Average Gas & Electricity Prices per kWh

Gas & Electricity prices per kWh hour vary across the UK depending on your location.

The UK’s energy market is pretty complicated, with prices going up and down because of different things like where you live, how energy gets to your home, and how much people are willing to sell it for.

For example, some areas might have better access to energy sources or cheaper ways to deliver energy to homes, reducing energy costs. On the other hand, if it’s harder to get energy to a place, it might cost more.

Here, we’ve looked at the average gas and electricity prices per kWh across various locations in the UK.

  • The overall average across the UK for electricity is 28.62p per kWh
  • The average for gas is 7.42p per kWh

Below, you can see these averages broken down by region.

Using data from the April 2024 price cap, below is the average price per kWh across 14 regions in the UK for gas.

The East Midlands has the cheapest average gas price in the country, at 5.90p per kWh, with Southern Western at the top end of the scale, at 6.33p per kWh, which is 7.3% higher.

RegionGas Price per kWh
East Midlands5.90p
North West5.96p
Southern Scotland5.96p
Northern Scotland5.96p
South East5.97p
N Wales and Mersey6.01p
South Wales6.25p
Southern Western6.33p


You’ll see from the table below the average electricity unit rate (price per kWh) for 14 regions across the UK. These rates were again last updated in April 2024.

Yorkshire and the Northern region have the cheapest average electricity price at 23.6p per kWh, with London at the over end of the scale at 25.72p per kWh. That is 8.98% higher.

RegionElectricity Price per kWh
East Midlands23.77p
Southern Scotland23.97p
Southern Western24.21p
South Wales24.51p
North West24.67p
Northern Scotland24.96p
South East25.29p
N Wales and Mersey25.42p


Your energy bill is made up of two main parts: your unit rate and your standing charge. Both of these vary by your location.

Your standing charge is a daily rate you pay, no matter how much gas or electricity you use. It is used to help fund government schemes, like the Warm Home Discount and pay for the cost of failed suppliers.

We have a separate article that looks at suppliers with the cheapest standing charges.

What is a kilowatt hour (kwh?)

One kWh equates to 1,000 watts. Every appliance throughout your home is measured in watts. Every energy provider charges per kWh. For example, if you were to leave on a 100-watt lightbulb, it would take 10 hours for it to use 1000 watts or 1 kWh of power.

You can find the wattage of every appliance throughout your home by checking the packaging or label. Watts essentially measures the rate at which energy flows through an electrical item.

Using our energy bill calculator, you can input the above prices per kWh hour alongside your usage to see how much you could pay for your energy if you lived in a different area of the country.


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