Octopus Energy vs Scottish Power (2021 Comparison)

In this article, we will compare energy suppliers Octopus Energy to Scottish Power to see who offers the best all-round deal to their customers.

We look at the price, tariffs, how their customers rate them, their green credentials and more to see how they measure up where it matters:

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Who are Scottish Power?

Base in Scotland but owned by Spanish utility company Iberdrola, Scottish Power are one of the UK’s big six energy suppliers. They have approximately 5 million customers, and that must mean they are doing something right.

However, they do not cover the whole of the UK. Only customers in Central and Southern Scotland, Merseyside, North Wales, and certain parts of Cheshire and Shropshire can choose Scottish Power as their energy provider.

Who are Octopus Energy?

Although not one of the UK’s biggest suppliers, Octopus energy has around three million customers, considering they have only been around since 2016, that’s pretty impressive.

They invest heavily in renewable energy and focuses on supplying its customers with renewable energy at a fair price.

Octopus has also taken on customers of suppliers that have recently collapsed including, Avro Energy, Engie, Flow Energy, GB Energy Supply, Gen4U and Iresa.

Octopus vs Scottish Power: What’s the difference in price?

We compared these two suppliers with a head-to-head comparison to see who offers the best value for money across all tariffs. For each comparison, we used the following details:

  • Dual Fuel supply
  • Standard Meter
  • Medium usage (3 bedroom house with four occupants)
  • 2900 kWh of electricity and 12000 kWh for gas
  • Postcode in Scotland

Here is how they measured up:

Scottish Power

Scottish Power offered us four tariffs on their website. It also states that others are available through other websites:

1 Year Fixed Price Energy

This is a fixed price tariff for one year, costing £200.68 per month or £2408.16 over a year.

1 Year Fixed Price Energy + Boiler Insurance

This is also a 12-month fixed tariff and costs £201.67 per month or £2420.04 over a year.

2 Years Fixed Price Energy + Boiler Insurance

This offers the exact pricing as the tariff above £201.67 per month or £2420.04 over a year.

But fixes your rates for twice as long (24 months).

2 Years Fixed Price Energy

Fixed for two years, this tariff costs £201.68 per month. That’s £2420.11 a year.


We consulted the Octopus Energy website also to obtain a quote based We used the same parameters to obtain a price from Octopus Energy. Here are the prices they offered:

Octopus Fixed

The most popular and lowest priced of Octopus’s tariffs: £144.47 per month or £1733.64 over a year.

Supergreen Octopus

For two years, this is a fixed price tariff at £146.99 per month, which works out at £1763.88 for a year.

Conclusion: As you can see, Octopus Energy offers much better value for money than Scottish Energy when it comes to price. Based on each supplier’s lowest cost tariff, you would save £674.40 over a year by choosing Octopus over Scottish Power.

Octopus vs E.ON Next: What’s the difference in tariff options?

Here we compare the tariffs which Octopus and Scottish Power offer their newest customers.

Firstly, let us look at Scottish Power’s options:

Scottish Power

1 Year Fixed Price Energy

This is a fixed price tariff that locks in your unit price until 31st December 2022. If you choose to leave early, then there is a £60 early exit fee. You can also opt for add on products with this tariff, including boiler insurance for £3.50 per month or home plumbing and drains emergency cover for £3.25 per month. These are designed to offer customers an extra level of protection from any nasty repairs needed to the central heating system.

1 Year Fixed Price Energy + Boiler Insurance

This tariff is identical to the 1 Year Fixed Price Energy. The only difference is with this option. The boiler insurance is included within the price and not a chargeable extra. All other terms remain the same.

2 Years Fixed Price Energy + Boiler Insurance

This is a fixed price tariff that locks in your pricing for two years until December 2023. So if you choose to leave early, there are no exit fees. With this tariff, you will also get cover for your boiler should anything go wrong.

2 Years Fixed Price Energy

This tariff is fixed until December 2023. There are no exit fees if you choose to leave early. Scottish Power also supplies 100% green electricity as standard with their two-year tariffs.

It’s worth noting that although this is listed as four tariffs, what Scottish Power are actually offering is two tariffs and an option for with or without boiler cover included.


At this time, Octopus is just offering two tariffs:

Super Green Octopus

Octopus Energy’s greenest tariff. This is a fixed rate tariff for two years. There are no early exit fees if you choose to leave early, and you’ll get 100% renewable electricity as standard. In addition, the gas you use at home will be entirely carbon offset.

Octopus Fixed

Octopus’s most popular tariff. This is also a fixed rate tariff for two years. So there are no early exit fees if you choose to switch suppliers early, and you will get 100% renewable electricity as standard.

Conclusion: When it comes to tariffs, there really isn’t much between these two companies. Both offer two tariffs, with one being greener than the other.

However, in our opinion, Octopus come out just ahead as they do not charge exit fees on any of their tariffs whereas Scottish Power will charge if you leave their one-year fixed deal early.

Octopus vs Scottish Power: Who offers the greenest energy?

Renewable energy and being sustainable are integral to the tariffs these two energy suppliers offer. We compared their green credentials to see where they really stand on green energy:

Scottish Power

Scottish Power only generates renewable electricity, which their own UK based wind farms make. So, although they are rightly proud that they generate 100% of their green energy, they do not need to rely on the purchase of REGO certificates to meet their demand for green electricity.

In 2019 they announced they are the UK’s first supplier to generate 100% green energy.


While Scottish Power is indeed incredibly Green, Octopus is also contributing a lot to renewable energy generation. They generate 40% of the UK’s demand for green electricity using their own wind farms.

On their Super green tariff, they also offset 100% of the carbon emissions generated through their partnership with RenewableWorld to back sustainability projects around the world.

Conclusion: These two suppliers are extremely green. However, we are giving the prize for the greenest supplier to Octopus. This is due to their carbon offsetting policy through sustainability projects.

Octopus vs Scottish Power: Who has better customer reviews?

We checked out how both octopus Energy and Scottish Power measure up on Trustpilot to see how their customers rate their supply and the interactions they have with each energy supplier.

We choose Trustpilot reviews as it’s the most popular review platform that gives a complete picture of how real customers view organisations.

Here is what we found:

  • Scottish Power scored 1.1 out of 5 based on over 8,000 reviews
  • Octopus score 4.8 out of 5 based on 71,000 reviews

An overwhelming 97% of Scottish Power customers gave them a bad rating on Trustpilot. From reading the reviews, when a customer has a problem with their supply, their switch or makes a complaint, it takes far too long to resolve. In fact, when they receive a 5-star review it’s to compliment an advisor that has gone above and beyond and not Scottish Powers Service which seems to be poor according to their customers using Trustpilot.

Octopus come off much better when being reviewed by their customers. With 90% of their customers giving them a 5-star excellent rating. Most customers state they always receive friendly service and their queries are quickly resolved.

Both companies respond to customers reviews, both good and bad.

Conclusion: When it comes to customer reviews, Octopus clearly have the edge over Scottish Power with 90% of their customers rating the service as excellent that’s pretty hard to beat.

Octopus vs Scottish Power: Who has the better website and app?

We reviewed both suppliers websites to see how they compared:

Scottish Powers website allows customers to submit meter readings, view their bills and make payments. There is also a live chat feature.

There is a lot of information on the Scottish Powers website, however, finding what you want isn’t simple and a search feature would help here.

Scottish Power also has an app that their customers can use to manage their account. It has an AppStore rating of 4.3 out of 5 which is quite impressive.

By comparison, Octopus Energy has an easy to navigate website. You can log in as a customer and submit meter readings, check your bill and update your information.

Octopus also have an app which can be downloaded and allows customers to manage their account.

However, customers report that the app is slow, unresponsive and frequently crashes.

As a result, customers tend to access their account via the browser because this is a better experience for them.

Conclusion: Scottish Power is the winner here. They have an app that works well for their customers and a functional website. Unfortunately, Octopus is let down by the poor functionality of its app.

Octopus vs Scottish Power: Who has the better customer service?

On the Citizens advice website, you can review how energy suppliers perform in key areas that impact the level of customer satisfaction their customer’s experience.

We believe they offer an unbiased view based purely on facts obtained from Ofgem and the suppliers directly.

Octopus Scottish Power
Average call centre wait time02:2402:05
Emails responded to with 2 days67.8%75.9%
% customers with an accurate bill96.6%97.3%
Switches completed < 15 days98.6%99.6%
Opening hours9 am – 5 pm (4 pm Friday)8.30 am – 7 pm Monday- Friday (8.30-4 pm Saturday)
Contact via PhoneYesYes
Contact via EmailYesYes
Contact via WebchatNoYes
Source: Citizens advice
Conclusion: Both suppliers appear to perform exceptionally well when it comes to the critical areas of customer service.

However, Scottish Power clearly is performing a little better based on the stats above. Scottish Power wins when it comes to customer service.

Octopus vs Scottish Power: Who has less complaints?

We look at the complaint data for both companies. Unfortunately, we believe that British Gas Evolve’s complaint data is combined with British Gases complaints as there is no separate data available.

Therefore, we’ve based this comparison on the information for British Gas as a whole. We have summarised the data in the below table. This is for Q1 2021:

Octopus EnergyScottish Power
Complaints per 100,000 customers4881836
Resolved next working day57%56%
Resolved in 8 weeks88%87%
Sources: Octopus Energy Q1 2021. Scottish Power
Conclusion: Octopus Energy is the winner here. With fewer complaints and better stats for resolving them, they clearly have their complaints process under control. Scottish Power, by contrast, is one of the most complained about suppliers in the UK and the numbers agree.

Octopus vs Scottish Power: What are the main differences between the two?

Scottish Power is one of the big six energy suppliers. Octopus is a reasonably new player in the energy market that has quickly built a solid customer base and proved they are as good as the energy giants across the field in this comparison. Here’s how they each performed:

  • Octopus offered much better value when it came to price.
  • When it came to tariff choices, Octopus took the lead again.
  • Who is the greenest? Octopus took the prize for its green energy efforts.
  • Octopus outshone Scottish Power when it came to customer reviews.
  • We looked at both websites and apps, and Scottish Power was the leader here.
  • When it came to customer service, surprisingly, Scottish Power came out just ahead.
  • In the case of complaints, Octopus were the clear winner with fewer complaints, and they are better at resolving them.

Is Octopus energy better than Scottish Power?

When comparing these two head-to-head, Octopus is the clear winner. They offer great value for money, green energy, and they keep their customers happy.

And the winner is… Octopus Energy!

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