List of All UK Energy Suppliers 2023 (Domestic Only)

Below we have listed every current UK energy supplier in the domestic market.

We have also listed how many customers or accounts each of these suppliers has as of October 2023.

How many accounts/customers does each UK energy supplier have?

Most of the available information for the number of customers energy suppliers have is based on electricity and gas accounts rather than households. For example, if you are a gas and electricity customer with the same supplier you would have 2 accounts.

In the table below we have used the data from Ofgem where available. This is the latest available data as of 27th October 2023.

Smaller suppliers don’t have to give this data to Ofgem, so for those suppliers we have used other data where possible. This won’t be as accurate because sometimes they use the same metric as above and other times they use households instead. The numbers are generally rounded up or down and are likely to be less up-to-date.

You can see our full list of UK suppliers and their accounts/customer numbers below:

Supplier NameElectricity AccountsGas AccountsTotal
British Gas4,967,0435,773,00410,740,047
Co-Operative Energy (1)300,000
E (Gas and Electricity) (2)300,000
E. ON Next4,609,8503,138,6447,748,494
Ecotricity (3)200,000
EDF Energy3,038,0292,111,2735,149,302
Good Energy (4)200,000
Octopus Energy4,673,6403,854,2007,534,843
Outfox the Market (5)100,000
Ovo Energy3,069,5682,199,0355,268,603
Rebel EnergyUnknown
Sainsbury’s EnergyUnknown
Scottish Power2,211,5341,638,1253,849,659
Shell Energy1,278,6271,145,5602,424,187
So Energy307,201260,460567,661
Utility Warehouse747,572650,0731,397,645
Utilita Energy (6)775,000648,0001,423,000
Main Source: OFGEM:, Sources: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6)

Who are the biggest UK Suppliers?

Based on the above data from Ofgem, the following are the 6 biggest energy suppliers in the UK:

  1. British Gas
  2. E.ON Next
  3. Octopus Energy
  4. Ovo Energy
  5. EDF
  6. Scottish Power

Which suppliers have gone bust?

In September 2021, the ‘energy supplier crisis’ began, with many energy suppliers going bust.

We have a full list of suppliers that have gone bust since then and which suppliers their customers have been moved to here.

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