Outfox The Market Review


Outfox The Market Review
Outfox The Market Review

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Outfox The Market Review Summary

Outfox The Market is a very different kind of energy supplier and its colourful and comic themed website really shows you everything you need to know about this energy supplier. If you’re applying to be a customer with Outfox The Market you’ll be dealing with a more unusual and more open energy supplier.

They offer gas, electricity and dual energy plans but instead of paying the more traditional charges you instead pay a monthly fee at least for your electricity. Outfox The Market also offers 100% green energy as well making it a great choice for people who want to be more eco-friendly.

Price is another important area when it comes to Outfox The Market as they offer wholesale prices when it comes to their energy plans. Since their formation in 2012 Outfox The Market have portrayed themselves as a more free and open energy supplier and on the face of it they are certainly sticking to their promise.

Their slogan of “no frills, just low bills” really tells you everything you need to know about Outfox The Market. They are not your traditional energy provider but they do offer a very appealing service and could certainly be the provider for you. Let’s take a closer look at how they work with my Outfox The Market review.

What tariffs do Outfox The Market offer?

One of the biggest reasons to like or dislike the way Outfox The Market works is because of how different it is to the more standard traditional UK energy provider. Outfox The Market works on a different type of business model similar to countries like Denmark.

Its tariffs are based around a monthly membership fee, the more energy you use the more you will pay. However, your monthly fee will be based on how much energy you use in a year, not a month, which might seem a little unfair.

To ensure things are accurate as possible Outfox The Market uses a third-party to verify customers energy usage before placing them in a membership bracket. This is reviewed annually and memberships are adjusted depending on movement.

Outfox The Market currently only as the one tariff available, a variable tariff called Zapp.

They have in the past offered other tariffs including fixed ones which some existing customers are still on. Below as part of my Outfox The Market review I’ve detailed some key points to consider.

  • There is currently only one variable tariff on offer from Outfox The Market and it’s a 12-month plan.
  • They offer 100% renewable energy so are a great choice for people looking for a green supplier.
  • There are no traditional standing charges you instead pay a monthly membership fee.
  • The membership fee is based around your yearly usage.

How do Outfox The Market compare on price?

Outfox The Market proudly proclaims it can help you save money on your energy bills, it’s right there in its slogan after all. There are also no exit fees on its existing tariff either and many of the reviews on TrustPilot do express happiness with their current service and the price.

The more unusual pricing structure on offer from Outfox The Market does seem to work in some people’s favour, however, Outfox has recently increased their prices which as understandably annoyed some customers. The energy saving website Selectra does, however, highlight that the average UK customer shouldn’t be to affected.

What is Outfox The Market’s customer service like?

Despite being in the energy market for quite a few years now reviews for Outfox The Market are a little limited outside of some major review websites. Citizens Advice and Which don’t offer much in the way of information but thankfully TrustPilot offers plenty of reviews.

At the time of writing this Outfox The Market review, there are currently 2816 reviews on TrustPilot and they have a total score of 8.2. This gives Outfox The Market 4 stars out of 5 and a great rating which is quite good. When we break down the results further we can see that 66% of reviewers give Outfox The Market an excellent rating with 18% giving them a great rating.

9% of reviewers gave them a bad rating while 4% gave them a poor rating. Many of the reviewers commented on their helpful support team and commended the online webchat feature on their website. A few reviews however did complain about having difficulty getting their questions answered.

With the limited sources we I have I think it’s fair to conclude that Outfox The Market offer good customer services although improvements could be made to make it better. Although it was good to see them responding to both positive and negative reviews on TrustPilot.

What do other Outfox The Market reviews say?

Reviews are somewhat limited (as previously mentioned) when it comes to Outfox The Market but going from their TrustPilot reviews and some other websites like Selectra we can make some conclusions about Outfox.

Overall their customers seem to be reasonably happy with their customer services especially their online support and webchat. However, recent price rises have certainly had a bit of a negative effect on their customer base.

What is Outfox The Market’s website/app like?

Outfox The Market’s website is different and certainly more colourful and quirky than what you would expect from an energy supplier in the UK. With it’s comic-like fonts and layout and superhero fox logo this energy supplier is certainly taking a more novel approach with its website.

This isn’t a bad thing in my opinion but it does take some getting used to. This Outfox The Market review isn’t just looking at my opinions either it’s looking at customer’s feedback as well. And customer feedback to the website design hasn’t all been positive.

Both Selectra and a number of TrustPilot reviews highlighted their dislike of the website although they were still happy with the service provided. These negative views do seem to have reached Outfox though as they replied to at least one review saying their website was being redesigned and should be finished before the end of the year.

Like I mentioned I don’t really mind the more quirky and colourful design although navigation on the website could be simpler and it does feel a little bare bones at the moment. So, it will be interesting to see how this new design will combat these problems when it is released. Outfox The Market doesn’t currently offer an app either although the online customer portal does have positive feedback from customers.

The customer portal dubbed the hero hub can be accessed easily and from it, you can supply meter readings, look at your payment history, access your information and much more. You can also use Outfoxes webchat feature from the hero hub as well.

How green is Outfox The Market’s energy?

Outfox The Market’s energy is 100% renewable. There is no official fuel mix released as of yet but they do have a strong emphasis on being more eco-friendly so are a good choice for people looking to stay green.

Outfox The Market complaints

Because information is limited on Outfox The Market there isn’t any information about how many complaints they receive on average. However, Outfox has made it easy for people to make a complaint directly to them and have a detailed section on their website about their complaints handling process. Follow this link to find out more information.

Outfox The Market login

Outfox The Market’s customer portal the hero hub can be accessed easily on their website just follow this link. You’ll need to be a registered member of Outfox first before you can access the customer portal.

In this section we answer a few more specific questions which potential customers may find useful:

Do they work with pre-payment meters?

Pre-payment meters are not compatible with Outfox The Market’s current services. They ask anyone with them to get in touch with their support team first to see if there is any other way they can help them.

Do they accept Economy 7?

Outfox The Market doesn’t currently support Economy 7 meters.

Are they signed up to the Warm Home Discount?

No Outfox The Market are not currently signed up to the Warm House discount. To see a list of suppliers who are check this link.

Are they signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee?

No, Outfox The Market are not currently signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee. However they do offer a 14 day cooling off period and emphasis their promise to provide a smooth and easy switch over for new customers. To find out more about the suppliers who do offer the guarantee check this link.

What billing options are available?

Outfox The Market seem to only offer direct debit payments. If they do offer other kinds of payments it isn’t highlighted on their website.

Do they offer a smart meter? Do they accept smart meters?

Outfox The Market do accept smart meters and according to their FAQ, they do plan to offer their customers smart meters in 2018.

Do they charge exit fees?

With their current tariff Outfox The Market don’t charge any exit fees. However, some of their previous tariffs did have them.

Will they offer to pay a customer’s exit fees when they join them?

No, Outfox The Market currently doesn’t offer to pay new customers exit fees.

Do they offer any incentives to customers to refer friends/family?

No, Outfox The Market doesn’t offer any incentives for referrals currently.

What happens if you move home whilst with them?

There is an in-depth section on Outfox The Market’s website about moving house and it is relatively simple and straight forward. Simply get in touch with your new address details and the date of your move and they will get things ready for you.

Do they mention about the Priority Services Register?

Yes, the Priority Services Register is mentioned follow this link to get a PDF form to sign up to the register.

How to contact Outfox The Market

To close out this Outfox The Market review let’s look at how you can contact them, follow this link if you want to use their web chat feature.

Telephone: 0800 103 2702

Customer Service Opening Times:

Monday: 8:30 – 7:00

Tuesday: 8:30 – 7:00

Wednesday: 8:30 – 7:00

Thursday: 8:30 – 7:00

Friday: 8:30 – 5:00

Saturday: 9:00 – 2:00

Sunday: Closed


Email Address: Follow this link to email Outfox The Market.


Postal Address:

Outfox The Market,

North Mills,

Frog Island,







How do I switch to Outfox The Market?

The easiest way to switch to Outfox the Market is through Energy Helpline’s comparison website here. You can check if Outfox The Market is one of the cheapest suppliers for you and quickly and easily switch to them.

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