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So Energy Review Summary


  • Very good customer reviews
  • Very good customer service


  • Tariff has exit fees
  • Limited billing options

So Energy is a new name in the UK energy market, it was founded in 2015 and stands out from many of the other providers because it offers 100% renewable gas and electricity. If you want to be eco-friendly then they certainly seem like a great choice.

In our So Energy review, we’ll be taking a more in-depth look at how this energy provider operates. Their website proudly highlights So Energy’s main promise which they say is: “An ethos based on simplicity, honesty, and great value”. They have certainly built up an impressive reputation as well especially when it comes to price.

Their tariffs are also quite simple which means they are a good choice for someone looking to make the energy process easier. Let’s take a closer look at all the important aspects you need to know about with our So Energy review.

What tariffs do So Energy offer?

So Energy offers a range of simple tariffs with their most popular seeming to be their single fixed tariff plan. They even offer a low price commitment which is designed to ensure you always have the best deal and lowest price. Below is a quote from the So Energy website about their low price commitment.

“We look at the average annual cost of gas and electricity for an Ofgem ‘medium user’, across all regions of the UK, and make sure our fixed tariff is within the cheapest 10%”. But their variable tariffs are popular as well. So Energy’s tariffs are pretty simple but seem to offer everything the average customer could want.

How do So Energy compare on price?

As you can see from the above quote about So Energy’s low price commitment they certainly have put a strong emphasis on their energy prices. Which awarded So energy 4 stars out of 5 when it came to value for money although they did say that needing the first monthly payment in advance could be a negative to some people.

However, Which did award them 5 stars when it came to the accuracy of their bills which is a sentiment echoed in many of their TrustPilot reviews. So, while they might not be the cheapest provider they are certainly close and despite the low prices you still seem to get a great high-quality service from the So Energy team.

What is So Energy customer service like?

So Energy has received some excellent praise because of their customer service. On their homepage, they proudly highlight the fact that they are Moneyfacts Energy Provider of the Year for 2018 and they are also ranked as the number 1 energy supplier by Citizens Advice.

So, they certainly have a lot to be happy about, the Citizens Advice awarded them 4.7 out of five in total. The Which survey for So Energy was carried out in September 2017 and although they didn’t have enough information for a star rating one that category they stated that they found no complaints in regards to customer service.

What do other So Energy reviews say?

As you can tell from the above paragraph So energy has done very well when it comes to reviews. Their lowest rating was with the Which survey from last year which they still came joint 9th in and when you consider this is out of 31 energy companies it’s still an impressive score and So Energy as only improved since then.

The impressive rankings from Moneyfacts and the Citizens Advice is again certainly worth reiterating but let’s not forget their public reviews either. At the time of writing our So Energy review, there are exactly 1370 reviews on TrustPilot.

Of these reviews 86% are the highest score of excellent, 12% are rated great, 1% is rated as average and finally, 1% is rated as bad. This gives So Energy 5 stars and a trust score on 9.6 out of 10. So, these are certainly very impressive scores and the reviews are all very positive.

The low prices and excellent customer service are mentioned in many of the reviews and the vast majority of recent reviews award So Energy 4 to 5 stars. With the praise of professional review, advice and comparison sites as well as many happy customers So Energy has certainly built up a very impressive reputation in just a few years.

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What is So Energy website/app like?

The So Energy website is colourful but very pleasing to the eye and the blue and white colours go well together which makes viewing the website easy and reduces eyestrain. The text is mainly short sentences and easy to read and the menu at the top allows for simple and quick navigation.

One complaint I do have is the positioning of the contact details and FAQ which are at the bottom of the home page. So, you’ll be scrolling a lot to get to them and some of the terminology used could also be simplified a little.

But these are small issues and don’t take away from the excellent website design. So Energy does not currently have an app for either IOS or Android devices and it doesn’t look like they are developing one at the moment either. However, they did mention in a Tweet in 2016 that their website was mobile optimised so you can still use the customer portal features on a mobile device.

How green is So Energy?

Well, it doesn’t get much greener than 100% does it? The current fuel mix for 2018 isn’t available although the one for 2017 is. It was 44.81% wind, 29.41% solar, hydro 15.05%, biomass 6.9% and finally tidal 3.84%.

Another an interesting point worth mentioning is that So Energy has allowed customers to vote on how they’d like their energy to be sourced, check out this link for more information.

So Energy complaints

So Energy has done very well in regards to customer complaints many reviews are positive and there are very few negatives to report. The Citizens Advice awarded them five stars for complaints and found they had an average 23.3 complaints for every 100,000 customers. Which as I’ am sure you can see is incredibly small when compared to some other lenders.

However, if you do have a complaint then you can make it easily through a variety of different means. There is a very in-depth complaints code of practice on their website which details the complaints process.

So Energy login

To access the So Energy customer portal simply log-in at the top of the page once you have registered or follow this link. From the customer portal, you can send meter readings, view payment history, update your details and much more.

Below are a few quick questions you may need answers to along with our So Energy review:

Do they work with pre-payment meters?

Yes, So Energy do now work with pre-payment meters but only certain tariffs and it may also depend on your location.

Do they accept Economy 7?

Yes, So Energy do accept Economy 7 although only on certain tariffs if you have an Economy 7 meter you should contact the So Energy team to see what tariffs you have available to you.

Are they signed up to the Warm Home Discount?

No, So Energy is not currently signed up to the Warm House Discount. To see more information check out this link.

What billing options are available?

Direct debit is the main payment method available and seems to be the preferred method however you can also pay by using a pre-payment meter on certain tariffs.

Are they signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee?

Yes, So Energy are signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee which means you can switch to So Energy more easily. Check out this link to find out more information about how the switching process works.

Do they offer a smart meter? Do they accept smart meters?

No, So Energy does not yet offer smart meters they explain on their website that they are waiting for the second generation of smart meters before they begin implementation of them. However, people who already have smart meters can switch over to So Energy but they will not be able to utilise all their meters features. Check out this link to find out more information about So Energy’s plans for smart meters.

Do they charge exit fees?

While So Energy does charge exit fees they are very small at only £5 per fuel so even on a dual plan your maximum charge will only be £10. Check this link to find out more about the exit fees from So Energy.

Will they offer to pay a customer’s exit fees when they join them?

No, So Energy will not offer to pay any exit fees if you leave your current tariff early to join them.

Do they offer any incentives to customers to refer friends/family?

So Energy does offer a referral rewards system that will award both you and anyone you refer with a £20 credit bonus. Check out this link to find out more about how this referral system works. 

What happens if you move home whilst with them?

The moving process is relatively simple and straight forward but you will need to give So Energy at least 21 days’ notice. Check out this link to find out more about how the house moving process works with So Energy.

Do they mention about the Priority Services Register?

Yes, the priority services register is mentioned on the So Energy website and they also have a form you can download as well.

How to contact So Energy

There are numerous ways to contact the So Energy team and to close out our So Energy review I’ve detailed all the contact information you could need below.

Phone: 0330 111 5050

Opening Times: 9AM – 5PM Monday – Friday


Postal Address: So Energy, 107 Power Rd, London, W4 5PY

How do I switch to So Energy?

The easiest way to switch to So Energy is through Energy Helpline’s comparison website here. This will allow you to check if So Energy is one of the cheapest suppliers for you (tariffs vary based on your area) and will allow you to quickly and easily switch to them.

7.6 Total Score
So Energy Review

So Energy is a new name in the UK energy market, it was founded in 2015 and stands out from many of the other providers because it offers 100% renewable gas and electricity. If you want to be eco-friendly then they certainly seem like a great choice.

Customer Service
  • Very good customer reviews
  • Very good customer service
  • Tariff has exit fees
  • Limited billing options
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  1. Terrible business I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. They didn’t update my direct debits after their estimates had been way off despite the fact I had submitted meter readings. This resulted in being undercharged by 50% and then they require the entire amount to be paid before the switch is made. They also tried to say I hadn’t called to request an updated direct debit but my call records from my phone company prove that I do.

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