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Last updated: 30th October 2023

Outfox The Market Review Summary

8Expert Score
Outfox The Market

Outfox The Market’s aim was to disrupt the status quo of the Big 6 with greener energy and better customer service, something which could be argued they have achieved.

  • Competitive pricing
  • 100% renewable electricity
  • Pre-payment accounts are not accepted
  • Poor rated app

Who are Outfox The Market?

Outfox The Market is one of the more recent suppliers to the enter UK energy market, coming along in the summer of 2017. Their aim was to disrupt the status quo of the Big 6 with greener energy and better customer service, something which could be argued they (along with other challenger energy suppliers) have achieved.

As of October 2023, Outfox The Market has over 100,000 customers.

They initially offered a different approach to energy bills by offering customers a monthly membership but have since switched to the more traditional model offered by most other energy suppliers.

Price is another important area when it comes to Outfox The Market, as they often launch new tariffs that are regularly some of the cheapest available.

They are part of the Foxglove Energy group, which was originally Fischer Energy.

What tariffs do Outfox The Market offer?

Currently, there is only one dual fuel tariff (for gas and electricity) available through Outfox The Market and one electricity-only tariff.

Both these tariffs are variable tariffs, so they have no contract length and come with no exit fees.

They also come with 100% renewable electricity. This is nothing that not many suppliers offer as standard.

Pre-payment tariffs are not currently available.

Outfox the Market do not offer a tariff aimed at electric vehicle (EV) owners, although as their electricity is competitively priced, electric vehicle owners could find that Outfox the Market are cheaper than an energy supplier that offers a specific electric vehicle tariff.

How does Outfox The Market compare on price?

With comparison sites not currently available, it is difficult to keep track of how they compare on price.

As an example, however, for a postcode in the East Midlands, their prices for the dual fuel tariff are currently:

FuelStanding ChargeUnit Charge
Electricity50.307p per day25.956p per kWh
Gas14.812p per day7.010p per kWh

The standing charge and unit charge are also the same for the electricity-only tariff.

What do other Outfox The Market reviews say?

Outfox the Market score 4.5 out of 5 stars at Trustpilot from over 35,000 reviews. An impressive 69% of the reviewers have rated the company as excellent. You can see the breakdown below:

Rating% of reviewers
Last updated 30/10/2023. Source.

Which? put Outfox the Market in 19th place out of 21 energy suppliers in a recent (2023) energy supplier survey.

There we not enough responses from customers to give Outfox The Market a full score, but Which? still gave them a score based on the supplier questionnaire.

How green is Outfox The Market’s energy?

Outfox the Market’s electricity is 100% renewable.

The company has a partnership with renewable power company Orsted which generates electricity using UK-based wind farms.

You can see their energy mix here:

Fuel% of fuel mix
The latest Fuel Mix disclosed. From 2023. Source: Electricityinfo.org

What is Outfox The Market’s customer service like?

When it comes to customer service Citizen’s Advice provides an independent, quarterly review of all suppliers.

Citizen’s Advice ranked Outfox the Market in 1st place out of 19 energy suppliers with 3.65 out of 5 stars overall. The company scored well on the ability to contact them, clear bills and customer guarantees. They did less well when it came to the number of complaints.

You can see a summary below:

CriteriaRating (out of 5)
Fewer Complaints3
Easier to contact4.4
Clearer bills5
Easier to switch0
Customer guarantees5
The latest ratings cover April to June 2023. Source.

They performed very well in terms of responsiveness, they replied to 100% of emails within 2 days and the average call centre waiting time was only 51 seconds.

In terms of complaints, in 2022 they received 403 complaints from domestic customers that they couldn’t resolve the next day.

They also have a dedicated Facebook group for their customers [https://www.facebook.com/groups/510010749582300/ ] in addition to their standard Facebook page and they monitor any messages posted on that customer group page regularly. We haven’t seen this with any other suppliers.

There is also an unofficial Facebook group [https://www.facebook.com/groups/1165041380320458/ ] with over 1,400 customers who are complaining about the company.

What is Outfox The Market’s website/app like?

The website contains a limited amount of information but it does contain all the basic information about who they are, where their energy comes from and how to contact them. You can also get a quote through their website.

The online account feature lets you track the progress of your switch. Once your switch to Outfox the Market has been completed you can use it to submit meter readings and update your personal details. You can also use it to check your bill and make a payment if your monthly direct debits are not covering your energy consumption.

Outfox also now have an app on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. There are currently no reviews for the iOS version, but the Android version has had 10k+ downloads. It however has a relatively poor score of 2.8 of out 5. Customers seem to have difficulty getting it to work, especially for entering meter readings.

Do Outfox The Market offer smart meters?

Outfox the Market are currently rolling out smart meters to existing customers. If you are a customer and would one, you can simply contact Outfox the Market to arrange a smart meter. Although availability does depend on your area.

You can switch to Outfox the Market if you have a smart meter, but if your smart meter is an older one (SMETS1) it may lose some of its functionality and you may have to submit meter readings manually for the time being. If you have a second-generation smart meter (SMETS2), then they should be able to take readings automatically once you have switched.

Do Outfox The Market offer a recommend a friend referral scheme?

Outfox the Market do not operate a friend referral scheme.

Below are a few quick questions you may need answers to along with our Outfox The Market review:

Do they work with pre-payment meters?

Outfox the Market do not accept pre-payment meters.

Do they accept Economy 7?

Outfox the Market accept Economy 7 although they say that some of their customers may be better off if they switch from their dual-rate Economy 7 tariff to a conventional single-rate tariff.

Are they signed up to the Warm Home Discount?

Outfox the Market are currently signed up for the Warm Home Discount.

Are they signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee?

Yes, Outfox the Market are signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee. According to Citizen’s Advice, 99.3% of switches are completed within 15 days.

Do they mention about the Priority Services Register?

Outfox the Market operates a Priority Services Register for their vulnerable customers. Eligible customers can sign up online or by phoning them.

Do they offer a ‘Dual Fuel’ discount?

Outfox the Market do not offer a specific ‘Dual Fuel’ discount, but they do offer cheaper tariffs to customers who use them to supply both their electricity and their gas.

What happens if you move home whilst with them?

Outfox the Market have an “I’m moving out” option in their online account feature that makes it easier for customers to manage their account when they are moving home. Customers can also use the online account feature to sign up for an Outfox the Market account at their new home.

How to contact Outfox The Market

You can contact Outfox The Market in a number of ways. Below as part of our Outfox The Market review we’ve detailed all their means of contact:

Telephone: 0800 103 2702

Customer Service Opening Times:

  • Monday: 8:30 – 17:00
  • Tuesday: 8:30 – 17:00
  • Wednesday: 8:30 – 17:00
  • Thursday: 8:30 – 17:00
  • Friday: 8:30 – 17:00
  • Saturday: 9:00 – 14:00
  • Sunday: Closed

Email Address: hello@outfoxthemarket.co.uk

Postal Address: Outfox The Market, 16 North Mills, Frog Island, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE3 5DL




How do I switch to Outfox The Market?

The easiest way to switch to Outfox The Market is through a comparison website. This will allow you to check if Outfox The Market is one of the cheapest suppliers for you (tariffs vary based on your area) and will allow you to quickly and easily switch to them.

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  1. Consistently the cheapest whenever I’ve conducted comparison exercises & I’d recommend them from that point of view.
    On the downside, as a small outfit they do not have their own dedicated engineers & are relying on sub-contractors for the roll-out of SMETS2 smart meters. I am dissatisfied with several aspects of my SMETS2 installation which is still not working as promised nor have I been provided with a hand-held display screen. I am still having to submit manual gas & electricity readings whereas my immediate neighbour’s SMETS2 meters, installed by British Gas, are working perfectly.
    Recently, I have not received any replies from Outfox The Market which leads me to suspect that they have more pressing matters to worry about.

  2. I would avoid this company for now. I currently have £278 in credit and they wont repay any credit stating ‘ you must keep a minimum of one month advance credit, currently £108, in your account’, yeah, go figure. This time next year it will be against the law to withhold extra credit in their account. Obviously this credit is keeping them afloat.

  3. Outfox the market excellent company been with them 4 years great prices no problems well done Outfox the market.

  4. I find them horrific. Got shoved onto a ‘deemed contract’ when moving in to a new home,and waiting for Shell to complete as new supplier. No idea what the unit costs of gas and elect are, but daily charges 29.19p pd gas,28.56 pd electricity.
    Had almost daily bills, garnished with plus and minus signs, and the usual attempts at inertia selling of their products.They ‘estimate’ my empty house usage (waiting for tradespeople to do lots of small scale disability needs tasks in a busy-busy staycation town)as the same as the non-eco family of 4 which preceded me, and continue to bill me accordingly, despite my protests and my supply of all the meter readings done for Shell, showing extremely low usage rates. Can’t see where all the good stuff comments come from. I feel battered by them, and made thoroughly angry by the huge amount of my time and (low) energy dealing with them has required so far….and it isn’t over yet.

  5. Very happy with Out Fox the market My third year with them . 10 out of 10

    • Last winter OFTM increased my standing charge by 100% & the unit cost twice in 2 months, I’m a low user of electric but was given the reason for the increase as they’d not increased their unit prices for over a year & the increase in standing charge was due to the increase in supplying electricity to my home. Doubling the charge was just an act worse than my previous experience of the so called ‘Top 6’ who OFTM were supposedly ‘disrupting’, I’d have loved to be in the position of charging them to supply monthly meter readings despite my having a smart meter. They told me at the time that I needn’t increase my monthly DD when it was perfectly obvious even to my dog that sooner or later I would have to. Needless to say, 3 months later they told me to increase my direct debit. Their treatment was as childish as their cartoon website.
      They are price competitive but I have recently switched from them to a 3 year fix which is only a little more per month but OFTM don’t offer such piece of mind.

  6. Signed up with Outfox 18 months ago, service great, no problems, pricing second to none for such good performance, no long term contract, highly recommended.

  7. OTM Would be a hard act to follow!!

  8. I have nothing but praise for Outfox the Market. No problems whatsoever, so much cheaper than my previous suppliers and regular e-mails to remind me to send in meter readings with monthly adjustments if needed.

  9. Outfox the market made a few blunders in there earlier days,which did little to give you confidence in them.They have learnt from this and are positioned to grow with great tariff savings on the big six.Straight forward UNDERSTANDABLE rates,im very please i stuck with them.Customer service needs improvements, myself have had no such problems all good.Keep going in years of difficulty head,we need stable, dependable, company to supply are energy. Thank you

  10. I’ve been with Outfox The Market for about a year and will continue to stay with them as they continue to be very competitive or tarrifs as well as providing good customer service and simple.
    The online facility is very easy to use to update meter readings and view statements and bills.
    The monthly email reminders to submit meter readings are also very useful.
    All in all, very happy with service.
    Keep up the good work!!

  11. I have been with outfox a good while now i have no issues whatsoever i wait for roll out of smart meters i have tried the rest and outfox is far the best

  12. Easy to deal with, no problems. I’ve had my monthly DD reduced as they tend to set them too high building a large credit balance, better in my bank than theirs!

  13. Have been with Outfox since early 2018, it was an easy transfer from the previous supplier.
    Since i have been with them, never had any problems. On the couple of times that i had to get in touch with customer services via the web chat, all was sorted out very quickly.
    Over all a very easy company to deal with and the web site is easy to use too.

  14. Swapped to Outfox The Market 2 years ago when i moved. Was worried about high bills as new house is all electric/economy 7, but have been pleasantly surprised, and they have even halved my payments since i joined. Great value for money, and easy to use website for meter readings.
    Looking forward to the introduction of smart meters later this year.

  15. I have not had problems with OTM the webchat is handy and as I read the meters on time each month the bills are clear and can be checked.

    I have recommended to friends, all suppliers have bad points so no-one can expect perfection!

    OTM is closer than others though.

  16. I have been a customer of Outfox the Market for two years now , I have never had any problems with them , their prices are very competitive, easy to communicate with , either by phone or on the website . The app is easy to use and they always send reminders to send in meter readings at the correct time, you can see the balance on your account at any time. I would thoroughly recommend this company.

  17. Abysmal customer service, refused to pass to manager, refused to answer questions. Incorrect monthly DD, then account reviews undertaken late and debt gets built up, which are follow with harassing demands for payment. Failed to provide accurate information then expect the customer to do the running around!

  18. A few problems transferring my gas from the previous supplier, which could have been better handled. Since then it has worked well and easily. Very happy.

  19. I have been with outfox the market for about three years no problems whatsoever. I would recommend them to anyone. When I sent an incorrect meter reading it was quickly amended and corrected. Great Service! A five star organisation!

  20. Did a good deal for us (via Martin Lewis Moneysaving Expert) – always been cheap enough when I do a comparison not to want to switch. Have heard of poor customer service complaints but have never had a problem unlike with two other suppliers I could mention. So as far asI am concerned they are great. The website is straight forward and better than it was so they have made improvements. The bills are clear, and the DD amounts seem to be fair – and I DO check!!

  21. Good price, website is informative. They email a reminder to submit a meter reading every month which is useful. Easy to see monthly use.

  22. Outfox the market are cheap, with good customer support and clear information at each stage. Well worth using them.

    • Been without fox for 2 years now had brilliant service 1 st year and 2nd year their prices still came back cheapest so stayed with them. Service has been just as good this year. When its my time to renew if rgey come back cheapest again will stay with them

  23. Been with Outfox a couple of years now and am very happy. easy to understand website takes a minute to supply consumption figures. Thank you.

  24. Been with them for over 15 months with no problems

  25. Good service, easy website to enter meter readings into and a competitive tariff. Pretty much perfect for me.

  26. No other supplier can get any where near Outfox’s prices, I renewed my tariff last month after going on line to find a cheaper supplier and the nearest was £15 per month dearer.
    It’s a no brainer to stayy with Outfox.

  27. Outfox have been very good. I changed from NPower 3 years ago and done the change with my supply of gas and electricity. I just kept paying the bills – except they went from over £100 down to £82. Why wouldn’t you change? Also, the energy produced is green energy, so we are helping with carbon reduction as well.
    What other reasons do you need to change?
    Also, you get a reminder every month to submit readings, and the chat box option is always there if you need it.
    I guess the only people who wouldn’t change would be those who like paying more money for their gas and electricity.

  28. Been with them over 3 years. It so easy to save money. Wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. To me they are 10/10.

  29. It’s been a pleasure to deal with Outfox the Market after misselling and chaos with some other suppliers.

    • I am very pleased with Outfox the Market , I changed from Shell energy, got good deal and on top of it green energy so helping environment, in these difficult times there are only charging £10 summer rates, I have a recommended to my friends also, hope to stay with them ?

    • Always had good service from OTM, very friendly customer service,Their tariffs are the best wouldn’t go anywhere else,

  30. What a refreshing change to have an energy supplier that understands the needs of its customers.

    Cheap energy bills from renewables. Easily managed account online. Very good at changing the tariffs if the wholesale prices go down. I have only received good service from Outfox the Market.

    Give it a go and you won’t regret it.

  31. Excellent company great service would recommend them.

  32. No problems with OutfoxTheMarket as an energy supplier.

    Energy at a very competitive price, customer service when you need it.

    Whats not to like ?

  33. Joined OUTFOXTHEMARKET from being with UYILITYWAREHOUSE in order to make about £200 savings per year on my utility bills.
    Have only been with them for about 3 months so its still too early to make a proper judgement on service and costs, but hopefully i’m looking forward to good service and some savings on my outgoings throughout the year, – will come back here and update this forum in a few months time with the results. But no complaints so far.

  34. By providing them with regular meter readings, my monthly payments were reduced bo O the M, without me asking them

  35. Reply Avatar of jeffrey groombridge
    Jeffrey Groombridge August 6, 2020 at 3:46 pm

    Excellent service, excellent price, would highly recommend out fox.?????

  36. I’ve been with Outfox nearly a year. Didn’t have any issues, straightforward sign up process. Fast response from customer service. All good.

  37. No problems with Outfox the Market so far. Competitive fixed price deal, answer calls quickly, and easy to give online meter readings and check previous monthly usage.

    • Outfox have given me good prices and startling customer service via webchat. I wished to change on to a new cheaper fixed tariff in April. Done instantly. Sensible to keep an eye on their ever changing tariffs and it can be difficult to work out their best value option as the standing charges vary greatly

    • Very pleased with O F T M
      Good customer service.
      Monthly reminder for meter readings.
      100% renewable energy.
      Easy to see usage.
      Thank you.

  38. Reply Avatar of virginia faith di santo
    Virginia Faith Di Santo August 6, 2020 at 2:49 pm

    Very Happy with Outfox the Market. Great service when I’ve contacted them and love the savings and easy way to send the readings etc

  39. I have been with Outfox for nearly 2 years with every satisfaction except 1 minor one – my password is ALWAYS wrong even when saved. However changing it is easy and I guess it must be highly secure!

    • Excellent company with the best rates by far for electricity and gas.particuarly good if you are a low energy user such as myself as you do not pay extortionate standing charges.
      Switching to them and house move no problem.dont understand why anybody uses any other supplier after all electricity is electricity and gas is gas, cheapest supplier by far.What more do you want.

    • Excellent company bwith the best rates by far for electricity and gas.particuarly good if you are a low energy user such as myself as you do not pay extortionate standing charges.
      Switchingto them and house moveis no problem.dont understand why anybody uses any other supplier after all electricity is electricity and gas is gas, cheapest supplier by far.

  40. Overall I am happy with Outfox supplying both my electric & Gas. I just wish that they had the ‘readings automatic transmission facility’ to save me the trouble of manually submitting the readings.

    • I’ve been with Outfox for about 18 months. Usually change every year but as they automatically put me on a cheaper tariff when my first plan finished decided to stay with them. Easy to enter meter readings. No complaints at all.

  41. I am new to Outfox the market; have switched both supplies to Outfox the market and loving the saving.

    • I have been with Outfox the Market for several years now, and have never had anything but outstanding customer service. Queries answered promptly, tariff switches within minutes. 5 stars every time from me!

  42. OutFox the Market are great. Not only are they very economical. All the energy is sourced from Renewables which is great for the environment. Their membership website to manage your own account is simple and easy to follow. If you’re looking for a new supplier, it will be difficult to find someone better.

  43. Great service and great price

  44. Nice and cheap as compare to others energy saver provider I have been using their services over the years and ? with to keep up with them to carry on

  45. We moved to OTM over 2 years ago and have found the service excellent. Their business model has gone through some changes, dropping a monthly membership fee for similar but lower daily standing charges. Our tariff has gone from fixed to variable so time will tell if this is the best choice next winter, but its still good compared to anything else out there. Overall I’m very happy with OTM.

  46. Very good supplier, green energy and quite cheap when compared with main household names.

  47. No issues, lowest payment I’ve ever had. When I have contacted them they have been helpful and friendly. Happy customer ?

  48. Switch to OutFox a few years ago and I find them first class, cheap, reliable with a simple website.


  49. Cheap for Gas & Electric
    Not the best customer service.

    I have had the same energy use for the past several years through British Gas & Electric. Out the Fox could beat them on price saving me over £100 per year.
    3 months after joining & paying monthly. British gas contacted me to say I haven’t paid my bill. I informed them that I had moved to Out the Fox & they said they would notify BG of my move!
    OTF had notified BG but only about my Electric. A further 4 months it took OTF to sort it out.
    2 weeks after it was sorted out OTF notified me they needed to increase my charge as they had assessed my usage and wanted to put my monthly DD up by £40. £40??? They hadn’t even been providing me with Gas yet they had assessed my useage. How?
    They have tried the same thing 3 times and each time I refuse.
    If it happens again I’m moving supplier.
    #Not the best customer service.


  51. Prompt customer service, monthly bill readings, no problems with them

  52. Outfox have been very good. I changed from NPower a year ago and nothing physically changed with my supply of gas and electricity. I just kept paying the bills – except they went from over £80 down to £62. Why wouldn’t you change? Also, the energy produced is green energy, so we are helping with carbon reduction as well.
    What other reasons do you need to change?
    Also, you get a reminder every month to submit readings, and the chat box option is always there if you need it.
    I guess the only people who wouldn’t change would be those who like paying more money for their gas and electricity.

  53. No problems with OTM… Emails are answered promtly.
    The only downside is having to read the meters every month. Otherwise very happy.

  54. Great value and great service – highly recommended.

  55. Moved to OTM after previous supplier went bust and I was moved to an alternative supplier who was too expensive. Took a lot of research but I am glad I picked OTM for my energy needs. Switch to them went perfectly. Tariff was very competitive. Meter readings easy to submit monthly so bills are always accurate. Existing tariff is about to end so have signed up to another tariff with OTM as still competitive. If they carry on this vein they will have me as a customer for a long time.

    • Moved to Outfox the Market about a year ago. Still the lowest fuel prices everytime I check. Easy to manage online account with live chat facility.
      Great customer service. A few friends have now recently moved to Outfox the Market.

  56. The website is straightforward and easy to use. Chat is generally available and effective. Prices have been competitive when I check. I am a member of a group who negotiate reverse auctions every three months and the winning bid has not been as good as OTM. Several fixed tariffs have been available without exit charges which gives you the best of both worlds. I have changed tariffs mid-term to a newer cheaper tariff still with OTM, giving me fixed prices for another whole year and only taking a few minutes on chat. Bills are perfectly accurate and not estimated if you provide your monthly readings.

  57. Been with Outfox for over a year and can say they are excellent Cheapest on the market. They send a reminder by e-mail to send my meter reading which I always do, in that way my bills are always correct. Will be switching my gas to them in a couple of months when my contract from my current supplier runs out.

  58. I have been with out fax the Market for year now. I have sign again for next year I am happy with them. no issues with them. Keep up with good work.

  59. Best price energy supplier I have come across, been with them for a number of years.
    No complaints so far

  60. Reply Avatar of mr gary j newberry
    Mr Gary J Newberry August 4, 2020 at 6:16 pm

    Renewed my electric only contract (variable) in July 2020 after being with Outfox for the preceding 12 months on a fixed price contract. No problems with the fixed contract which was one of the cheapest on the market at that time. Happy to move to a cheaper (variable) contract with no early termination charge if prices start to move upwards. Monthly reminders to have my meter reading submitted and an easy “dashboard” to keep track of usage/ bills / payments. No problems or issues with this energy supplier and have recommended to others to have a look at what they offer.

  61. Excellent. Recommending them to others.

  62. Been with them for a year now and not had to switch as they actually put their prices down.
    Still a happy customer

  63. Great supplier really easy to deal with.

  64. Been with them for a year and I found the very helpful and the cheapest supplier in the country I highly recommend them as they go that extra mile to sort out problems I definitely stay with them!

  65. Cheapest on the market for me. Excellent, prompt customer service.

  66. Best Electricity supplier I have ever had ,
    Switched to them a year ago , they have not disappointed,
    Best price , Best communications , best quotes ,
    Simply the best , better than all the rest.

  67. Outfox is the BEST northern energy supplier I have ever had the pleasure to deal with.Their fixed rates have been the best on offer each time I needed to switch. Their customer service and extended service teams offer excellent and fast service. You can either call or talk to them on live chat and you don’t have to wait long and are never left hanging on or waiting online for ages. I would not hesitate to highly recommend them.

  68. Simple low price green energy. Don’t need to worry about choosing wrong tariff. Would recommend.
    If they can support smart meter auto reading in the future, that will be ideal.

  69. I use all the price comparison websites and regularly check. They can’t be beaten. Have been with them for more than a year and they are first class for service and price.

  70. We’ve been with Outfox for just under a year. After an initial hiccough over a mistake I made, when they increased the tarrif as a consequence, I appealed to them and they restored the original agreement immediately and positively. The service has been as promised. We like the monthly reminders to keep the readings up to date and the fact that we can look back over the readings I have contributed and see how our energy usage is doing over the year and not have an innaccurate assessment of usage.

  71. I’ve Been with Outfox the market for just almost a year now. They are absolutely the best, cheapest, quickest to communicate with and friendliest energy company to be supplied by. I just can’t fault them on anything and don’t see myself ever considering any other energy provider

  72. Outfox the market great company , great service great prices, saved me £pounds every month, so glad I changed, well done

  73. Why Out Fox the Market – because they were the cheapest available when I decided that I wanted a cheaper supplier and there are added benefits – they are green – they don’t hassle you and I can leave without penalty so its win win for me.

  74. I have received excellent service and would certainly recommend. Cheapest energy provider I’ve ever had and simple to change to a lower rate as no exit fees ,

  75. Great price and always found their customer service good. I like having to give regular meter readings as it ensures you are always up to date with your energy use.

    • Great energy company still with them after more than 3 years

    • Excellent service and great pricing can’t be happier.

    • I switched to Outfox market around June 2019, and I wasn’t expecting much to be honest . Since June 2019 I have been paying £20 per month (direct debit). This June I contacted the Outfox and asked for an updated bills,as I though I might have used more energy, and I thought I may owe them another £150, as with the previous supplier my monthly bill used to be around £33 per month. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that my account was actually in credit. So, I am actually saving around £150 per year. Thank you to Outfox 🙂

    • Love OFM is 100%green. Excellent service and communication. Best price. Highly recomnend

      • Fairly new to outfoxthemarket. Seemed easy enough to switch.easy enough to input reafings . Great price, no issues so far 🙂

  76. Consistently the cheapest dual supplier – I check regularly because I am a tight Yorkshireman. Built up a credit of late and they refunded it without any problems

  77. Always found them very good so far. Would recommend.

    • Outfox the Market gave been the cheapest for me for about 2 years now (maybe more). I have LPG gas so it’s electric only for me, but still cheap! It’s 100% green. I love the fact that they email you monthly to remind you to read your meter; then it’s very simple to submit a reading.

  78. I’ve been with OFTM for a year and am continuing with them I find thier customer service fantastic and their website is very clear and easy to use.

  79. Pleased at last to be with a company using British-produced energy – and in a cheerful cost-competitive manner.

    • All British and All green and the best prices on the market. It’s a no no-brainer to join OTM. Great supplier!

  80. Unbeatable prices, friendly customer service, convenient website, highly recommended!

  81. Had no issues at all. Good communication and reminders to take readings each month and lots of notice before the end of the contract. The only improvement would be an app where meter readings could be more easily submitted each month rather than website, signing in, goung to the drop down for meter readings etc.

  82. Scam Alert. This company sends out unsolicited mail to the occupier of a property telling them that they are the supplier of your Gas and Electricity and ask you to get in touch with your Direct Debit Details.

  83. Pleased to be with this supplier! I’m making a saving of £22 per month!! What’s not to like?!

  84. Been with outfox the market for approx 2 years I’m have been paying less over these last few years than I did in the previous 5 years with one of the big 6 great prices great service the wily old fox puts others to shame, keep up the good work outfox .

  85. Very good supplier. Really happy with them

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