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Last updated: 25th September 2021

Is Symbio Energy going bust?

With some energy suppliers going bust recently, this is something to be wary of when looking to switch.

On 21st September 2021, Symbio received a provisional order from Ofgem for failing to make payments into the Feed in Tariff Scheme.

As of 29th September 2021, Symbio Energy have now gone bust.

Symbio Energy Review Summary


  • Competitive pricing
  • Environmentally friendly electricity and gas
  • Priority Services Register available to help vulnerable customer


  • Was banned by Ofgem from acquiring new customers on 6th March 2020 for failing to comply with licence requirements although the ban was revoked on 11th May 2020
  • Poor customer service
  • Limited website and app functionality

Who are Symbio Energy?

Symbio Energy are based in Watford and are a relatively new business, having only started supplying energy in March 2019.

They pride themselves on supplying 100% renewable electricity and gas, and being the cheapest electricity supplier in the UK.

What tariffs do Symbio Energy offer?

Symbio Energy offer a range of fixed rate tariffs. Each of these tariffs have a £25 exit fee. There is also a variable rate tariff which has not exit fee.

There are no specific tariffs for electric vehicle owners and Symbio Energy does not offer a ‘feed-in’ tariff. Pre-payment tariffs are not available.

How do Symbio Energy compare price?

Symbio Energy claim that they have been the cheapest electricity provider in the UK since March 2019 and that they can save customers up to £600 per year compared to the Big Six energy suppliers.

They say that they can do this by using technology and only accepting payment by monthly direct debit to keep their costs down.

To back this claim up, they offer a price guarantee policy. If a customer can find a cheaper tariff elsewhere, Symbio Energy will match the tariff and give the customer a £10 Amazon voucher.

The reviewers on TrustPilot agree that Symbio Energy’s pricing is competitive.

What do other Symbio Energy reviews say?

Because Symbio Energy are a relatively new company with only a small number of customers, they have yet to be reviewed by Which? or Citizen’s Advice as neither organisation has sufficient data to give them a rating.

There are 813 reviews on TrustPilot where they are rated as poor with only 1.9 out of five stars. 65% of the TrustPilot reviewers rate the company as bad. The main complaint is poor customer service. However, many of the reviewers comment that Symbio Power’s prices are cheap.

How green is Symbio’s energy?

Symbio Electricity comes from 100% renewable sources. In addition, They own a number of green energy patents covering energy generation, storage and distribution.

Their gas comes from renewable sources such as farm waste.

They say that they are “on a mission to end climate change”.

What is Symbio Energy’s customer service like?

Symbio Energy doesn’t have a live chat feature on its website although customers can message them via their app. Alternatively, they can be contacted via the phone, email or post.

No information is available in terms of how quickly they answer the phone, how many complaints they receive and how quickly they deal with any complaints.

However, many of Symbio Energy’s reviewers on TrustPilot are highly critical of the customer service. Symbio’s response to criticism has been to accuse a number of the negative reviewers of cyber bullying.

What is Symbio Energy’s website/app like?

Symbio Energy’s website is poor. It isn’t obvious where to find the information that you need and quite a lot of information appears to be missing from it. The lack of a search feature does not help. There is no live chat feature, either.

There is an My Symbio, a web-based portal, but all that allows you to do is update your personal details, submit meter readings and view your previous 12 months energy consumption figures. You cannot make a payment via My Symbio.

It is a similar story with Symbio Energy’s app. This is available for Android and Apple’s iOS devices. At Google’s Play Store it only achieves 2.2 out of five stars. Apple’s App Store it yet to rate the app because nobody has downloaded it to date.

What billing options are available?

Symbio Energy prefer payment is by monthly direct debit. Symbio Energy say this helps them to keep costs low and this means that they can pass on those cost savings to their customers via lower bills.

The first bill is sent a month after the switch has taken place and the payment is taken four weeks later. The initial bills are based on estimated energy consumption. Future bills are adjusted to take actual consumption into account.

Customers can opt for a Seasonal Fixed Direct Debit. Under this scheme, the direct debits are adjusted to take into account the fact that customers use more energy during the winter months. This means that they are not overpaying during the summer months and do not go into arrears during the winter months.

Customers can also pay by bank transfer or by sending a cheque in the post. Pre-payment accounts are not available.

Do Symbio Energy offer smart meters?

Yes, if you’re a Symbio customer then you can request a free smart meter installation from them. To do so you currently need contact their support team, although they are in the process of updating their customer portal so you can request one that way instead.

Do Symbio Energy offer a recommend a friend referral scheme?

Symbio Energy customers used to get a £10 Amazon voucher or a £10 discount applied to their next bill when they refer a friend or family member. This offer appears to no longer exist as on March 2021.

Below are a few quick questions you may need answers to along with our Symbio Energy review:

Do they work with pre-payment meters?

Symbio Energy do not currently accept pre-payment meters although they plan to do so at some point in the future.

Do they accept Economy 7?

Symbio Energy do not accept Economy 7.

Are they signed up to the Warm Home Discount?

Symbio Energy are not currently signed up to the Warm Home Discount but are working on it and hope to be able to offer the discount soon.

Are they signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee?

Symbio Energy are not signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee although they say that switches should take place in between 14 and 21 days.

Do they mention about the Priority Services Register?

Symbio Energy operate a Priority Services Register to help their vulnerable customers.

Do they offer a ‘Dual Fuel’ discount?

Symbio Energy do not offer a ‘Dual Fuel’ discount.

Will they offer to pay a customer’s exit fees when they join them?

Symbio Energy will not pay any exit fees charged by a customer’s previous energy supplier. Those fees will remain the responsibility of the customer.

What happens if you move home whilst with them?

If you move home while you are with Symbio Energy you need to contact the company. There is no way to manage the move of your energy supply via the Symbio Energy website or app.

Do they offer any incentives for joining? 

Symbio Energy do not offer any incentives for joining.

How to contact Symbio Energy

You can contact Symbio Energy in a number of ways. Below as part of our Symbio Energy review we’ve detailed all their means of contact:

Customer Email:

Telephone: 0333 050 9372

Office Hours: Mon–Fri, 9am to 6pm. Saturday, 9am to 3pm. Closed on Sundays

Office Address: 103 Mansion House, Building Research Establishment, Bucknalls Lane, Watford, WD25 9XX




How do I switch to Symbio Energy?

The easiest way to switch to Symbio Energy is through a comparison website. This will allow you to check if Symbio Energy is one of the cheapest suppliers for you (tariffs vary based on your area) and will allow you to quickly and easily switch to them.

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  1. I am glad thay have at last gone bust. They were appalling to deal with at the best of times especially since June 2021 when they took a direct debit for an estimated reading on the 28th or thereabouts of that month instead of using the readings I supplied at the end of each month. Sneaky b*stards! It was then that I realised they were in trouble, which proved to be correct as they went bust in late September 2021!

  2. I have not had a problem
    Fixed my electric at 13.2p a kw for 12 months
    Much cheaper than any other
    Customer service is not great I always ask then for a email to confirm they can’t back track then

  3. Cheap but not cheerful, Symbio are a disaster !

  4. I’ve been with them since Feb 28th 2021. They initially estimated too much. The problem is that they want payment in advance, so billing is very confusing. I guess that improves their cash flow and helps them give very cheap rates. I give them regular meter readings which are keeping my bills about right. I see at the moment they are not taking customers on & they say “Due to technical issues” I don’t think that is the real reason, I suspect it’s because the energy price rises have made all of their tariffs un-workable.

  5. So far, apart from the slightly strange way of billing, I have had no problems with Symbio. When I made a query I was answered in a reasonable time. Sorry to hear that other people are having problems but I’m quitehappy – at the moment.

    • I too have had no significant problems with them. Only gripe is that they decide on the end of the month payment so early that sometimes I am too late to post a true “approaching the end of the month”reading.

  6. Symbio Energy.
    We are owed £161.03 over payment from Symbio Energy. Symbio failed to refund having emailed they will refund within 10 days at the start of July 2021. Now September and numerous emails sent, phone calls, and further promise of immediate refund, no payment received. We are now moving to a County Court summons for our full refund plus court costs. Seems web reviews (Trustpilot) of Symbio Energy give mostly bad experiences.

  7. I was a bit dubious about switching to Symbio due to all the negative comments. Yes their billing is confusing (& I’m a wizard at spreadsheets & maths!!) & Yes they have been very slow to reply to the odd email I’ve sent – but they did eventually. But they have definitely been the cheapest for me. I requested a change from the seasonal billing to the monthly one, as slightly less confusing! This they did. Been with them now since Feb 21 – bills do reconcile (I created my own spreadsheet to check this!). Estimated usage (for which I’m charged at the start of the month) is approx 15% more than my actual usage. So for me, as I can put up with the poor Customer Service & can afford to pay for 15% more energy than I use each month (as it’s reconciled on the monthly invoice, they’re not building an amount with me) – by my estimates when the Sep payment goes out I’ll be approx £20 in credit (assuming my usage for Sep is closer to my estimate than theirs) – that’s not excessive. If they could sort out the Customer Service & simplify their billing the other energy companies would start quaking in their boots!

  8. I sent in my meter reading on the 29 July AFTER their email to me telling me they were taking money my DD on 2 Aug and they can’t be bothered to send me an invoice. Plus I hate the was they guess your end of month meter reading and then correct it next month or so you’d think??? I’d have cancelled by now only we are selling the house in Sep but I shall keep an eye open and cancel all before they get their grubby little hands on it

  9. Firstly, your summation is incorrect, Symbio take the first DD payment in the first days of supply and then another a week or so later! They might be cheap but they finance this by holding onto money for as long as possible and issuing inflated estimates of usage. They do not return credits. I have been owed a lot of money from an account that was closed 5 months ago and they erased the account within days of closure! I filed with the ombudsman and even they can’t get a reply. They are NOT based in Watford but India and are aggressive, dishonest and abusive if you succeed in contacting them, which is rare. They even try to prevent you from leaving by insisting that you owe them money as per their estimate rather than the actual meter reading. I never have received a final bill because it’s massively in credit. Look at Trustpilot if you’re tempted and you will see the true picture. The very few glowing reviews are undoubtably fake. Believe me, there are far more important things than cheap prices. This has consumed 6 months of my time and effort – value your sanity and peace of mind!

  10. User of 10,500 kw/year.Dreadful customer service. First few months went without too many issues until we received an email informing our variable rate is ending in July 2021. Symbio advertises they have other tariffs, but email said our new tariff would be 59% higher from August 1st. No indication of access to an alternative tariff. Tried three times to phone symbio customer service [tele. 0333 050 9372] to revise our tariff but each time after 15 minutes listening to their ‘guitar noise’, get a verbal to leave a message. Customer service is none existant and a website portal chat has also been removed. Consequently there is no means of selecting another symbio tariff. We will look to change supplier because we will not accept a 59% kW symbio energy price increase and contacting symbio customer sevice seems to be impossible.

  11. Do NOT, ever, use this utterly appalling company. Modus Operadi is to use estimates even when they have the meter readings, and to hike these to ludicrous levels. Their customer “service” is non-existent, and to cap it all when I refused to pay yet another of these con-job estimates when even their own system had the real readings on, they issued Court proceedings without notice, and just lied to the Court saying they’d had no correspondence from me. Given I have copies of it all (including their replies to things they claim they do not have), screenshots of readings from their customer portal, photos of the meter readings etc, I am really looking forward to my day in Court. I hope they don’t chicken out! But, avoid at all costs!!! Thoroughly disgusting and dishonest company.

  12. Reply Avatar for DON

    Symbio’s customer service and complaint process is none existent. Symbio refused to reduce my over estimated consumption rates which were even worse when my circumstances changed to make matters worse they stopped even using my meter readings you have to provide with photographs. I was hundreds of pounds in credit and decided to leave at the end of my first year back to one of the big six my joint Gas & Electric is now 75% less than just electric with Symbio’s inflated estimated use policy and help yourself attitude to my bank account.

    Don’t use this company whilst the unit rate is appealing they bill you for what you haven’t used. Symbio call it advance billing, I call it unauthorised borrowing from customers. When I left in January I hadn’t even used the estimated use they had calculated for June yet they still helped themselves to more money from my account.

    Three and a half months later I feel I will never get my money back, they have agreed the final bill but despite repeated requests I have not been refunded. With fines to pay to Ofgem and wholesale suppliers I guess ex-customers will be at the end of a long line of creditors when they inevitably cease trading.

    Hopefully this honest review will help others avoid my mistake.

    Symbio if your reading, in the conversation we had in February your operative confirmed there was nothing you could do to resolve our dispute. You have since issued my correct final bill and I have asked for the refund twice in teh last four weeks now still not a word. I hope I have some luck with the Ombudsman.

    • Hi

      I have received a Court letter that Symbio has instigated due to non payment which I queried for months, they are asking for full payment of their over estimated bills + costs, I too have had terrible customer service when I have tried to get meter read bills to resolve this problem.

      Can anyone contact me to back my court case against this despicable company please

  13. Symbio have grossly overestimated my electricity usage and have ignored three emails asking them to correct this – so they have helped themselves to much more of my money than is necessary to cover the electricity that I am using. I haven’t changed my habits – I presume that they are either incompetent in making reasonable estimates, or are deliberately overestimating to help their cash flow. Ofgem seem to offer no way of listening to concerns about bad supplier behaviour until 12 weeks after you start to try and resolve it – crazy. I know that customers of previously-failed energy companies have been reimbursed for deposits held by the failed supplier, and pray that I would be covered if Symbio failed. But it still troubles me that nobody seems to be doing anything to limit the amount of money that the public will end up paying out if Symbio follows the pattern of other companies: offer low prices, build up lots of credit balances, go bust.

    • Dear John

      I have had the same problems from Symbio and they are now taking me to court for payment of the estimated bill charges+ court costs. Are you able to assist me with any help to show you have had similar problems with them? possibly an email or letter? I am hoping to get others to back my case.

      Many thanks

      Angela Galloway

      • Hi angela make sure you have all your bills to hand and work out your account is correct for you then if you receive court papers fill in correctly do not be intimidated by this company.

      • Hi I to was customer of symbio and had poor service in my second year with them, I then changed supplier but are waiting a refund. I have since taken them to court and won my case they failed to respond to court papers etc and now seeking a warrant for the amount .I have also contacted my MP regarding this company

  14. why oh why is a company like this allowed to trade without Ofgem intervention? Caoiutaklism at its worst!

  15. Omg they are worst. Took over £200 too much from my DD in one month. 2 mths to get it repaid. At end of contract they didn’t take last DD. I didn’t notice, closed the DD 6 mths later. A year after leaving, they sent me 2 emails that went into my spam then took me to ‘money claim’ adding £90 to the bill. I paid it. Just couldn’t bear to interface with them !

    • Hi Fiona

      I am having the same problems with them, I have so far since January paid them around £800 and they are also taking me to court for a money claim of the unpaid estimated bills that I sent readings for and asked them to change. Would you be able to help with an email or letter stating your problems with them that I could use in Court as I refuse to pay the £590 + costs they are asking for and I will go to court if I have too.

      • Hello Angela.
        I and many others are in the same boat.
        They inflated my bill and i spent 4 months without a reply from phones and e.mails.Have accused ME of not making contact and im now being taken to court.
        TRUSTPILOT reviewer has set up a group to complain in a group.
        He says a solicitor is looking into it and newspapers have been approached.I havent received a reply yet but nothing to lose.

  16. Currently they are not answering phone – it just rings out and finally cuts off – no message or menu. Neither are they answering emails to customer service. They have ceased to send out emails requesting meter readings – this stopped 3 months ago so bills now based on estimates and no reply to email asking why. After first month when this occurred I did get through to someone who denied it hadn’t been sent but next 2 months proved it true. I suspect they have sacked all their staff to save money. Also their preferred method of payment is Direct Debit?? This was not asked for by them – I requested it as was so frustrated with trying to understand their bills – they are a nightmare. But today received bill which has changed – now only states last reading and this one – both estimates. No idea what is going on with them but doesn’t look good.

  17. Shocking company avoid at all cost!

  18. Thanks David, you’ve confirmed, sadly, what I already know (from experience) these peoleare bordeline bandits!

    • Hi like I have had trouble with this company and have taken them to court a won the more people contact there MPs then they will be forced to act

  19. do not trust this company symbio,they will not cancel an account and still charge you when you leave,they keep sending emails asking for money they have not supplied energy for.They also don’t have a cooling of period?Be very careful,you have been warned.D Collins

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