List of All UK Energy Suppliers 2021 (Domestic Only)

Below we have listed every UK energy supplier in the domestic market, along with the % of the market they hold as of March 2021. Updated to include lastest suppliers that have been sold or gone bust (as of 19th September 2021)

Supplier Name% of Customers
Affect Energy (Sold to Octopus Energy)
Avro Energy1.9%
Boost Energy
Bristol Energy
British Gas18%
British Gas Evolve
Bulb Energy5.9%
Co-Operative Energy1%
E (Gas and Electricity)
E. ON Next
EDF Energy10.4%
Engie (Sold to Octopus Energy)
Entice Energy
ESB Energy
Fairer Power
Go Effortless Energy
Good Energy
Green Energy UK
Green Network Energy (has now gone bust)
HUB Energy (has now gone bust)
M&S Energy
MoneyPlus Energy (has now gone bust)
Neon Reef
NEO Energy
npower Select
Octopus Energy5.7%
Orbit Energy
Outfox the Market
Ovo Energy14.9%
People’s Energy (has now gone bust)
PFP Energy (has now gone bust)
Pure Planet
Sainsbury’s Energy
Scottish Power8.9%
Shell Energy2.9%
So Energy
Spark Energy
Utility Warehouse1.9%
Together Energy
Utilita Energy2.7%
Utility Point (has now gone bust)
Zog Energy
Source: OFGEM:

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