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Together Energy Review Summary


  • Competitive pricing on two- and three-year fixed rate tariffs
  • Support for the local economy
  • Economy 7 option available


  • Questionable customer service
  • Electricity is only 8.9% renewable
  • Pre-payment customers are not accepted

Who are Together Energy?

Together Energy are a Scottish energy supplier. They were formed by former British Gas executive Paul Richards and started supplying energy in the second half of 2016. They grew their customer base rapidly, partly due to the acquisition of 36,000 customers from OneSelect in December 2018 when OneSelect ceased trading.

In October 2019, Warrington Borough Council acquired a large stake in Together Energy to rescue the company which was suffering large financial losses and Steven Broomhead, a Warrington Borough Councillor with experience in the energy sector, was appointed CEO.

Together Energy boast that they employ customer service staff from the poorest areas of Scotland and do not require those people to operate from a script. In theory this should mean that their customer service is better because their staff understand the needs of their customers better. However, Together Energy do not score well in terms of customer service.

What tariffs do Together Energy offer?

Together Energy offers four tariffs, three of which are fixed rate tariffs and one of which is a variable rate tariff.

The fixed rate tariff covers one-, two- or three-year periods. Each of these has a £30 per fuel exit fee. There is no exit fee on the variable rate tariff.

Together Energy does not offer a tariff aimed at electric vehicle owners, but it does offer an Economy 7 option which would mean that electric vehicle owners who charged their vehicles overnight would benefit from cheaper rates.

‘Feed-in’ tariffs are not available, and neither are tariffs for pre-payment customers.

How do Together Energy compare on price?

Together Energy claim that their two- and three-year fixed rate tariff are the cheapest on available on the market.

However, unless you want to lock yourself into a lengthy fixed-rate contract it is a slightly different story. Together Energy aren’t as expensive as the Big Six energy suppliers for variable rate or shorter fixed rate tariffs, but by the same token they aren’t the cheapest energy supplier available.

What do other Together Energy reviews say?

TrustPilot scores Together Energy 2.2 out of five stars, placing it 47th out of 48 companies in the gas category. Together Energy is rated poor or bad by 62% of the reviewers.

Although 26% of the reviewers have rated the company as excellent, there are suggestions that some of the excellent reviews are fake reviews. And all of the TrustPilot reviews on Together Energy’s own website in the “Trust Us” section are five star reviews, which means that Together Energy are being selective in terms of which reviews they are choosing to post.

Which? place Together Energy in 35th place out of 35 energy suppliers. Billing appears to be the main source of problems in the Which? survey. Citizen’s Advice place Together Energy in 30th place out of 40 energy suppliers with an overall rating of 2.9 out of five stars.

How green is Together’s energy?

Together Energy does no list its fuel mix on its website.

Electricity Info, which lists the fuel mix of UK energy suppliers, reports that only 8.9% of Together Energy’s electricity comes from renewable sources. The vast majority (60.3%) comes from gas, with nuclear (18.1%) and coal (8.9%) also being important sources.

At 325g/kWh, Together Energy’s CO2 emissions are higher than the 225g/kWh UK average.

What is Together Energy’s customer service like?

Together Energy has an impressively short waiting time for customers calling them at just 41 seconds. But there is no live chat feature on their website.

They claim that by using people from the poorer Scottish regions and not making them work from a script, customer service is improved because the people manning the phones understand the needs of their customers better.

This is not reflected in their online ratings which mostly rate Together Energy’s customer service as poor.

What is Together Energy’s website/app like?

Together Energy do not have an app and their website does not have a live chat feature.

The website contains very little information and unlike other energy suppliers, there isn’t a help or FAQ section that answers the questions that most people will want to ask.

There is an online account management feature but it is not clear what this allows customers to do once they log in.

What billing options are available?

Together Energy accept payment by direct debit only, and require payment up front.

You cannot pay by cash or cheque and there is no pre-payment option.

Together Energy tries to get its customers to build up credit during the summer months when they are using less energy than they will be using during the winter months. However, they will consider refunds if customers have built up an excessive amount of credit.

To qualify for a refund, customers must have been with Together Energy for at least 90 days and they must have built up sufficient credit to cover two months worth of direct debits in the winter, or one month in the summer.

If the amount of refund being requested exceeds £599, customers may need to supply photographic evidence of the meter reading.

Do Together Energy offer smart meters?

Together Energy are not currently rolling out smart meters and do not give any indication in terms of whether they support customers switching to them who already have a smart meter.

Do Together Energy offer a recommend a friend referral scheme?

Together Energy pays £30 to an existing customer referring someone and the person being referred gets £30 as well.

The reward takes the form of credit to the customers’ Together Energy accounts, but if more than £1,000 has been earned the money is paid into the referrer’s bank account instead.

In this section we answer a few more specific questions which potential customers may find useful:

Do they work with pre-payment meters?

Together Energy accept payment by direct debit only. They do not accept pre-payment meters.

Do they accept Economy 7?

Economy 7 is accepted by Together Energy

Are they signed up to the Warm Home Discount?

Together Energy is not signed up to the Warm Home Discount.

Are they signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee?

Together Energy are not signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee but 100% of switches are completed within 21 days.

Do they mention about the Priority Services Register?

Together Energy does not mention a Priority Services Register.

Do they offer a ‘Dual Fuel’ discount?

Together Energy does not offer a ‘Dual Fuel’ discount.

Will they offer to pay a customer’s exit fees when they join them?

Together Energy do not pay any exit fees imposed by a customer’s previous energy supplier if the customer switches to Together Energy before their previous energy supply contract has reached its end. Any such fees remain the responsibility of the customer.

What happens if you move home whilst with them?

If you move home while you are a Together Energy customer you need to supply a final meter reading. If you are more than £599 in credit they insist that you supply a photograph of the meter reading before they will refund your credit.

Together Energy do not offer to help you switch to them at your new home.

Do they offer any incentives for joining?

Together Energy do not offer any specific incentives to encourage customers to switch their energy supply to them.

How to contact Together Energy

Address: Erskine House, North Avenue, Clydebank, Scotland, G81 2DR

You can contact Together Energy customer service by calling: 0333 150 1699

You can email them through:

Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday 9am – 6:00pm, Friday 9am – 5pm

Closed on Weekends and Bank holidays.




Switch to Together Energy

The easiest way to switch to Together Energy is through Energy Helpline’s comparison website here. This will allow you to check if Together Energy is one of the cheapest suppliers for you (tariffs vary based on your area) and will allow you to quickly and easily switch to them.

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