasn’t payable after they had completed the switch.

What happens if you move home whilst with them?

If you are moving home you will need to tell Orbit Energy the date you will be moving, your new address and details of the person who will be responsible for the property once you have moved. You need to give the company two working days notice. If you don’t give two working days notice you will be responsible for the energy supply at the property until two working days after you have given notice or the point where someone else takes over the supply if that happens earlier.

On the day that you move out, you will need to supply a meter reading so that your final bill can be calculated. You shouldn’t cancel your direct debit until you’ve settled that final bill.

If you move home while you’re on one of Orbit Energy’s fixed rate tariffs and end your contract early, you may need to pay an early exit fee.

Can you get cashback when joining Orbit Energy?

Cashback is not available to people who switch to Orbit Energy for their energy supply.

Do they have a Priority Services Register?

Orbit Energy operates a Priority Services Register.

How to contact Orbit Energy

No option to contact via phone.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm. Closed on all Bank holidays.

How do I switch to Orbit Energy?

The easiest way to switch to Orbit Energy is through a comparison website. This will allow you to check if Orbit Energy is one of the cheapest suppliers for you (tariffs vary based on your area) and will allow you to quickly and easily switch to them.

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7.9 Total Score
Orbit Energy Review

Orbit Energy is a joint venture of Australian based Energy Global Investments and US-based Genie Energy. The company started supplying electricity and gas to UK households in 2018. A five-year deal has been signed with Shell Energy which means that Orbit Energy should be able to maintain stable prices for its customers. The company promotes itself as a low-cost energy supplier but it is not the cheapest energy supplier available.

Customer Service
  • Accepts pre-payment meters and Economy 7 customers
  • Five-year deal with Shell Energy means stable pricing
  • 100% renewable electricity
  • No call centre. Customer support is via email only
  • No app for account management
User Rating: 1.8 (5 votes)

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  1. Have suddenly had a text this evening asking for a Meter reading. Normally provide one once a month and did so 2 weeks ago. Am well in credit on my account. Are they about to fold hence reading needed for new provider?

  2. HI ,

  3. Orbit Energy are horrendous, every time I telephone they cut me off or leaving me hanging on when I request my refund of my credit balance which is over £800 and I have been asking for it back since the end of September – over 10 emails sent, formal complaint, numerous calls where I’m left hanging on to only get cut off again – they continually avoid giving me a date.

    Now today after being advised by a manager they would push it through 2 weeks ago I am told I missed the dates because they only have estimated readings for me – which I have given them 3 days in September and October when I asked for my refund.

    They know its 8 weeks to get your complaint through the ombudsman so obviously intend to hold onto your money for ever!

    Disgusting service – how they can withhold peoples money and provide a customer service team and procedure that purposefully is meant to frustrate you and withhold your own money is on the verge of being criminal.

  4. They gave me an estimation of £82 and did not pay the exit fee of £450 whilst still charging me.

    Nearly a year later this still have worked out cheap but suddenly they send a guy to read the metre , with no reasoning, then raised the bill to £212 without telling me.

    If I cancel the DD I’ll be in serious problems with 4 kids. One a new born.

    Customer services won’t explain how they estimated £82, quoted it, or why I was told said it may go to £92 eventually, anything financial or process related.

    There’s no account manager contact details and even the customer service manager hasn’t rung although they claimed it would happen. The wouldn’t give me his/her or name email no confirm in writing. No contract given either. Anything that would answer my questions they just said they didn’t have that info or where to get it.

    They tried to blame me but I pointed out they’d already said they didn’t have the info to explain the bill hike nor how that estimate was done. I do know they took all my details , the readings, phoned someone to confirm the price and bratted other suppliers. I can’t track anything useful down!

    I’m going to write to them then inform them they have 28days to refund me before I pass this to debt recovery targeting head office. If they think I’m joking they’ll find themselves in trouble.

    You’d expect the process to be explained at least but as customer services cannot action accounts I fail to see the point in them. They can’t explain how the company works or policies.

    They have blocked me at every turn.

    Sadly I’ll submit data requests to get the info and I will prove they stitched me up then talked to me like I was a complete idiot. When the convo got difficult they suddenly couldnt hear so I used it as an excuse to shout and have them agree I was only shouting to help them hear.
    How my bill can go up by £130 per month I do not understand unless they deliberately quoted me wrongly. I suggest the latter . Very naughty

    I’ve been para-legal in work for ages so I’ll peel them like an onion. I at least want to know the process that persuaded me to change.
    They owe me £580 so far and I will not let it go

    I BEG you not to go with these cowboys. We don’t even use much energy . I can barely heat the home now

    If it sounds too good to be true – it is with these guys! I followed all instructions but I was stitched up . It was very clever as they actively used the pandemic in their reasoning! I’m a smart man yet they got me.

    Don’t even consider them EVER

  5. Poor customer service website is not exactly informative about your energy consumption they fail to respond promptly via the web site contact or by phone or by email.
    They need a serious revamp shell should maybe step in sack the management and change the contact centre to a UK based one.

  6. Never heard of this company ((orbitenergy )) until today
    I received a gas card for my new supply
    Contacted my current supplier over telephone to find out any info ,no joy
    Went into my online account with my supplier which did show I was switching

    Contacted orbit who said she could not do anything I’d have to wait for a call back within 10 days ,

    Never spoke to anyone about changing supplies or requested a supply
    Yet this company has managed to request a supply switch over at my address with out my knowledge
    Absolutely enraged that this has been possible to do ..

  7. AVOID at all costs
    Appalling Company. No answers to E mails for Months, other than simple confirmations they have it, Staff useless, and trying to leave and stop them taking money also hard. They threaten legal action for sums not due. They phone and text, don’t like putting things in writing, the mark of shifty companies. Company in a lot of debt, probably will fail, see Co House accounts. New energy supplier has it’s view of them as dodgy.

    • I am happy I can tell the world what I have been going through with Orbit Energy. I wonder how they managed to secure 3.5 stars with Trust Pilot. This must be a manipulated figure.

      This is the worst energy company I know. They treat me with so much disdain. Just increasing the charges as they like.

      They don’t respond to one’s concerns on emails. There’s no other way to put one’s complaints across. I took them through Energy Ombudsman complaints because they placed a non existent charge of £600 on my account and was chasing me to pay despite complaints to them.

      I won the case and they recompensed me with £150. Yet they went back to keep putting some charges against my gas meter in a house we don’t live in for the time being. I have serious doubts if they have any permanent staff; else there should e someone attending to customer concerns. I am plotting my way out now. They are such a great headache and I regret joining them as a customer.

  8. DO NOT JOIN ORBIT This company is hell on earth, my friends had faulty meter, they came to fix meter and ended up changing it to a smart meter they didn’t want and nothing but trouble since, increased bill payments, so moving to cheaper provider and now want them to pay for fitting in the meter they didn’t want? won’t let them change, its an ongoing battle to fight when you cannot talk to them, apparently the company that fitted the new meter is a finance company, thats why they want paying for job of fitting it. Its dreadful it should be free as its Government funded to install a smart meter with no charge to the customer. I have stepped in as my dear friend is too upset with the stress of it all. Going to citizen Advice next to see if they can get action to allow them to switch.

  9. Yes, they are appalling. I’ve gone elsewhere. It’s like banging your head against a brick wall – nice when it stops !

  10. The absolute worst energy company I have come across in the last 25 years of switching energy providers. Customer service is non existent and it appears that they decide themselves when a complaint is closed not the customer!

  11. Cr*p Cr*p awful customer service

  12. Orbit is nothing. As they hound you to pay a pullout fee. They can not understand why customers need to move to another supply. I have not respond to their calls at all and they have got a law frim involved to get money back for Orbit. I have told the law frim they have nothing on it as my new supplier did inform Orbit that I have gone over to them. Then I stopped my direct debit as I do not wish to pay for two suppliers at all.

  13. Do not use this Orbit Energy their customer service is appalling. They have one job send me a bill they can’t even manage that. they don not respond to emails or complaints.

  14. Don’t take any notice of this article and it’s high rating of Orbit Energy; their Customer Service is beyond useless.

    They have caused me a lot of grief and vexation. If you’re reading this and considering signing up to them, don’t be drawn in by their seemingly low prices. You’ll regret it!

  15. thanks for that I have just been called by them to switch no mention of any contact difficulty only how cheap they are I will see what answer I am given when called back

  16. Reply Avatar of jasvinder singh arora
    Jasvinder singh arora June 15, 2020 at 3:51 pm

    since I have joined Orbit, I am going through hell, one of the worst company to deal with, I rate 0 out of 10 this company.
    If I emailed them 10 emails I get a response of maybe 1 even that response doesn’t make any sense. If I call them, 9 out of ten times they know who is calling and they disconnect the call, it’s so frustrating.
    if you want to escalate you complain to someone senior there is no one at all. you are stuck and no help.

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