Fuse Energy Review (2023)

Last updated: 30th October 2023

Who are Fuse Energy?

Fuse Energy are the newest supplier to the UK energy market and the first since the ‘energy crisis’ began in September 2019. As a very new supplier, there is currently not much information available about them but what is known so far sounds very promising.

The company’s co-founders are two ex-Revolut executives (Alan Chang and Charles Orr), whilst they also have a former CEO of Ofgem (Dermot Nolan) as an advisor.

Fuse Energy currently owns and operates a wind farm in Scotland, solar farms in the South of England and recently acquired two solar farms in Southampton and Exeter.

They also claim to invest 100% of their profits into renewable projects around the world.

One thing we have seen with Fuse but no other suppliers is that you get free electricity on your birthday!

What tariffs do Fuse Energy offer?

Fuse Energy currently only offer one tariff and this is for electricity only.

This is a variable tariff which offers low standing charges, making the costs 5% lower on average than the variable tariffs available at the moment from other suppliers. They do not offer a tariff for gas.

For example, as of October 2023, these are the unit rate and standing rate costs for a postcode in the East Midlands:

Unit RateStanding Charge
£0.2595 per kWh£0.4200 per day

It appears that a smart meter is not required for their variable tariff. As it is a variable tariff, it also has no exit fees.

Are Fuse Energy cheap?

As mentioned above, they currently offer the cheapest variable tariff available in October 2023.

For example, a 3-bedroom house with typical electricity usage (2,900 KwH) would pay £905.85 per year or £75.49 per month.

You can find out how much it will cost you with your own usage using our handy electricity bill calculator.

The Octopus Energy Tracker tariff may be cheaper depending on your usage, but apart from that, no other supplier offers a variable electricity tariff cheaper.

As noted above, they do not currently offer gas, so you would need to get this from another supplier.

What do other Fuse Energy reviews say?

As they are such a new supplier, there are currently very Fuse Energy reviews from customers.

They have however received over 50 reviews on Trustpilot, which are generally very positive. They have an average score of 4.5 out of 5, with 84% giving them a 5-star review.

How green is Fuse’s energy?

Their energy is 100% renewable. Within Fuse’s app, you can even see where your energy (wind or solar) has come from. They currently operate 18MW of wind and solar sites, with another 100MW to be added in the future.

What is Fuse Energy’s customer service like?

There is no data available on Fuse Energy’s customer service from sources like Citizen’s Advice.

What is Fuse Energy’s website/app like?

The Fuse Energy app is the only way to switch to their electricity tariff. The app, however, is swift and easy to use. They claim you can switch to them as a supplier in 3 minutes.

Through the app, you can manage your account in terms of bills, payments and see your daily usage.

They will also provide customer service through their app, with their team available from 8 am to 10 pm every day.


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