About Energy Review

Energy-Review’s objective is simple, to help give consumers confidence when switching to a new energy supplier. The market is currently dominated by the ‘Big 6’ and this is all many people are used to. Once you decide to switch supplier it can be a daunting task knowing who to switch to. There are now over 70 suppliers in the UK!

Comparison sites will show you which suppliers are the cheapest but they won’t tell you much else. Maybe the reason their so cheap is they have poor customer service, or their app or website isn’t very user friendly? You can do some digging to find this information out yourself but that takes a lot of time just to do for one provider, let alone the handful that you may have been considering.

That’s why we created Energy-Review. A tool which you can use alongside comparison sites. We provide you with a comprehensive overview of each energy company, along with all the links to find out more information. This makes it much faster and simpler for you to make a decision about which energy provider to choose and gives you confidence in the supplier that you choose.

All our reviews are completely independent and we try to be as subjective as possible. Each review takes us hours to craft and we try and fill it with as much useful information as possible whilst also staying concise. We provide you with links where possible for you to find out more information about a particular area and also so you can verify any data we have used. In this market, their are also regular changes, so we aim to keep our review as up to date as possible.

We will continuously be adding new reviews  updating our current reviews with more information and commenting on the latest industry news. If you have any suggestions on new providers for us to add or if you have any questions or queries then please contact us through our contact page.

About Energy Review May 15, 2018