British Gas vs Scottish Power (2024 Comparison)

Lasted Updated: 19th January 2024

British Gas and Scottish Power offer eco-friendly tariffs with renewable electricity supply as standard, with British Gas being a well-established supplier and Scottish Power having a growing customer base while prioritising green energy sources. If you want to compare the two energy providers before making a choice, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s look at how these energy giants compete on value for money, customer service, tariffs and more!

Who is British Gas?

British Gas, established in 1812, is probably the most well-known energy provider in the UK. They offer natural gas and electricity to customers and have expanded their services to include solutions like boiler installation and maintenance, central heating, and smart home systems. Whether you need to power your home or maintain your heating system, British Gas has got you covered. Their range of energy-related services is diverse and comprehensive.

Who is Scottish Power?

Scottish Power is one of the leading energy suppliers in the UK. They provide electricity and gas services to residential and business customers. Scottish Power generates electricity through a mix of sources, including renewables like wind and solar power, as well as conventional methods.

British Gas vs Scottish Power: What’s the difference in tariff options?

British Gas and Scottish Power both have standard tariff options, so all boxes are ticked for customers looking for this type of tariff. However, British Gas does offer an additional tariff which provides customers with a little bit more flexibility…

British Gas

British Gas provides its customers with a selection of three tariff options. These options consist of two fixed-term choices and a variable tariff for those who prefer not to commit to a contract. It’s worth noting that all of British Gas’ tariffs are sourced from 100% renewable energy. Now, let’s delve deeper into these tariff options.

The Fixed One

– Opt for a fixed-rate tariff for either 12 or 24 months, ensuring consistent monthly bills.
– Your tariff will remain unchanged even if energy prices rise.
– Early exit fees are applicable to this tariff for those terminating their contract prematurely.
– Customers on this tariff can also opt to enroll in PeakSave, a program that offers rewards for responsible energy consumption.
– Please note that Ofgem caps do not govern this tariff.

Standard Variable Tariff

– This tariff is accessible to customers who make payments through direct debit.
– It offers the flexibility to exit at any time without incurring exit fees, as there is no specified end date.
– Variable tariffs can fluctuate, and customers will be notified in advance of any price adjustments.
– Customers on this tariff also have the option to enroll in PeakSave, a program that offers rewards for responsible energy consumption.
– It’s important to note that Ofgem caps apply to this tariff.

Safeguard PAYG

– Pay as You Go rates match direct debit prices.
– There are no exit fees and no end date.
– Variable tariffs go up and down and customers will be provided with notice before any price changes.
– Ofgem caps apply to this tariff.

Scottish Power

Scottish Power offers only two different gas and electricity tariffs, however, they are appealing as a whole. Customers can choose a fixed tariff option so that their bills are predictable each month or opt for a flexible tariff where prices can differ monthly.

Standard Variable Tariff

– No Exit Fees
– Your prices could go up or down over time
– No Tariff End Date
– Not 100% green electricity

1 Year Flexi Price Tariff

– Tariff ends in 12 months
– Support Cancer Research UK (more info here)
– 100% green electricity
– £100 exit fee per fuel
Conclusion: Both British Gas and Scottish Power offer a range of tariffs to suit different customer needs and they are both green. With this said British Gas take the lead as they have more options.

Our winner when it comes to Tariff options: is British Gas!

British Gas vs Scottish Power: What’s the difference in price?

We solicited online quotes from both suppliers using the following criteria:

  • Dual fuel supply
  • Standard Meter
  • Medium usage (3-bedroom house occupied by a family of 4)
  • 2900 kWh of electricity and 12000 kWh of gas
  • Postcode in the East Midlands

Now, let’s analyse the price comparison findings!

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British Gas provides customers with three distinct tariff options:

Tariff NameTariff DescriptionMonthly Cost
Safeguard PAYGA tariff for prepayment customers. No exit fees.£156.74
Standard Variable Tariff v14Variable tariff. Rates and charges that may fluctuate over time, within the Ofgem Price Cap£156.74
The Fixed One v25This is a 12-month fixed tariff at a rate with an exit fee of £75 per fuel.£167.18
Source. These prices include a Direct Debit discount. The Standard variable tariff is £167.40 per month and The Fixed One is £178.58 without Direct Debit.

Scottish Power offers customers two different tariffs:

Tariff NameTariff DescriptionMonthly Cost
Standard VariableNo tariff end date and prices can go up or down£156.74
1-Year Flexi Price TariffThis is a 12-month fixed 12-month fixed tariff with an exit fee of £100.£168.92

Scottish Gas’ Flexi price tariff is 100% green electricity, appealing to those customers who want to go green and save their cash at the same time!

Conclusion: Scottish Power wins this round as though they only have two tariff options, costs are significantly less and they offer green energy with their Flexi Price option.

Who offers the greenest energy?

British Gas and Scottish Power both pledge to be green, but how do their green actions differ?

British Gas ensures that all of its fixed tariffs are powered by 100% renewable electricity, bringing customers closer to achieving a net-zero carbon footprint.

For those looking to take an additional step toward a greener lifestyle, the Green Future Tariff by British Gas offers an opportunity. It is not currently available, but when it is, it offers 100% of the carbon emissions resulting from your gas usage to be offset through global carbon-cutting initiatives (90%), as well as the utilisation of renewable biogas produced from food and farm waste (10%). For every year you remain on this green energy tariff, you will safeguard five trees within the UK, contributing to cleaner air and the enhancement of natural habitats (Source: British Gas).

In addition to providing energy to households, Scottish Power also operates as an energy generator, contributing renewable electricity to the National Grid. In recent times, the company has taken significant steps such as shutting down its coal-fired power stations and divesting its gas plants.

Currently, Scottish Power proudly asserts its position as the first major energy company in the UK to exclusively generate renewable electricity. Prior to this achievement, Scottish Power was already the largest wind energy producer in the UK. Under the stewardship of the Iberdrola Group, Scottish Power operates more than 40 wind farms throughout the UK, generating an annual energy output exceeding 2,500MW. (Source: Which?)

Conclusion: Well, it’s clear that both energy suppliers are doing their bit for a Greener Britain. However, British Gas does seem to be doing more when it comes to ensuring the protection of the environment with its safeguarding of trees and carbon emission offsetting.

British Gas vs Scottish Power: Who has better customer reviews?

We checked out both suppliers on Trustpilot to better understand how the two energy suppliers faired when it came to customer service.

Here are their scores as of 2024:

  • British Gas scores 4.1 out of 5 based on over 190,000 reviews (source)
  • Scottish Power scores 4.3 out of 5 based on over 70,000 reviews (source)

55% of the reviews for Scottish Power were rated 5 stars compared to 54% 5 stars for British Gas.

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Both companies actively encourage their customers to share reviews, aiming to capture both positive and negative feedback.

Scottish Power does not appear to have replied to any of its feedback, whereas British Gas replied to 98% of its negative reviews.

Most reviews on the first page are positive for both companies.

When customers do have issues, it seems that the issue has been stressful communication related to the energy supplier’s services. There have also been complaints of payment issues for both companies.

There isn’t much difference between the two companies when it comes to customer reviews on Which. However, it’s clear here who takes the lead in keeping their customers happy!

Conclusion: Higher stars and responses to customer reviews give the title to British Gas for this round.

Who has the better website and app?

The British Gas app boasts a rating of 2.5/5 from 36,000 reviews and this rating is likely caused by a couple of recurring issues, including real-time accuracy problems and frequent crashes. Understandably, these issues lead to considerable frustration among customers.

It appears that a significant number of British Gas customers opt for desktop logins, as the website offers superior functionality compared to the app.

The Scottish Power app has a rating of 4.7/5 from over 39,000 reviews! It seems that Scottish Power are doing something right when it comes to their customer tech. Customers say that the app is great for managing their bills and checking their energy usage.

When it comes to website functionality, it seems that both suppliers have good, user-friendly websites with clear-to-follow designs. Customers don’t seem to report any issues for both.

Conclusion: Scottish Power wins this round due to their gleaming reviews for their mobile app.

British Gas vs Scottish Power: Who has the better customer service?

To obtain precise and impartial customer service data, we turned to the Citizens Advice website, recognised for providing the most comprehensive customer service comparisons across all suppliers.

 British GasScottish Power
Average call centre wait time3:261:59
Emails responded to within 2 days91.4%97.7%
% customers with an accurate bill93.8%98.8%
Switches completed < 15 days99.4%100%
Opening hoursMon to Sat 9 am – 5 pmMon to Sat 9 am – 5 pm.
Contact via PhoneYesYes
Contact via EmailYesYes
Contact via WebchatYesYes
Source: Citizens Advice

Both energy companies seem to do their best to make it easy and stress-free for customers to call them about any issues. With this said, there are significant differences in call wait time and email response rates.

Conclusion: Scottish Power is the champion of customer service. They answer calls quickly, ensure customer emails are responded to and provide customers with more accurate bills.

British Gas vs Scottish Power: Who has fewer complaints?

 British GasScottish Power
Complaints per 100k customers1,7861,565
Resolved per 100k customers1,8171,435
Resolved next working day61.60%54%
Resolved in 8 weeks87.60%81%
Sources: British Gas Q2 2023, Scottish Power Q2 2023

Based on the available data taken from each supplier’s website, you can see British Gas receive more complaints but they also tend to resolve more both the next day and within 8 weeks.

Conclusion: British Gas receives more complaints but also resolves them faster. When it comes to customer complaints, this is a draw.

British Gas vs Scottish Power: What are the main differences between the two?

Tariff OptionsOn the range of tariffs available, British Gas offers an extra tariff option whilst also pledging to be green!British Gas
PriceThe two energy suppliers offer great value for money, though Scottish Power has more competitive rates. Scottish Power won the value-for-money round.Scottish Power
Greenest EnergyBritish Gas and Scottish Power both pride themselves on their green energy, however, British Gas seems to be doing a bit more for the environment and is crowned the greenest.British Gas
Customer ReviewsBritish Gas came out as the best for customer reviews.British Gas
Website/AppScottish Power won the round for app and website comparisons. They have fewer issues all-round and customers seem to enjoy the functionality of both.Scottish Power
Customer ServiceBritish Gas took the lead for customer service – they resolve more complaints and issues and do so quicker.British Gas
ComplaintsScottish Power has fewer complaints than British Gas, but British Gas tends to resolve them faster.Draw

Who is the best energy supplier?

British Gas is number one in this comparison. They were better in 4 of the 7 areas we compared. They offer flexible and competitive rates, stand by their green pledge and do more to help customers with their service.

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  1. Thanks for this, I now know that the man from Scottish Power trying to get me to change wasn’t telling me the truth. He tried to tell me I would be cheaper with him but when I checked my payment there was no difference so I said no. He then said when I realised they were better I would have egg on my face as I closed the front door!!

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