Compare Cheapest Gas and Electricity Prices – April 2024

Last updated: 5th April 2024

With gas and electricity comparison sites currently not fully active (they are showing some tariffs, but not all suppliers), it is difficult to quickly compare energy suppliers and find the cheapest gas and electricity prices.

To help find the cheapest energy supplier, we have manually gone to every provider’s website to get a quote and compare gas and electricity using the same criteria* for each.

This means we can give you a quick overview of the cheapest gas and electricity prices across all energy suppliers in the UK right now for April 2024.

We’ve broken the tariffs down into two tables, one showing the cheapest fixed tariffs available and the other the cheapest variable tariffs.

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We have also split each tariff out by gas and electricity, so if you are only looking for a single fuel, then you can still use our research to help you find the cheapest tariff.

It is important to not just look at price when considering switching energy suppliers, so we have linked to our reviews of each supplier in each table.

For those wanting a quick answer, we have summarised the cheapest suppliers for gas and electricity based on current prices below:

  • Cheapest electricity only: Fuse Energy at £70.53 per month
  • Cheapest variable gas and electricity: Octopus Energy at £141.66 per month (plus get £50 when signing up!)
  • Cheapest fixed gas and electricity (with credit included): Octopus Energy at £134.44 per month
  • Cheapest fixed gas and electricity (without credit included): Outfox The Market at £134.58 per month

*These prices are based on the average energy usage of a 3-bedroom house in the East Midlands for dual fuel, paying by direct debit. You will likely get a different estimate with your own details.


Cheapest variable tariff prices – best deals (April 2024)

We have compared all the variable tariffs we could find that are currently available to new customers. A few things to note with this:

  • Some of these suppliers may offer other incentives, e.g. Sainsbury’s offer Nectar points.
  • The cheapest supplier is not necessarily the best, so please check reviews before switching.
  • All of the variable tariffs have no exit fees
Based on our criteria, Fuse Energy is currently the cheapest electricity supplier for a variable tariff. You can only get electricity from them; they do not provide gas.
The cheapest dual fuel supplier for a variable tariff right now is Octopus Energy.

You can see the full list of variable, dual fuel tariffs below:

Supplier NameTariff NameMonthly Electric CostMonthly Gas CostTotal Monthly CostTotal Yearly Cost
Fuse EnergyFuse£70.53£0.00£70.53£846.32
Octopus EnergyFlexible Octopus£73.83£67.83£141.66£1,699.92
Co-Operative EnergyCo-op Flexible£73.83£67.83£141.66£1,699.92
So EnergySo Flex£74.50£68.33£142.83£1,713.96
OVO EnergySimpler Energy£74.50£68.33£142.83£1,714.00
Utility WarehouseValue£74.42£68.42£142.84£1,714.08
UtilitaSmart Energy£74.42£68.42£142.84£1,714.08
Outfox the MarketFox Standard Dual£74.50£68.42£142.92£1,715.00
EDF EnergyStandard Variable£74.50£68.42£142.92£1,715.00
Scottish PowerStandard£74.50£68.42£142.92£1,715.00
E. ON NextNext Flex£74.50£68.42£142.92£1,715.00
Sainsbury’s EnergyStandard Variable£74.50£68.42£142.92£1,715.00
British GasStandard Variable£74.50£68.42£142.92£1,715.00
Good EnergyGood Energy Standard£74.53£77.73£152.26£1,827.12
Rebel EnergyWren 1.0 7£87.36£68.46£155.81£1,869.74

As you can see from the table, for dual fuel, Octopus Energy are the cheapest right now.

All the energy suppliers offer similar rates on their variable tariff due to the price cap.

Two that stand out at the higher end, however, are Ecotricity and 100Green. This is because they offer green gas, which makes them more expensive. If you are looking for the greenest suppliers, they are worth considering. We also have a guide on the best green energy suppliers in the UK.

Cheapest fixed tariff prices – best deals (April 2024)

In this table, we have compared all fixed tariffs we could find that are currently available to new customers. A few things to note with this:

  • Some of these suppliers may offer other incentives, e.g. Sainsbury’s offer Nectar points.
  • There are different exit fees between different suppliers
  • If a supplier had more than one fixed tariff available, we chose the cheapest one.
  • The cheapest supplier is not necessarily the best, so please check reviews before switching.
Based on our criteria, the cheapest dual fuel fixed rate tariff for the next 12 months is from Octopus Energy if you include the £50 credit you can receive when signing up.

If you exclude the £50 credit, Outfox the Market has the cheapest overall fixed tariff.

Both of these tariffs also have no exit fees.

The full list of fixed, dual fuel tariffs is below:

Supplier NameTariff NameMonthly Electric CostMonthly Gas CostTotal monthly costTotal yearly costExit fee (per fuel)
Outfox The MarketFix’d Dual Mar24 v1.0£71.92£62.67£134.58£1,615.00£0
Octopus EnergyOctopus 12M Fixed£72.03£63.90£135.93£1,631.15£0
EDF EnergyEDF Essentials 1Yr Apr25v3£72.58£66.25£138.83£1,666.00£50
British GasFixed Tariff 12M£73.17£67.08£140.25£1,683.00£75
E. ON NextNext Fixed 12M V10£73.33£67.33£140.67£1,688.00£75
Ovo Energy1 Year Fixed 01 March 2024£74.33£67.50£141.83£1,702.00£75
Scottish PowerHelp Beat Cancer Flexi May 2025 TM1£71.50£70.58£142.08£1,705.00£75
So EnergySo Orange One Year – Green£74.50£68.33£142.83£1,714.00£75
Sainsbury’s EnergyFix and Reward Fixed 12m£74.67£68.67£143.33£1,720.00£75
Ecotricity2 Year Fixed Green Electricity V24.1£74.83£69.25£144.08£1,729.00£150
Rebel EnergyOsprey Standard£90.20£66.38£156.57£1,878.88£48

This table follows a similar pattern to the variable tariffs, although there is more variation in the rates offered.

In this case, the cheapest fix actually has no exit fees, but if you are looking at other tariffs, it is worth considering these fees as they could make your costs much more expensive if you choose to switch suppliers before your contract ends.

If you know your annual gas and electricity usage, then you can use our energy bill calculator to work out how much each of these tariffs would cost you compared to your existing tariff.


Hi, I'm Rob and I run I initially started this project 5 years ago when I was looking to switch energy suppliers and found there wasn't a website that provided simple, data backed reviews on all the suppliers available. Since then, I spent have a lot of time (too much some may say!) looking at all publicly available data about each supplier and writing reviews using this information. These reviews are updated as regularly as possible and any data is backed up by a source where necessary. I have also started writing guides on various energy related topics which hopefully you will find useful. If you find any issues, please use our contact form to let us know.

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