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Last updated: 13th December 2021

Shell Energy Review Summary

8Expert Score
Shell Energy

Shell Energy isn’t one of the big six but it is very close to being one of the top contenders.

  • Variety of tariffs
  • Variety of billing options
  • Average customer service

In the UK energy companies have a fierce rivalry but as our Shell Energy review has discovered there is a lot of competition outside the big six energy companies. Shell Energy isn’t one of the big six but it is very close to being one of the top contenders.

In 2013 Shell Energy (formerly known as First Utility) was ranked as the seventh largest energy company in the UK and its position as fluctuated around the upper echelons in the following years. Shell Energy as a score of 3.7 on TrustPilot with 71% percent of reviews giving it a great or excellent rating.

It’s still a good score although there are certainly other energy suppliers with higher scores. However, we also need to take the number of reviews into account, Shell Energy has over 41,000 reviews making them one of the most reviewed energy suppliers.

First Utility was founded in 2008 and was purchased by Shell in February 2018 and it’s now part of Shell’s New Energies division. It has now been renamed as Shell Energy.

Tariffs: What tariffs do Shell Energy offer?

Like many energy suppliers nowadays Shell Energy offers a variety of different tariffs. These will vary depending on your location but finding out what they can offer you is easy. Simply follow this link and enter your postcode.

Many of the tariffs on offer from Shell Energy are fixed plans although there are flexible plans available as well. Shell Energy also offers both gas and electricity although you can only find information about their dual and single electricity tariffs on their website.

If you want a gas only tariff you will need to contact them directly. While Shell Energy grew rapidly thanks to offering competitive pricing Which? found that its standard tariff was actually one of the more expensive on the market.

However, they did conclude that Shell Energy did offer some competitive deals especially for customers using a smart meter. As part of our Shell Energy review, I’ve compiled some of the main points to consider when examining Shell Energy’s tariffs.

  • They offer dual tariffs and single ones for both gas and electric.
  • Exits fees are not included on variable tariffs.
  • Single gas tariffs are available but you will need to contact Shell Energy directly to ask about them.

Price: How do Shell Energy compare on price?

Shell Energy offers a wide range of different tariffs and as mentioned previously their competitive deals are one of the main reasons for their popularity. However, as Which found their standard tariff is not the most affordable. In June of this year, Shell Energy also announced that it was increasing its price on their first variable tariff by 5.9%.

So, while Shell Energy might not be the most affordable energy supplier right now they are by no means the most expensive. Although it is advisable that you inspect the tariffs closely due to the increases in price.

What is Shell Energy’s customer service like?

A good energy supplier isn’t all about price, is it? No, the customer service is also very important and uSwitch’s report did highlight Shell Energy’s customer service as one of their main positives. Shell Energy also came in at joint 12th place (out of the 31 energy companies) during Which’s customer survey.

Many of the reviews on TrustPilot also positively highlight Shell Energy’s customer service as well. The Citizens Advice website was more average awarding them 3.4 stars in total, although it did highlight their speed of service as a positive.

Shell Energy Reviews: What do others say?

Our Shell Energy review as already examined some of the main reviews but let’s summarise it all shall we? With a score of 3.9 on TrustPilot from over 50,000 reviews. Shell Energy receives 4 stars and a “great” rating it’s a ‘Great’ score but could be improved. However, Shell Energy has received a very high number of reviews.

RatingPercentage of reviews
Data from TrustPilot. Correct as of 18/06/2021

The reviews themselves are quite positive although there are some negative opinions on their current prices. Shell Energy have also replied to a number of reviews both positive and negative which is always good to see.

Similar sentiments are echoed on uSwitch with their review highlighting the fact that Shell Energy was ranked at number 2 in their past customer satisfaction reports. But while the reviews are certainly still good you do get the sense that they may have been better in previous few years.

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What is Shell Energy’s website/app like?

Shell Energy have a modern and simple website which in our opinion is exactly what you want from an energy supplier. Navigating the sections on its website is easy and the help section and FAQ is very easy to find and use.

The customer portal is also easy to access and something that is positively highlighted in a number of customer reviews along with the Shell Energy app. Speaking on the app it’s available for both IOS and Android devices and allows you to monitor your energy usage, do meter readings, refer friends and much more. Reviews for the app are mixed but Shell Energy is continuing to support it for the latest devices.

How green is Shell Energy’s energy?

Unlike many of the alternative energy suppliers (meaning those outside of the big 6), Shell Energy doesn’t overly market its-self as a green energy supplier. However despite this, Shell now provides its electricity from 100% renewable sources. You can see their fuel mix below:

Fuel source% of supply
Natural Gas0%
Other Fuels0%
Latest fuel mix covers period 01/04/2019 – 31/03/2020. Source: Shell Energy

Shell Energy complaints

The Citizens Advice website found that Shell Energy received 45.4 complaints for every 10,000 customers. This might sound bad but it’s ranked as an average score by the Citizens Advice so while there is certainly room for improvement it’s not a bad score by any means.

Which also highlighted a speedy live chat response as one of the main positives of Shell Energy’s service. And as mentioned previously Shell Energy did respond to both negative and positive feedback in reviews and in the case of the latter were very professional and offered help if they could.

So, even if there were complaints about their service Shell Energy were keen to help and wanted to learn from their mistakes.

Shell Energy login

Logging on to the Shell Energy customer portal is simple and can be easily done on their website or app. Follow this link if you want to sign in directly, from either the app or customer portal you can monitor your usage levels, update payment information, refer friends and much more.

Below are a few quick questions you may need answers to along with our Shell Energy review:

Do they work with pre-payment meters?

Our Shell Energy review found that unlike some other alternative providers Shell Energy still had a dedicated service towards pre-payment meters. They would even install them if you get in contact with their team. To find out more information about the pre-payment services on offer from Shell Energy check this link.

Do they accept Economy 7?

Yes, Shell Energy do accept economy 7 for both electricity and gas which makes it a great choice for people looking to save money.

Are they signed up to the Warm Home Discount?

Yes, Shell Energy is signed up to the Warm Home Discount you can register for the discount on this link.

Are they signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee?

Yes, Shell Energy is signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee which makes switching to them easier. Follow this link for more information.

What billing options are available?

There are numerous billing options on offer from Shell Energy and you can pay your bill in a number of ways including bank payments, cheques, manual payments and credit or debit. Direct debits are strongly recommended in their FAQ page as they do offer discounts/ rewards for paying using this method. To find out more information about your billing options check out this link.

Do they offer a smart meter? Do they accept smart meters?

Yes, Shell Energy does offer smart meters and you can even book your smart meter installation by following this link.

Do they charge exit fees?

Yes, Shell Energy does charge exit fees however this only applies for fixed tariffs, if you’re on a variable tariff you won’t be charged.

Will they offer to pay a customer’s exit fees when they join them?

No, currently Shell Energy does not offer to pay a customer’s exit fees when they switch to them.

Do they offer any incentives to customers to refer friends/family?

Yes, Shell Energy does have a referral scheme in place.

What happens if you move home whilst with them?

Moving with Shell Energy is very simple and there is a dedicated section on their website about it. You can fill out all the information you need to on either the customer portal through the website or you can even use the app.

Do they mention about the Priority Services Register?

Yes, Shell Energy does mention the Priority Service Register and have both an online form and postal address. You can also contact them using a phone number as well, check out this link for all the information.

How to contact Shell Energy

To conclude our Shell Energy review let’s look at how you can get in touch with them.

Address: Shell Energy House, Westwood Way, Westwood Business Park, Coventry, CV4 8HS

Customer Service Number: 0330 0945800

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 8am – 6.30pm, Saturday 9am – 4pm




How do I switch to Shell Energy?

The easiest way to switch to Shell Energy is through a comparison website. This will allow you to check that Shell Energy is one of the cheapest suppliers for you (tariffs vary based on your area) and will allow you to quickly and easily switch to them.

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  1. Appalling company. The worse experience i’ve ever had with any company. Ignored all my emails but sent threatening emails to me saying that they had contacted me which they hadn’t and that they were going to take bailiff action for a made up bill for £600 for an empty house. One member of staff shouted at me on the phone and demanded I paid the bill there and then even though I explained it was incorrect. Repeatedly sent correct meter readings which they ignored. Had to go to the ombudsman and ended up receiving compensation from them, and then they did it all over again and I had to go back to the ombudsman a second time. 10 months of hell. Now my elderley mother has had her Post office broadband swapped to them and they’ve already sent her an aggressive letter. I’ve emailed them with concerns and what a surprise – they’ve ignored my emails. Please don’t touch this company.

  2. Was with First Utiity for several years on a smart meter, prior to opting for a 2 years fixed deal with another supplier, who didn’t use smart meters. Not being a contortionist I found taking manual readings somewhat tedious, so decided to return to what is now Shell Energy.

    Completed the switch over the phone, only to find out that they had switched us to both smart meter and manual readings, which was very interesting (I don’t think). I eventually managed to find a guy who took responsibility and even compensated us for their error, it needs mentioning that he was totally successful and we have been problem free since his efforts. Also we are, so far, on track to save over 20% on our account, we are very pleased with this, and are not without the ability to make mistakes of our own.

  3. shell energy are rubbish–all they seem to do is up your monthly payments without sending a meter reader out to people who are vulnerable and can,t do their own reading correctly—money grabbers without doing their roll –do not use this company –you,ll regret it

  4. Worst company I have ever dealt with

  5. over phone not very good .took over my old company and change my terms.?

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